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With Call of Duty 4 coming to us in a few days it brings to mind that shocking piece of news from a few weeks ago. That the single player campaign is short. Really short. 4-6 hours on normal difficulty short.

The general response from the gaming community from what I can tell has been a resounding "Meh." And this brings up a serious issue. Is multi-player starting to trump the single-player in the world of gaming? Now this isn't necessarily a rant about length of games, but so far I haven't heard a single person say that 4-6 hours is a good thing. They are just saying that they don't care. They say that as long as the multiplayer is good then it doesn't matter.

Not only this, but the gaming mags (flawed to begin with) seem to be giving more and more creedence to multiplayer. The top three things they are rating on look to be 1) Gameplay 2) Multiplayer 3) Singleplayer.

I can't help but feel as if singleplayer is becoming more and more of an afterthought. The big shooter games (Bioshock excluded) are giving more and more emphasis to multiplayer, while leaving their singleplayer products behind.

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