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So, last night I finished Persona 3. I booted up the epilogue expansion today, "The Answer", and after playing for an hour and a half: GOD DAMMIT!

So Aigis is the main character now, and it's so hard to "first strike" the enemies in dungeons. She has a ranged shot to engage enemies, but it's pretty hard to aim accurately, and if you miss you're pretty much fucked. I don't know about you guys, but I used a 1H sword with the protaganist in the main game, and had no trouble engaging enemies first. Now, I'm getting ambushed about 20% of the time. Nothing like getting hit first by a purple monster, and them casting Mabufula, Zionga (on me + my weakness), and then a second Mabufula to finish me off before I can enter a command. I know normally those spells suck, but keep in mind you start at level 25 when you start the game, so they actually hurt at this point.

It also doesn't help that I, the main character, am the weakest member of the party. My sister android can deal 190+ damage, yet I can't crack 90 :( And the other party members can at least attack multiple enemies. And Orpheus, I hate you. 2 weaknesses, and no resistance. Yet I have to use you sometimes because you possess the only elemental magic in the early game *shakes fist*

So yeah, /rant mode. It's just pretty frustrating to going from a lvl 80 persona master that can beat the shit out of the Apocalypse Incarnate, to a lvl 25 cyborg that still uses friggin' Agi as the only offensive magic. *sigh* Off to return and try again, like an abused woman...

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