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randombullseye avatar 9:07 AM on 07.13.2008  (server time)
Old School Games - Primal Rage

In this series of articles I'll spotlight an older or rare game. Sometimes it will be worth playing. Other times the game will be cringe inducing. Would you like to know more?

A snes/genesis era fighting game with dinosaurs. I've just described Primal Rage for anyone that's never played it, and that explains it completely. A fighting game with dinosaurs and giant monkeys is this full explanation. They did the Mortal Kombat thing except instead of actors being digitized, it was models of dinosaurs. They even palette swapped a few characters. You get two T-Rex and two monkey variants. The cart is a nice afternoons worth of fun. I don't know the combos or anything, but gamefaqs has you covered if you want to know that sort of stuff.

I won't tell you the crazy story because I managed to find an intro movie from the playstation version of the game! Look how menacing that T-Rex is with that taxi cab. How can anyone not love this game?

Mash some buttons to make your guy slash and chomp the other character. I always thought the more bloody and over the top a fighter is, the better. And that is something Primal Rage has perfectly utilized. For one minor example: The game features bodily functions as special moves. Not much depth or a ton of playable characters though. The stages are varied and take you to places big cities and stone henge. Most have little people in the background you can interact with. Not a bad selection of music and sound effects either. Overall nothing seemed too out of place. Just an over the top, old school fighter.


*A fighting game with dinosaurs.
*One of the monkeys has a fart projectile move.
*Its full of splotchy blood effects!
*You can eat little humans from the background of stages.
*One of the fatalities has your monkey urinate on the other fighter.

Primal Rage was ported to the playstation, saturn, 32x, had an Arcade cabinet, and probably other systems I don't know about. Chances are you can find a copy on something somewhere. I've played about four versions of the game and I mashed buttons on all of them. Its fun for about as long as dinosaurs fighting can be. In this writers opinion, Primal Rage earned its footnote in gaming history. Why don't more games have dinosaurs?

Just as a goof, I typed into google: "A fighting game with dinosaurs."

I laughed when I saw that.

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New old school games articles everyday.

Quick question - Bullet points a good idea or a bad idea? I know when I read blogs I skim around, bullet points and pictures help me pay attention. Do you guys feel the same way?

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