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raisedmaze avatar 4:32 PM on 12.07.2008  (server time)
Swing low....sweet chariot.....

A year later and NO comments! Give yourselves a hand!

But seriously, if you read either of my previous posts and got something out of them, kudos to you. (thumbs up) And sign up as a member of or if you haven't already, and are looking for some second-hand games without getting shafted out of your games' values at GameStop.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna sell my Wii on eBay soon. No More Heroes turned out to be just a *little* too tedious for my taste, with the combat being nothing that compelled me to complete it, even though I did spend one day playing it for six hours straight. Maybe *that's* why I decided to be rid of it... And frickin' Castlevania Judgment just feels, to me, like a kick in the face. I'm a pretty big Castlevania fan, so of course I wouldn't mind having the chance to play a good one on the Wii while I've got it. NO says Konami, NO SIR, NOT FOR YOU, YOU PITIFUL OWNER OF THE WII who happens to be a Castlevania fan. You WILL take our pseudo-fighter while you lie on your back, and LIKE IT.

My response:

Sell my Wii and not think twice about it.

In unrelated Castlevania news, this past week, I got Casltevania: Order of Ecclesia, for Nintendo DS for those not in the know, and it's an entertaining game so far. Got it used from another N.C. guy on Gametz for $22 shipped. See, see? Didn't have to take 1/4th trade-in value on a good game to get it either.

And, I finally did get my job that I was looking for in newspapers.....and I'm kinda wanting out of it right now. When the best newspaper in the state offers 200 "voluntary" buyouts to its editorial staff (as the Raleigh News & Observer did over this summer), THAT's when ya gotta question the viability of the business. I didn't even know there WERE 200 people in that newspaper's editorial department. That's INSANE.

Anyway, gotta work tonight. Gotta write a story about huntin'. Catch ya'll in another year.

Ha ha HA, just kidding......

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