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randombullseye avatar 10:41 AM on 07.10.2008  (server time)
Old School Games - G.I. Joe

In this series of articles I'll spotlight an older or rare game. Sometimes it will be worth playing. Other times the game will be cringe inducing. Would you like to know more?

I wasn't the biggest fan of GI Joes as a kid. I remember watching it. Everyone had those toys, but I remember more about other cartoons. That isn't to say the real American heroes don't have a place in my heart. All my memories of the show are of Cobra Commander. He hisses a lot and you never (to my knowledge) see his face. Characters with ambiguity and mystery are always the most interesting to me. I assumed he was some sort of snake monster like those guys from He-Man, but maybe I'm wrong. I always laugh at Cobra Commander because of how goofy he was as a villain. Not that Skelator or Mumm-Ra didn't make me laugh, but Cobra Commander is my most beloved over the top villain. Even his name makes me laugh.

Gi Joe on "regular" nintendo is something I regret not playing years ago. It only recently came to my attention when I got a ton of nes games and began playing through them all. Its a run and gun shooter with light rpg elements and the GI Joes are playable. I'm not sure how many levels are in the game in total, but the game is set up in sections. First you have a regular left to right part, then you have a plant the bomb level, then a boss battle. Not exactly a perfect game but there's a simple joy in using Snake Eyes to knife a jetplane down. I'm serious.

Without even reading the cutscene at the start, I can guess the story. Bad guys are taking over the world and you're the only bad enough dudes to save the day. You pick a squad of three guys and you're ready to play. Gameplay is similar to Corta without two player mode. You collect power ups to level up your melee attack or your shooting attack which you switch with the select button. You can switch between the three guys on a start menu like the first turtles game. The statistics make some difference between guys. Some guys can jump higher. Other guys have more health. When you level up your gun you can shoot out another bullet at an angle. I got one guy to shooting four at once, which pretty much clears a screen out and is very satisfying even in 8-bit.

I wouldn't pay more than five dollars for this. Its worth playing if you want a decent run and gun nes game. If you like the GI Joes at all you'll probably like the game a lot more. Its fun, but I got bored around the third or fourth level. I had never heard of it before a few months ago. A nice get in get out nes game.

I got a few other games that I doubt anyone played to post about. Probably try to do one everyday or every other day in addition to general gaming interest articles. Eventually I'll start talking about stuff everyone played but newer gamers would have missed out on. Stuff like Ducktales or Kirby Superstar. And now you know about GI Joe on nes.

And knowing is half the battle! GO JOE!!!

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