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randombullseye avatar 10:23 AM on 10.14.2010  (server time)
Old School Games - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Of all the Castlevania games, by far and large, Castlevania 3 for the regular Nintendo is by far my favorite. Yes, you can quote me on that if you want to! I don't care who knows it. This game is everything that I want in a game. A difficult game, multiple characters, branching paths in the levels, and excellent sound design. So let's take a look at Castlevania 3!

For some reason, Castlevania 3 didn't seem to get a very large print run. I didn't get to play it until close to 2003 for the first time. My guess is because of how late it was in the systems life cycle, this game was released in 1990, which means that it gets some of the better music and graphics the system was capable of, but the price of it second hand goes up because of this. To quote the guy I bought mine from, "we don't see a whole lot of Castlevania III's here." I got mine at a vintage video game shop near Pittsburg for twelve dollars. Not a bad price considering how much it goes for on ebay is close to that, but if you really want to realize how rare this thing is take a look at the sealed in box prices. Remember, this is a twenty year old NES game going for
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