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raisedmaze avatar 11:40 AM on 12.10.2008
And in a COMPLETE about-face....
I took down my Wii listing, after not receiving a bid on it over the auction's first two days and 17 hours.

I have one complete Wii-mote, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Wii Sports and sealed copies of Nights: Journey of Dreams and Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.

I figure I was going to get A BID on it, starting out the auction for $129.99, with $13.50 for shipping, but not a one. Not a friggin' one!

So, I'm saying "Screw it, I'll keep the thing" and I'll just save some money up for a Playstation 3.

This a way I can get 120 stars with Luigi, go back through Corruption again and give Zack and Wiki a try. I'll definitely have to check out Mario Kart Wii as well, and it was GREAT to hear about Dragon Quest X getting a Wii release. Maybe things are looking up for the system, with some games for "gamers who are not casual" in 2009.

Note the conspicuous absence of a reference to Nights.....I might hold off on checking that one out. Might just put it on Goozex. I dunno.

But yeah, Dragon Quest X would be good, but EVEN THOUGH Mad World looks pretty darn rad, No More Heroes looked pretty rad too.....and that one didn't work out so hot.

I might have to give Castlevania Judgment a rental just so I can know definitively whether it licks the Big C or if it's got a little somethin' somethin' in it that'll be worth my time.

....and, in the meantime, I'll be playing Order of Ecclesia, and I might just snap back into Super Mario Galaxy and round up the other 57 stars I gotta get with Luigi.

OH, and I might have to play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl sometime too. I wasn't a huge fan of Melee on the Cube, but I'll have to explain that in another blog.....

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