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randombullseye's blog

1:54 PM on 08.17.2015

I'd rather cut some PANCAKES.


6:06 PM on 08.13.2015

Trigger warnings always trigger me. Every single time I see the words trigger warning, I remember being told I was triggering someone and feel such shame, guilt, and dishonor. Stop trigger warning things world, it triggers me.


9:36 AM on 08.10.2015

August 10, join Destructoid forums, celebrate our survival holiday Lower-Most!

Lower-Most is yiddish for The Basement, which is what the forums now are. Joing in super easy, just [size=30][url=]Go register[/url] and be part of the conversation! Thanks everybody! I love you all![/size] There will be from now on lots of love in those forums, love, love, love! 

 Much like the traditional religious holiday that celebrates the oil being enough to light the candles you've all heard of, our new community holiday is in celebration of our forums remaining open! Now everyone is free to join and be a fan!

 After sleeping on it, I had a vision. Destructoid appeared to me and held out it's arms, then I knew the love of the machine-god. #STFUAJPG

Today is a religious and holy day and I won't accept any mockery! #STFUAJPG

Sure we could be killed at any time, but we are the chosen people of Destructoid. You abandoned your homes so easily, except for those of you were exiled, you were made to rush out forcefully without warning removing any trace you were ever there or a part of it, but those of you who did just abandon your home, shame on you. #STFUAJPG

Well not this proud black woman! I'm staying and I'm going to be extra loving from now on! I accept our machine-god and his holy word. Lower-Most, the forums were OPEN after they were supposed to CLOSE DOWN.





10:14 AM on 08.09.2015

It's a secret to everybody!


9:35 AM on 08.09.2015

I'm worried that the video game bubble is going to burst sooner than later, these consoles aren't what people were wanting and everyone keeps arguing about nonsense. I love you guys. I'm scared of the future.


6:56 PM on 08.06.2015

STFUAJPG: Stop Taking F'ng Umbrage And Just Play Games!

"There are battle lines being drawn. Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. It starts when you're always afraid. Step out of line and the man take you way, way away."

For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

As a stoic, I belive that I can't control what other people do, but I can control my reactions to what they do. Some things aren't worth fighting for, but others are.

1Stop taking umbrage and play games.


A few days ago ***** under the alias Ellian Gonzalaz told me and many others in our community to #STFUAJPG. It was especially scary since some people were dissapearing, maybe they were banned, maybe they left, or maybe they're taking breaks. I've got a microphone and as a comedian, I think I'll use it to as much effect as I can.

I thought he didn't want me to say anything else, but now I figured it out. He wanted all of us to [b]stop taking fucking umbrage and just play games.[/b] That's right. It is simple to say, simple to understand, and it all makes sense now! 

Sometimes I find myself pointing in a different direction,but this is a place I came to when my life was falling apart and to see it in this shape, I can't sit around thinking about it without at least trying to speak. A lack of speaking up, is an action just the same as speaking up, and while I haven't much of a voice, I wlll use it.

Uness I'm wrong, in which case we should probably heed the protest song made famous from Buffalo Springfield and realy take stock of OUR community and what it means to us. This is our country and I'm patriotic, even if I don't agree with everything that's being done, I will remain loyal to our community. I'll speak out here, there, and everywhere against what I see as injustice, but I'll always be respectful, humorous, and as isightful as a poor black woman like me can be.

I love that song, it chills me everytime I hear it.

I'll ask you Destructod Community, what is this website to you? What is the community to you? Are we just numbers like how many mariages have happened because of our community. How many children were born because of those hook ups? This isn't just a video game website, this is a community.

This is not a personal attack or anything like that, but rather than spoil the jokes at the top, I thought I would announce that here for anyone who can't understand. I've thought of a lot of jokes and pranks, some I've talked about, but I don't want to do anything mean spirited. Humor is meant to poke and make light of something, not burn bridges or bring someone to tears, that's not how you do satire.

Now that everyone's in on the joke, let's get serious without personally attacking anyone.

Not a personal attack.

Someone has the ability to take people away from the community and they've done it quite a bit as you may have read in other people's community blog. Some people have left against their will. Paranoia strikes deep. This isn't a personal attack, it's a question, what is this website supposed to be going foreward? What is our community?

Will we come back from this one? Probably, maybe.

We are communty and this is only our fifth major change, we have at least one more and a movie. No matter what happens, I love you all and you're all my family. My brothers and sisters, my community.  

#STFUAJPG Stop taking fucking umbrage and just play video games.

I'm staying until my head is crushed in, my teeth busted, and I am no longer able to speak in our community. 



