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randombullseye avatar 3:56 PM on 09.20.2008  (server time)
Old School Games: Mega Man 3

Okay, I talked about the first two in the Mega Man series. Would you like to know my thoughts on Mega Man 3? Go on. Read some more.

This part three of a series, check out parts one and two. By now you know how Mega Man 1 & 2 play, you more or less know how every other Mega Man plays. Pick from a robot boss, play through their stage, beat them, and then get their power. Beat them all then fight in through a few more levels. This formula doesn't really change until Mega Man 7.

I like Mega Man 3. I can't really place when/where I first got my copy of it, but it wasn't long ago. Maybe within the last ten years. The game looks great compared to the first two, its just as brutal difficulty wise, and the robot bosses are as hilarious as ever. Its only real additions to the formula and Mega Man mythology are a slide move, the dog rush, and Proto Man. If you'll also take notice on the stage select, Mega Man looks around at which boss you move around to. I always thought that was humorous.

The slide move is really useful. Some of the stages force you to do it to progress, but most of the time its used for dodging attacks or collecting power ups. For example, my battle with Snake Man would not have been victorious if not for my ability to slide. Later games perfect it, but the third one introduced your robot dog.

The dog rush is accessed like any of Mega Man's powers from the start menu. His standard ability is to have a spring come from his back that allows you to jump higher than normal. Useful in some platforming areas for collecting power ups. His other ability, a submarine and jet, help you maneuver through areas quicker than you normally would. That submarine especially comes in handy on Gemini Man's level.

Proto Man is the other major addition. He shows up with this whistle sound effect.You fight him a cople times and some of the text at the end of the game describes who he is. I can't really decipher the storyline, but I think he's a prototype of Mega Man. He becomes a recurring character throughout most of the main series.

One last ting to mention is that you eventually battle against some of the Mega Man 2 "robot masters." I always thought that was a interesting. You don't fight against them exactly, just robots who have their powers and behaviors. I always thought that was neat that they did that.

So that's Mega Man 3. A remake is available in Europe with mega man 1 & 2 on the sega genesis in Mega Man: The Wily Wars. It was only here on the Sega Channel for a brief period of time. Its in most of the mega man anniversary collections. It's a fun Mega Man game. More pictures below.

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