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randombullseye avatar 6:38 AM on 12.04.2009  (server time)
Old School Games: Operation Darkness

World War 2 with monsters! Not complex I know, but this is a video game and this plot is a whopper of a premise. MOre so than other world war two games involving the occult seems to be everywhere. I will say it is tough to play sometimes, but I really enjoy this game.

So you're injured in battle and your friend is with you and your soldiers, then these guys help you.. They're lead by Liam Niesom, no not the voice actor but the artistic rendition and voice sure look and sound a lot like him, and your units name is Wolf Pack. Yes, this unit is all about supernatural abiltities and taking down nazi werwolfs, vampires, and whatevers. Also the name Wolf Pack pretty much lets you know you've some werewolf team mates.

Your characters are pretty basic archetypes of horrror. You've a witch, two werewolves, Jack The Ripper, Van Helsing, a mad doctor (whose name is a parody of Re-Animator a film you should go see right now. It's on DVD and this is the internet, find it.), and several others. My biggest complaint is that your guys die, they're dead. That's it. So anytime someone dies, you have to rush the re-animator to them to heal them. Otherwise that's that.

My favorite move is to get in close and execute enemies. This is somewhat difficult to do since you can die so easily, but it's so much fun. I mean it. Nothing is more satisfyinmg than blasting someone in the face point blank with a gun and then NOT killing them. Yeah, it happened. I shot a guy in the head point blank, and he lived. After the first ten missions, guns become useless. Save for Bazookas. Bazookas work perfectly. But after about ten missions your team gets special moves and swords which are much better.

Hitler is a boss in this game. I'm sorry to spoil it so bluntly and without warning, but about half way through you get your mission. Recall that movie with Johnny Mgquire as a nazi planning to kill Hitler? You're team is involved in that story. Which is actually a true story. But as far as I can tell, in real life Hitler did not have magic as this cutscene shows. This shows off the gameplay and it shows how slow things are. This is not a fat paced action adventure with huge flashes. It's a game about slow stuff, then something goofy happens like a rocket into a group of nazis or robot nazis showing up to fight Frankenstein. It appeals to me with that and its S-RPG stuff. It's not terribly complicated next to Disgaea or those, but its not that easy to just jump at either.

Will you like this game? I don't know. A good friend of mine and often online ally, CharAznable, had some trouble with the game. S-RPGs are not for everyone. The demo sort of gives you a taste of the game. With spoilers too. But its kind of obvious whose what. Although I was surprised to find out that Frankenstien is involved. As well as Hitler being a boss. I'm actually on the mission fighting Hitler and I just can't finish it. The battles all take an hour and Hitler is super tough. I just can't find the strength to finish it. Hopefully I can someday.

But more than that I want to hope for a sequel. Liam Nieson, who again isn't actually Liam Nieson, tells a really cool story at one point about fighting Dracula. Its the type of story that makes me think of a prequel sequel(?) and how cool that cold be. Even knowing how it ends. Spoiler, good guys win.

Also while not old school, I'm making a move to just call all articles Old School Games now. Officially unofficial.

Also I didn't notice, but my girlfriend pointed it out that every female has gigantic knockers. Not exactly in those terms, she said something like "Did atlus make this too?" I asked why and she mentioned this girl in particular , who was talking about how evil she was at that time on screen.

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