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pwned88's blog

10:17 PM on 04.07.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

So yeah, taking after dexter's lead, i'm entering on the deadline

my system: 2.8 pentium D, 3GB DDR400 ram, geforceFX 6600, 160GB westerdigital, 500GB seagate <both SATA> DVD-RW + CD-RW/DVD-ROM, genera-case, edifier 5.1 surround fed through a soundblaster audigy 4<this also serves the audio for my 360 that plays through the VGA input of my LCD, offscreen to the left> 22" LG, destructoid in firefox.

enjoy people! this is my gaming rig <if it even deserves to be called that>/FTP server/HTTP server/torrent station/whatever the hell else i fee like running.   read

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