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raisedmaze avatar 10:31 PM on 12.04.2007  (server time)
And later has come now....

This one's gonna be short and sweet.

Bought a couple of used games today, Karaoke Revolution sans microphone (PS2) and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II (Xbox). I was wanting to get God of War II, since I saw it at the pawn shop yesterday, but the sucker was gone today. I guess Karaoke's a good consolation prize though.

Played Dark Alliance II for about an hour and a half this evening, and I've come to the conclusion's just like Dark Alliance. DA ruled, but top down hack 'n slash can get just a weeee bit old when when a sequel doesn't add a little more flavor to the combat. I tried dual-wielding a hatchet and a short sword with the dark elf monk (or whatever she was), and then I realized, DOH, this isn't Knights of the Old Republic. So, I stuck with a shortbow with her. And.....that game'll get tedious just shooting things from long range the whole time.

I might go back to the pawn shop and get the long-box version of Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors for PSOne and see how well that game's held up, especially with what I'm sure are the ever present load-times. Darkstalkers 3 handled them well enough, but that game came out four years after the first PS Darkstalkers. But we'll see.

And for my kicks right now, I'm wanting Criterion DVDs. I just won Frederico Fellini's "8 1/2" earlier today, and just about 15 minutes ago, I won a documentary from 1974 about Vietnam called "Hearts and Minds." Yeah, win the country's hearts and minds by blowing 'em all to shit. Gosh, you'd think a country's future leaders would learn something and not repeat a huge mistake all over again. Oh wait, I live in the real world. (Mumbles to self in the corner)

NO, I will NOT tell you what I have just mumbled to myself! ....even if it was nothing at all!....and even if I didn't even go into the corner and do anything.......


Hope you all like my pixelated-as-hell banner of my Castlevania: Dracula X cart. I'll never part with that cart. Got it for $5 at an EB Games in Winston-Salem, and it was like that when I bought it. Someone ripped the label off, and another genius wrote "Dracula" back in with a red marker. Maybe I'll get a clearer shot up there for you guys sometime. In the *meantime*, just trust me. It's awesome.

Hope you all signed up for your and accounts! DOOOO EEEEET. And then trade with me. =D

Later all

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