8:02 PM on 08.03.2015

The Forum Solution: Make me a Moderator!

[b]Taken [url=]from our forums[/url] - while we still have them. After some other people decided to leave the website, as someone who will always stand by the site.  I submitted my application to be a moderator. Before we get into all this: I am on record supporting Destructoid, Niero, and being against GamerGate, but for more transparency within all games media. I've nothing against Niero personally, this isn't an attack on him, I merely want my questions answered, what is the Destructoid community to him? What is Destructoid to him? According to him, it is his website. I want to know why it feels like our website.  I feel like I need to question what is going on, but I can only do so with satiric humor and direct questions. I don't know from anything else. This isn't just his webste, it is our website. [url=]I joined because I felt like I belong here[/url], because I felt community here. Those forum are part of our history, to lose them loses a piece of ourselves.[/b]

If elected, I will personally ban everything I don't like or do. Just like Something Awful, the internet's largest discussion forum.

No one will ever talk about drinking ever again ever. I don't approve of it and I don't like it at all, you mention liquors, beers, wines, or shines and you're banned. Nobody can talk about dope either.

Any talk about who was fired for what, you're gone, done.

I don't care what happened, one mention of it ad you're done.

Nobody talks about who is banging who or what gender anyone used to be, you're out, this is a video game website god dammit.

I don't want anyone to ever mention the front page again ever here on the forums. There will be no talk of the user blogs either.

Also, community becomes users everywhere, because that's what we are, users. This is clearly no longer a community website. Any mention of another user, staff member, or anyone named Jeff and you're fired. Also, nobody can ever talk about sombreros again, all that talk can go right out the door.

And anyone who tries to be funny, you're gone. I don't like comedy at all. This is a serious forum where we can only talk about video games, but only those that appeared on the Atar Jaguar, anything else and you're banned, you're family is banned, your followers are banned. You'll no longer be able to buy tickets from ticket master. You will not pass go, you will not collect two hundred dollars!

I would also ban all talk of bans. I'll make this website appeal to everyone by banning every discussion, everyone, and locking down everything. Nobody will ever say or do anything, it will be amazing if I'm put in charge I'm telling you, I know what I'm doing guys I have experience being a moderator before.

I was a moderator for years on some comic book forums and internet comic sites, including big ones like 8-bit Theater and others. You think gamer are bad? Honey, no. You don't know how awful the internet really can be. I stared into the abyss and the abyss winked at me.

I will allow people to post about professional wrestling, but only current WWE stars that are still under contract. Any mention of the WWF and you're banned. No TNA, no ROH, and no NJP/AJW will be allowed at all. There will be no discussions of dirt sheets or the wrestler's personal lives. I'll allow talk about Star Wars, but only the prequels. Magic the Gathering can be discussed, but only using the wing dings font with pink lettering. Dog can be discussed, but not corgis. I'll go ahead and start the first of several dozen Bonk threads I'm sure our users will be thrilled to post about! Anyone who posts on the site between midnight and six eastern time will be forced into a thread discussing the movie Zardoz. The thread is titled, Zardoz: Great movie or Greatest movie?

If given a position of power, I will use it. I will never ask any questions, but I will always do something. The only way to fix the problems we have is through force, which I'm not afraid to show.

The site might be owned and operate by a person, but it's all of us that make it our website.

Niero responded to me, not realizing I'm a woman, but that's okay I won't take that as an insult. He didn't mean it that way. He also doesn't realize I have done stand up comedy, but that's okay too, it wasn't like it was a personal attack. 

I am a comedian.

I decided to respond seriously, with direct questions.  Just like the Viper and the Mountain. I wanted to know what happened to our website and her children. I even gave Niero a reason why the forums should stick around, bringing up the time he talked about the adblock on the site.

Niero responds again, this time explaining he won't respond again that we should get contact informtion from our friends. This read like he's closing all of Destructoid? I'm confused by this, but the thread was locked and my private messages to Niero as as of yet unanswered. 

I'm going to type up a lot of words about Destructoid and post it later. I love you all so much, you're my brothers and sisters. You're my family. You're my comunity. 



6:51 PM on 06.26.2015

XCOM 2 - Are XCOM Terrorists?

While I was very excited to hear XCOM was getting a sequel, I was a litte taken back by the video released to promote the sequel.  In thThere was a statue where humas and aliens were together, but that wasn't all the trailer showed. video, the XCOM squad are now terrorists in a world where the aliens and humans live together. 

