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Here is my shitty laptop. it has broken hing.

also black guy
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i mades dis video for chee burger cuz he mentioned sumfin bout a free game. also cocks

12:07 AM on 03.02.2008

so my isp (comcast) has been basicaly a piece of shit lately and i was wondering what i should swith to. I do a speed test and get very shitty download rates. i have dd-wrt installed on my lynksis wrt54g and still get shitty speed.

I also have recently been unable to go to certian websites or ip's namely and i was wondering what isp i should switch to and what experiences you guys have had with your or a way to fix this shit. oh and btw

it was a comcast rep on the other end of the line. u see what i go thru now. they also use stickam and irc there which as we know is old and busted

Video filmed by rorkoshakie or however us spell it. hes the crazy republican

come in and have a party with us. it is made of win and this post is made of bad grammers
also one line posts ar gay so here is my second line bitch
wardrox: hey jim
wardrox: i have somthing i need to tell you
Jim Sterling: Can't talk, in this thing for a staff meeting
wardrox: hold on
wardrox: ts important
wardrox: I think im gay will you have sex with me to experiment

dl from
host/ip name :VOICE-VA2.BRANZONE.COM
port #: 3790

also thanks to pedro for being my bitch

12:08 PM on 01.06.2008

It is a widely known fact that irc (internet relay chat) sucks (is old and busted) compared to todays standards of ventrilo's epic win (is new hotness). So i set out on a mission to find out why people still use irc.

First i went and asked an irc fag why he still uses irc - his/her name has been altered to conceal his/her identity
Puppet- What drives you to use such a old and busted form of communication in todays ever new hotness world?
Mecros- i dunt now i just kinda u now man liek typn to plp n stuff u now rite
Puppet- Well you do know that ventrilo has text chat built into the client?
Mecros- wut no wai dude dats leik pretty kewl i gesss, but most people use voice chatt so i leik cant afford a 5 dollar mike cuz my minamum wage job at mc donalds doesnt pay enough.
Puppet- Any headset can be used as a microphone and most computers have built in microphones now aday.
Mecros- well i do got dess ipod headthingys i stolled of sum white kid. cant figuer owt da ipod but i stiwl got da other jank and there is dis lil howl in mah computing machine dat i stick finger nail clippins in dat says mic so i dun think i got dat too
Puppet- Good well u have everything you need to get started exept the program which you can find at Ventrilo is a great tool you can even talk to people while u play games or u can join in on one of the movie nights we have where we all make fun of a movie we deem "shitty"
Mecros- dats cool i cunt play dem games when i be typn to mah peeps, i wish day made does game easier doh cuz like im all on very essy n sutff but i still keep on diyin.
Puppet- Well thank you it seems like u have been enlightened on the aspects of advancing technology and the bettering of the NEW HOTNESS.
Mecros- I is a fucktard for using irc. i gotta stop bein such a fagger all the time.

Second i made these photo shops demonstrating the difference between the two programs.

as you can see in these pictues i am conversing with multiple people in one room about the movie we are all watching while other converse about the game they are all playing in a seperate room, also Chad Warden

as you can see is these picture mario is replicating goatse, also old and busted.

Lastly go here to download ventilo
instal then set up using the following provided information

hostname or ip - VOICE-VA2.BRANZONE.COM
port number - 3790
Photo Photo Photo

called xbox support because my live account is still listed as a juvenile account and i am unable to fix it so i bring you this tirdy some minute sound file made of fail and of course some lulz

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got the email to change after some fucking around but no luck on the child account shit.