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randombullseye avatar 7:17 AM on 08.16.2008  (server time)
Old School Games: Paperboy

Another random Nintendo Entertainment System selection from my childhood, Paperboy! Would you like to know more?

This is a fun old school game right here. Paperboy is about the adventures of a boy and his job. This is about the Nintendo version of the game released in 1988, Paperboy is classic video game fun.

You as the paperboy deliver newspapers by bicycle. You maneuver your bike and the throw newspapers. Very basic controls. The goal is to throw newspapers at mailboxes or onto doorsteps, but there is a bit more going on. You start of on Monday and are given a selection of light colored house to deliver papers to. Then you're shown the red houses that are NOT to have deliveries. You're given a limited amount of papers to do the job with and are able to pick up more on the streets. Another hurdle to overcome is you only have three chances to mess up and its game over, with no continues.

Now what makes it interesting is that you can completely decimate any house and most every object within the game. Breaking windows is my favorite thing to do in the game. All throughout the games seven days you're constantly terrorized by people and objects. For instance, dog will chase you and wreck your bike if they catch you. Then there are other more bizarre elements like the woman chasing you or the construction worker who seems to be doing something strange to himself. Other notables such as this character here all have the same basic attack pattern: run out and try trip up your bike. The one pictured below first shows up on level two and appears in most later days as well.

Take a closer look. For whatever reason, its the grim reaper.

A fun game if there ever was one. If you manage to play through all seven days you type your high score into a top ten list. Also at the end of every day after you've rode passed the last house you go into an obstacle training course. Lots of fun to be had in this part as their are unlimited papers to toss around at everything and you get to hit ramps to jump your bike.

There are tons of versions of Paperboy as well. There are versions of Paperboy for nearly every system: the SNES, genesis, the Commadore, Apple 2, ZX Spectrum, game boy, and master system. Tons of copies are out there. The original arcade Paperboy is available on xbox live arcade. There was a 3D version called Paperboy 64, obviously on the N64. He even appeared in an episode of Captain N! Not to mention the direct sequel, Paperboy 2. Perhaps I'll do write up about it in the future. So am I wrong to think some of you have played or heard of the Paperboy before?

Just n case I failed to describe it or all the words bore you. Here is a gameplay video I found. Shows off a few levels.

As one last bonus, here is the commercial for the Nintendo version. I've been looking for classic commercials to match the games in my blogs, especially if they're as hilarious as Paperboys.

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