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ran24 avatar 4:46 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Don't Know About ran24

I don't know how or why this got started, but I'll give it a go.

10) I love to travel

I was in Budapest last semester, and so I got to hit up most of Eastern Europe. I visited Croatia, Prague, Vienna, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Krakow over the last couple months. I also have family in Indonesia who I visit every couple years. I've also been to Spain, Mexico, Canada, and Singapore. Hopefully, Japan is next.

9) I enjoy watching anime

Cowboy Bebop, GTO, Full Metal Panic, Samurai Champloo, and Ghost in the Shell are my favorites.

8) I don't get why everyone likes Earthbound

Seriously, it's not that good.

7) I collect Marvel comics

I didn't really get into them until a couple years ago, but I've built up a pretty good collection of hardcovers, TPBs, and regular issues:

Wolverine is my favorite character. If you don't like him, there's something wrong with you. He's a good guy at heart, but isn't afraid of killing people that deserve it. I like that.

And I still can't believe "Brand New Day" with Spiderman happened. W T F

6) I'm scared of driving and getting lost

If I'm going somewhere I've never been before or can't remember how to get to, I try my damnedest to get someone to come along. I'll avoid going to an event or get together sometimes if I can't get someone. It's bad.

5) I play Magic: The Gathering

I've sunk a couple thousand over time into this friggin' game; it's like crack to me. I don't even play competitively, just with friends and family. It's awesome though.

4) I like Hip-Hop and Jazz

I know, pretty weird combo. When I find the two genres mixed into a single song though, I bust a nut.

3) I've never played a Zelda, Mega Man, or Metroid game for more than half an hour

They just don't interest me. Oh, and Mega Man's too fucking hard. Props if you can beat his games.

2) I will kick your ass in Ping-Pong

I also love sting pong, but can very rarely get someone to play with me :(

1) I hate Mario

He was cool in the NES and SNES days, but now he's useless. All this guy does anymore is put out Mario Party, Kart, and Sports games every year or two. Go away with Sonic and never come back.

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