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randombullseye avatar 7:16 AM on 08.08.2008
Old School Games: Doom Troopers
Doom troopers has one of the coolest titles ever. That title tells you flat out what you can expect from a game like this. Take a second to think about it. Anything associated with doom is generally of an evil and violent nature. Troopers generally refers to a military organization, so using deductive reasoning we can assume violence and military operations?

I don't think I've played a 16-bit game with the level of gore of Doom Troopers.

I found this game years ago. Never played it much. Just a basic run and gun shooter. A button slaps guys with your weapon, B button shoots, and C jumps. I never spent much time with it, but for some reason I saw it and thought I'd do a write up about it.

The main selling factor of this game is the sheer glory of 16-bit violence. I don't think I've seen more hilarious gore. One of my favorite things is shooting a guy until his head pops off. Whats hilarious is that sometimes doesn't kill the guy. The bad guys can still shoot their gun headless. Isn't that awesome? Another cool scene I saw was these knife guys flopping around bleeding everywhere. He has his little seizure until he explodes completely. I was not quick enough to get a screen shot, but use your imagination.

What else can I say? I'm on level two right now. Having fun with a quick shooter. Nothing really amazing here, but a fun enough game you might not have heard of. Exactly the type of game my old school series of articles is intended for. I just wish Doom Troopers had a LITTLE more substance to it, but really with dead bodies flopping around who wants more substance? Towards the end of the first level you have to create a bridge of dead bodies by shooting guys standing in the water. I wish I thought of that.

Here is a boss that I've yet to encounter, but he pukes green slime on to you. This is the type of creativity old school games were known for. I can't help about laugh at all of this stuff.

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