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radiopools avatar 7:12 PM on 01.12.2011  (server time)
quick update

So, I know I said I was going to do some regular blog updates, but it turns out I'm not. I didn't really like the idea I originally had, at least I didn't think it was my best idea. Putting up blogs and articles is a chance for me to share my thoughts and ideas with a community who will read it. If I'm not posting my best work, then I shouldn't be posting at all.

I'm not done with my Dtoid blog though. I am working on a few ideas for my blog to make it better. I'm even considering doing a video or two. Not exactly sure what I'm going to come up with yet, but I'll be traveling to good ol' Kentucky in the near future to visit some friends of mine. They're really creative, funny and love video games like me, so I'm going to see if we can come up with something. If not, I will come up with something myself, because I don't want to leave my Dtoid peeps hanging.

A few updates though, so this post isn't a complete waste.

1) I've played a few hours of Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom (FINALLY). I received it as a gift (essentially from myself) for Christmas. It's a very charming game, as I'm sure you know from watching the 8-hour Majin marathon on the Live Stream (which you should totally check out of you haven't yet: )

2) I'm not that familiar with dubstep yet, only with what I have been exposed to through the live stream. That being said, I went out on my own and discovered some new stuff. In particular, I picked up a ~free~ dubstep compilation called the Dank n' Dirty Dubz Free Compilation. It is a super sweet collection of dubstep that I recommend. is the link for the set.

3) Cataclysm is actually not as bad as I thought it would be from my very first blog entry. It's challenging, the new scenery is a nice addition to the game and the new races are fun. I temporarily faction changed my Death Knight to a Worgen for a few weeks and it was really fun. All of my friends were horde side still so I had to switch back, but overall the expansion is probably the most fun I have had with the game since Classic.

4) G4TV is just the worst. I mean, how could they come up with a show like Code Monkeys and then just utterly fail as a network in general? I really wish someone else would have picked up Code Monkeys for at least one more season.

That's it for now. Stay chill!


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