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randombullseye avatar 5:43 PM on 09.30.2008  (server time)
Old School Games: Mega Man 6

I forgot just how much fun this game is. Did any of you ever play Mega Man 6? It was the
final Mega Man released on the original nintendo. Would you like to know more?

I finally have a story of how I acquired this Mega Man! The year was maybe 99/2000 and a
school acquaintance of mine wanted my extra Metal Gear Solid VR Missions. I asked what
he had on Sega and Nintendo; eventually we traded for Mega Man 6 and the sega six pack
cartridges. I strongly feel like I got the better of the deal as I've played both of those death and can only imagine my friends disappointment in VR Missions. I had two copies because I had been looking for the full game. One I purchased at full price, thinking it was THE Metal Gear Solid. The other someone bought for me as a gift as everyone knew I was on the lookout for Metal Gear Solid at that time. I was so excited to play Mega Man 6. It was such a great day when I finally made that trade. One of the few situations I'll trade
anything is if I happen to somehow have two of the same game, as was the case with VR

Rush (the dog) adapters are the major addition this time around. What happens is after you beat certain robots you unlock these new abilities for your dog. Man’s best friend
transforms into a piece of armor that bonds with Mega Man giving him a new ability. The
other major addition is an item you gain by using the Power Adapter to break a block and
reveal a meeting with Proto Man. He leaves behind this new item the weapon balancer.
What it does is instead of the usual method of picking up a boss weapon refill and it only
working for that weapon; it goes to the lowest weapon in your inventory. A much
appreciated addition, especially if you like playing with the various copied weapons. One
carryover from Mega Man 5 is the bird Beat who is much easier to get this time. Four of the bosses have a more "difficult" path to get to them and doing so gets you the four letters that spell out B-E-A-T unlocking your bird alley once again. A much smoother way than finding all those letters like in Mega Man 5.

The storyline this time is especially silly. There’s a tournament of robot masters and the last remaining eight are taken over by the tournament organizer "Mr. X." You can guess which blue robot answers the call of duty to stop these guys. I thought the storyline was
humorous enough to include in the screenshots at the bottom of the article.

This time around you have your regular elemental bosses: earth, wind, fire, and ice are all
represented. Also this time around you get four other bosses: Tomahawk, Yamato, Knight,
and Centaur Man. Two robot masters Knight Man and Wind Man came from a contest in
Nintendo Power to design your own robot. boss screens also show off some RPG style
statistics for each boss and a few other details, but it all seemed rather unnecessary to me.

One last piece of trivia is that Nintendo actually published this title. Capcom felt that the
regular Nintendo had been overshadowed by its super successor and were more interested
in marketing the all new, all different Mega Man X game. Also according to my research the European market never got a port of this one at all.

I really forgot how much I loved this game. It’s just as good as any other Mega Man and
has some fantastic graphical effects. Interactive environments being one of the more
spectacular. For example in Oil Man'sstage there are black spots of oil on the floor that if
an enemy robot with a flame attack hits will ignite. Another good one is the air blowers over in Wind Man's stage that has Mega Man floating in mid air with the power of WIND

Mega Man 6 is available in the usual anniversary collections but I would recommend getting the cartridge. You might not have a friend willing to trade off their copy, but maybe you'll get lucky at a yard sale.

As far as sequels, the original six Mega Man games were followed up by Mega Man 7 on
Super Nintendo and Mega Man 8 on the Saturn/Playstation and one final release on the
gameboy advance called Mega Man & Bass. Also I'd like to mention the five Mega Man
games on the original game boy which all but the fifth reused Robot Masters from the first
six games. The closely related and some argue follow up of the original six are the Mega
Man X series which spans across many console platforms and has its own Mega Man X
collection available. There were other spinoff games that felt less and less like the
traditional Mega Man games. Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 as well as The Misadventures of
Trone Bone is all in one separate universe. Mega Man Battle Network is a popular series of
role playing gameboy games. More like regular Mega Man gameplay is the newer Mega Man Zero series. There is another RPG series called Star Force. A soccer game in Mega Man Soccer. A kart racing game in Mega Man Battle & Chase, which was never released in
America, but is available in Europe. Two arcade cabinets called Power Battles 1 & 2 allow
you to play with only the boss battles in a more fighting game style. Everything is done in
the sixteen bit style of Mega Man 7 including appearances by bosses from the first six
games. Those are available in the anniversary collection. Some other Mega Man games I've probably missed mentioning but for lengths sake this paragraph is way too long already.

Oh before I forget, there was also some new game called Mega Man 9. It’s available on the
download services of the Wii, Playstation 3, and soon on the Xbox 360 for ten dollars.
Maybe you've heard of it? Maybe you’ve played it?

I'll definitely be writing about other Mega Man games in the future. As soon as I've
completed Mega Man 9 I'll publish something about it. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase it
this week. Is there any Mega Man game in particular you would like me to write about? How about any other old school game or series?

Box art.

Plenty more screenshots in the bottom gallery.

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