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randombullseye avatar 5:38 AM on 08.01.2014  (server time)
Games I Played: July 2014

Blood Will Tell - Playstation 2

Longtime readers know I really liked this game, but never finished it. Luckily I lost the yellow memory card that had my save on it, so I got to start all over again. 

You play as a frankenstein like man. his father pledged pieces of him to forty eight demons, as you play through the game fighting demons you recover body parts. Each adds better stats onto your guy, as well as practical abilities. The easy example is the game starts in black and white, when you get your eye back it goes to color.

Oh and instead of being a slow Frankenstein, you're a samurai with sword arms. 

Sometimes the game has a strange localization. I plan on tracking down whoever did this "press buttons" translation. Cause damn.,

What a wonderful premise. I want to read the Japanese comics and watch the cartoon. I really love the way the story flows, curious how the original version of it went. 

Front Mission 4 - Playstation 2

I'm a fan of strategy games. Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics are very important games to me, Front Mission is like that with robots. I messaged Yojimbo telling him I really loved the Three Kings robot soldiers stealing gold plotline. The campaign is divided between two factions, like all Front Mission games, but this time you swap back and fourth at set points throughout the story. 

So you would only have to play this super long game once if you wanted to see the story. Here's hoping I finish it, but I haven't touched it in three weeks. That's usually a bad sign for me finishing a game. I've played every Front Mission I think. I never finished any of them. Oh I should probably pick up the shooter that came out on Xbox 360? I have a feeling it could be the kind of fun bad that I like.

The reason I been playing so much Playstation 2, it's what I have at my parents place. It's been a tough year. 

Dead Space 3 - Playstation 3 

I really loved Dead Space 2. There weren't that many great games this generation, but it certainly hit all the right notes. It varied enviroments, had solid gameplay that constantly had interesting changes thrown at me, and it had some genuinely great moments of storytelling and presentation. The first game was a rental that really wanted to be resident evil 4. By the last few chapters, I was ready for it to end. Dead Space 2, I felt like I could've played another couple hours shooting bad guys and been okay. 

I enter dead space 3 with trepidation. 

It got a mixed reception critically, it had bad in app-purchases laid into the game. It also added co-op, which is what soured me on resident evil 5. It's cool playing games with someone else, but I'm often alone. I'm a single player in a world where everyone wants to make massive multiplayer worlds.  I'm anxious to see if this is worth it or not. I loaded it up once and just watched the previously on dead space video. 

I must say, parts of dead space 2 weren't great. The scene that really stuck with me as great was when the hero of the game slinks against a wall in failure, as a ghost sits beside him and talks to him. He just looks like he wants to give up. It was a perfect moment in fiction. Forget video games, literature, or movies, fiction. It was such a great moment. Dead Space 2 might be one of the only big releases I really loved this entire generation. Sure, it built off Resident Evil 4, but it splintered in it's own way. It added some powers like the freeze thing you could do and some basic lifting power, I loved that. The dismemberment went so much further than Turok 2, which I recall fondly being impressed by almost twenty years ago. The thing that I loved most was the roller coaster way  the game progressed. If you did the same thing twice, it usually had a different twist on it, but the backbone of the game, shooting monsters, it felt so great.

My first experience with dead space 3 was extraordinarily negative. I chose hard, thinking that would be where I should start off. Wrong. The first two guys you fight killed me over ten times. On normal I quickly destroyed both bad guys easily. After a really great start, it final fantasy twelves me. Everything I just did was bullshit, but probably super important. 

When I played that, it was so cool sliding down a mountain. I had control of my gun, so I assumed I would get to shoot something. Unfortunately, not so much. Leads me to believe I will slide down something later. 

The main story picks up with the lead character of dead space swept into fighting humans? I did this for a short bit and quit. Not becasue I wanted to, I just got busy with other things. 

X-COM - Enemy Within 

The game is now working much better. I say better, because I still had two hard locks.

I finished a campaign on classic for the first time. Enemy Unknown classic isn't so bad, I can pretty well destroy that, but Enemy Within got me eight times. I didn't just whoop the game, I decimated it. By the end I had an army and a back up army of killers. This was my second full completion of Enemy Within, I'm still not sure exactly how the headquarters invasion works. I spent time making a B-Team who were replaced by rookies for no reason.

 I don't think I'll be doing that again. 

Now I'm playing impossible. Things have gone better, but I made a character named Stone Cold this time around. He's bald and has a bad goatee, like the real stone cold. I'm only a few council members away from losing the entire game, but I have lasers.

Tomb Raider - PS3

Well this was actually pretty great. It's a lot like Uncharted, but I actually like the parts where I'm killing guys. So it feels more like Uncharted 2 that way. Big set piece exploration levels and scenes of enemy encounters seem to leap frog one another quite nicely. Much like the Resident Evil 4 model I say all games should go for, it continually mixes things up. It has some interesting archeology mechanics where you find artifacts and can examine them in a 3D space, like in the first Resident Evil. It seems to only be information that unlocks. 

I really love shooting people with the bow. That's kind of awesome to shoot guys using machine guns with an arrow.

Dark Souls 2 - PS3

My wizard play through continues past iron keep, but I got sidetracked on a high dexterity character doing the player versus player combat. I really enjoy that. This game is definitely a step backward from previous games content wise, but the accessibility is so much better. 

Make no mistake, this is an amazing piece of video game that shouldn't be missed by anybody. The problem is me. I finished Demon Souls at least a year after I got it. Dark Souls took me almost three weeks. Dark Souls 2 took two weeks. I'm wondering if I'm getting better at video games? I certainly feel like I'm grasping the stat mechanics. 

Minecraft - PC

I  built this big castle, way past everything else I built on a rail system that goes across a river then over a forrest the last time I played. Now I tripled the size of that castle and made the rail system go even longer.  This is one of the most fun wastes of time I can find.

Company of Heroes - PC

Somehow, I picked the nazi campaign. I guess my save from the first American campaign erased, so I picked the next one. Surprise! I'm playing as nazis. Kind of feel conflicted in doing that. I mean I really want to play the best that I can, but even if I'm the greatest nazi ever, they still lose the war. 

Super Nintendo !

I played some Super Bases Loaded and Super Mario Kart one day. Those games are awesome. I also played through three worlds of Mario World on All Stars, because that game is also awesome. 

I also spent some time watching pro-wrestling on the iPAD and playing one of the Super Adventure Island sequels. Not a great  game, but something of a hidden gem. I really enjoyed the way you upgrade your character. It really made me want to replay Demon's Crest again, but I didn't get around to doing that. 

Civilization V - PC

The less said about the night I spent playing this the better. It was not going well, then the game crashed. The same happened when I tried out the Sims 3. What a night that was. 

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri- PC

Having never played this, I was a bit surprised by how clunky it was. I don't know what I was expecting. I also tried out Sid Meir's Railroads, but with even less success. I at least managed to do something in Alpha Centuari, I made a colony, New Mongolia, I picked the despot as my character who looked Mongolian enough to me. My goal was to try and kill everything I could, space fungus seemingly immediately killed me. I tried again another day, but was equally confused and overwhelmed the choices I could make in the game. I hope the new Civilization version has a tutorial. 

That's it!

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