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puduhead avatar 3:27 PM on 05.11.2010  (server time)
Thrift Store Adventures

I live right down the street from a most epic thrift store. Why so great? you may ask. Well, that's because it is the Mormon Church's thrift store and I live in the goddamn holy grail mecca of Mormonism! So every good Latter Day Saint is going to donate all their old video game gear to my thrift store.

It takes time and patience, but a motivated person can amass quite a haul in the long run. Just for reference sake, I have purchased the majority of my console hardware--> there at a severe discount from ma & pa shops, not to mention the meta-pricing (gouging) of the net.

This includes the most recent two purchases: NES (no cables or controller) $3.00, and today - Genesis (1 six button Sega turbo controller w Sonic 2) $5.00. As for the NES, I found a suitable power supply (and A/V cables are obviously no problem), but all the local ma & pa shops are plum out of NES 'trollers. For the Genesis, I searched my bag of tricks at home and conjured up a fantastic stereo A/V cable for this model II unit. But no suitable power source.

So after killing a few hours, I went back to my thrift store to search for said power source, but achieved success in an unsuspected way. A girl I know (that also happens to work there) is outside taking a smoke break by her car. We discuss (as we usually do in these encounters) the items I have procured recently, only to discover that she has also come by an NES recently. But for some odd reason, she really doesn't care for the game she got with it. So in the trunk of her car, she pulls out The Adventure of Link - Zelda II. You receive Zelda II NES!

Gee, you know? God really does work in mysterious ways. Now if only he could have made it Zelda 1. *grrrr* (Also, God, I need an NES controller and a Sega Genesis model II power supply. Mmkay? Thx).

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