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5:10 PM on 10.20.2008

I could Have Had Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PS2)

It was right there this weekend in the same store as I got the NES controller at.
But it was $100... :(

Am I a bad gamer...?

It may still be there. Do you think I should go back for it?   read

5:15 PM on 10.19.2008

q-pa Fetches a Bone

Today I held a NES "dogbone" controller for the first time at my local used gaming shop. You know the ones they released with that top-loading NES in the early '90s, attempting to rebrand it as a "budget" console...

(Dude, if there's one console that stood the test of time, fun-wise, it's the NES. But they're efforts to rebrand it were just... depressing.)

But anyway, the controller felt wonderful Better than the SNES controller IMO! Curves on every side--even around the buttons on top. Like the Wii Classic controller it has a curved back, but it doesn't feel... I don't know, it's a lot more comfortable than that is. The directional buttons are the same ones as the SNES, it seems. he A and B buttons were a bit small, but still easy to press.

So I bought it for $5. It passed my "Contra Test" and it is awesome.
That is all.   read

9:23 PM on 10.17.2008

12 Things you Should Know about Me and Videogames--in No Particular Order

Why 12? Because that's as many essential facts as I could think of to introduce myself:

* I was deprived as a child. I Didn't own a videogame system till I bought a NES from a friend in 1997. And it got that reset problem 2 months later.

* Not counting my PC or Nintendo DS, I've never owned a current console ($...).

* My first videogame memory: SMB in the late 80s at some house function. I repeatedly died on the 1st or 2nd goomba...

* I never played classic MegaMan or any Metroid untill I was in college, but I love them.

* Favorite VG Soundtracks: Katamari Damacy, Sonic CD (Japanese), & Final Fantasy3/6. Runner-up: Battletoads & Double Dragon

* I have a number of friends in real life, but none of them are into gaming. Call me well-rounded...

* SMB3 > SMW

* I DJ (vinyl + digital) but I'm lazy. I have Ambassadors of Funk's "Super Mario Land", that Star Wars disco album, and 2 Moog compilations on vinyl.

* I like the vocal Sonic R Soundtrack--for listening to anyway. I would never use it in a set.

* This is the greatest, most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Ever.

* I'm the best at nothing--and I'm OK with that.

* I am WarioWare's 9-Volt grown up--except I don't skateboard.

#13: I came here via the Retroforce GO podcast. Much love to them.   read

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