You can argue that they're freedom fighters or insurgents all you want, but that's just soft language meant to disguise a hard word to swallow. It is what it is, I'm not sure I'm okay with this. I recordeda vido as well, I only wrote stuff here so I wouldn't get comments about how I just posted a video.

Here are a handful of other media where terrorists are freedom fighters, just off the top of my head.

Final Fantasy VII begins with scenes where your heroes are heroicly blowing up a power plant. 

The heroes of Final Fantasy 7 discuss their plan to blow up a power plant.

Star Wars is about a rebellion, including scenes of military personal and most likely civilian contracters being kiled.

Rambo 3 - Rambo pals around with some freedom fighters in Afghanistan. Guess who those freedom fighters turnd out to be?

Tactics Ogre had moral choices where your players could actively commit genocide on innocent people. It was intense 2D genocide, but genocie none the less.

Grand Theft Auto is about criminals doing criminal shit, including acts of mass destruction that some would argue, were terrorism. 

I'm down for Final Fantasy VII to get remade, I'm down for more Star Wars - especially if Luke stays in the black robes and goes full bad guy, I don't love Rambo 3 like I did 2 but I'll watch it, Tactics Ogre is the kind of game like XCOM - the ones that make me like games, and Grand Theft Auto all those acts are depicted in such a cartoon manner, but are still the sort of thing you would't brag about doing. Just the sheer amount of artistic depictions of violence in Grand Theft Auto warrents more discussion.

I will buy and play XCOM2, despite it leaning into xenophobia is a strange way. Those aliens killed a lot of my soldiers, now they want peace? I won't stand for that, the game is set to have a PC only release currently. It will feature a map generator like the original XCOM game, but it will now feature your squad as guerilla fighters and insurgents, you know thre was another word for that, what was that word? 

What do you guys feel? Is this okay, can we play games from the perspective of outright villains? Is this kind of artistic depictio of violence a problem for anybody else?


2:52 AM on 04.14.2015

Is the "easy" fatality limited use Mortal Kombat X DLC the worst ever?


I'm ready to argue that one button fatalities are awesome. When I saw that DLC was available to simplify them, I was super down for it. Mortal Kombat Trilogy has this feature included as a really awesome cheat code, but this is 2015. Whatever was free and just a cheat code, now it has to cost extra. I was okay with that, it made me feel like I was being gouged for extra money, but I wanted it. My friends aren't super great at video games, I'm only able to really focus on like one or two characters, and I don't care to spend extra money for something I want. 

Well then I read that they're limited use in game, like cell phone games. 

I don't know how to feel other than outraged. I can't just buy that DLC. Anything limited use in a game feels like the absolute worst gouging possible. If it had been five bucks for unlimited one button finishers, sure. It feels like abuse, but limited in app use purchases feel like ritualized abuse. Am I supposed to just keep trowing money at it forever? Like those "games" where you tap to wait, but you can pay to wait less and tap more so you can wait again? No thanks man, this is bullshit.

Mortal Kombat was always way better about having unlockable stuff than other games, while the last game had some skins and extra characters, I don't feel it was as bad as this. This is the worst kind of DLC. 

I'm buying the season pass DLC for thirty bucks. Having Jason and Predator and two other dumpy "original" characters. It's kind of bullshit. Half the price of the game for four new characters, two of which are just color swaps without anything really cool or interestnig at all. I could make a case for guest characters also being dumb, but that's kind of why I want them. 

Predator rules. 


Make way for DLC! 




7:28 PM on 04.10.2015

What if King of the Hill met Pokemon?

Despite being over a year old, I just found this and now I willl share it with everyone I ever meet. 




10:33 PM on 04.08.2015

Bloodborne - My First Lets Play (3 videos)

I've been experimenting with you tube videos, since playsation let me recod straight out of it and upload videos, I did that, three times. I'm not the best player, but I'd like to hope I'm much funnier and more entertaining than most. Because I'm young and I'm fresh, the best combination. 

I did three parts, here is the first where I design my guy and just try to do anything at all.


The struggle gets real in the second video, where our hero loses faith in himself and the game. I come across a big bon fire with a lot of bad guys. 

In the third video, I get better. Not by much. 

That's it! Tell me what I did wrong, subscribe, like, and follow me on twitter @bulltoid 



11:40 PM on 04.07.2015

The Journalism Show - Episode 7

Topher told me on twitter to tell my friends, so I'm posting this. We are still friends.



 I'm not super into anime, but I got enough of the gags to like it. Topher's an awesome guy, he used to do work here on Destructoid. Tomopop still uses the beedog as their mascot, which is awesome. 


I'm joking, I am super into anime. 

Dragon Pink!



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