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ran24's blog

9:03 PM on 05.21.2010

PSA: F.E.A.R. + Expansions on Steam for $10

Soooo, I had fun with the original FEAR a couple years ago, but never got around to the expansions. FEAR 2 looked kind of weak, so I haven't gotten around to playing that either. But now, Steam has a sweet deal for FEAR + Extraction Point + Perseus Mandate for $10. If you haven't played FEAR yet, but love horror, now's a good time to pick it up for cheap.   read

7:05 PM on 03.25.2010

Infectonator - perhaps the best zombie flash game you'll ever play

Everyone loves zombies. This has been scientifically proven many times. So, I figure it is my duty to report to yall when I've found a bomb-ass zombie game. Apologies if this is "old news" by now, but I'd never heard of th...   read

3:29 PM on 11.03.2009

Armored Core 3 PSP Giveaway

So I won that Armored Core 3 contest last week, but I don't have a PSP. So I'm gonna give my download code to someone else on dtoid. I'm feeling nostalgic right now, so to win it, just list your 5 favorite PS2 games, and ...   read

4:35 PM on 05.22.2009

Persona 3 - The Answer, why do you punish me so?

So, last night I finished Persona 3. I booted up the epilogue expansion today, "The Answer", and after playing for an hour and a half: GOD DAMMIT! So Aigis is the main character now, and it's so hard to "first strike" th...   read

11:34 PM on 04.02.2009

The creepiest part of Fallout 3?

THIS MOTHERFUCKER I'm level 19 right now in the game, and so far the creepiest part of the game for me has to be vault 108. This is the one with nothing but clones of a guy apparently named Gary, and all they can say is "...   read

2:50 PM on 03.21.2009

Both Oddworld games on sale this weekend for mad cheap!

Hi guys, just pointing out that this weekend the first two Oddworld games: Oddysee and Exodus are on sale on Steam for $3.75 for the package. These games were a blast to play on the PSX, and if you haven't played them yet, I'd best describe them as a platformer/puzzle game with a great sense of humor. Buy it naow!   read

12:42 AM on 03.01.2009

Videogames in Hip Hop

I love hip-hop, and I love videogames, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite artists that blend the two together. I found these guys on a music site called thesixtyone, so that's why all my links go there: Random is ...   read

4:46 PM on 02.01.2009

10 Things You Don't Know About ran24

I don't know how or why this got started, but I'll give it a go. 10) I love to travel I was in Budapest last semester, and so I got to hit up most of Eastern Europe. I visited Croatia, Prague, Vienna, Brussels, Berlin, Am...   read

9:46 PM on 01.17.2009

I'm doing it wrong.

So, apparently people usually introduce themselves when they join Destructoid. Yeah...never did that, so I'll give it a go despite lurking around the site for about a year now. My name's Rob, and I've loved videogames ever ...   read

6:01 PM on 01.12.2009

Indie Island: The Wonderful End of the World

The Wonderful End of the World is basically Katamari Damacy for the PC. You move your avatar around the levels, automatically absorbing objects no larger than you and continually growing in mass so you can absorb bigger t...   read

11:30 PM on 01.10.2009

(Question) Castlevania: Sotn CD rooms

So I downloaded Castlevania Symphony of the Night on PSN, and its pretty cool. What doesn't make sense to me though are the rooms that have a picture of a CD and the word "CD" below it. What are these rooms for? I stood in the rooms for a bit and no music came on, and I've tried pressing random controller buttons, so I don't know what to do...   read

6:56 PM on 01.10.2009

Odin Sphere: Frustrating or Fun?

When Odin Sphere came out for the Playstation 2 two years ago, it was hailed as having some of the most gorgeous visuals seen in a videogame. However, many people disliked the game because of its harsh difficulty or “cheap...   read

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