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randombullseye avatar 3:55 AM on 08.10.2008
Old School Games: Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder is just such an awesome name. I don't think it has anything to do with the game at all though. Did anyone besides me play this game? Its on nintendo and had an arcade version, but I remember that nintendo one. The game just has this really fun color scheme to it. Minimal fun to be had with Rolling Thunder.

I love showing off awesome cover art. That thing is just plain out epic, isn't it?

In the game your a gun toting secret agent of some sort running left to right fighting hooded bad guys. You can duck in and out of doors collecting health or a machine gun and you can jump twelve feet in the air to the top part of the screen.

A fun little fact I thought I would share: This was one of those nes cartridges that was oddly shaped. It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned what that meant. Aparantly some companies released unlicensed games without the consent of Nintendo.

A nice quick to pick up and play game. I might write about the sequels in a future article, but they're all about the same. Rolling Thunder stands out for me because of the cartridge. Took me longer to find a picture of the box than I spent playing the game this morning. Ain't that something?

Do you guys want shorter or longer articles? Are daily updates too much? Do I need more pictures? Should I start talking about less obscure games and more games and more towards the mainstream? I might got a few pre-nes games on my list to talk about, but would anyone care to hear my thoughts about colecovision?

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