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puduhead's blog

3:27 PM on 05.11.2010

Thrift Store Adventures

I live right down the street from a most epic thrift store. Why so great? you may ask. Well, that's because it is the Mormon Church's thrift store and I live in the goddamn holy grail mecca of Mormonism! So every good Latt...   read

3:38 PM on 04.10.2010

MegaMan 10 OST arranged in real Nintendo [short blog]

Mathew Valente (TSSF) has been sequencing game music for quite a while. His skills have really improved with time, culminating in this ambitious and totally righteous project of restoring the MegaMan 10 soundtrack to nativ...   read

11:22 AM on 04.08.2010

Intimidating....crew here at D-toid!

Many active and avid consumers of the current gen technology and gaming. By way of introduction, I find myself as more of an avid gaming historian. While I have neither the resources or ambition to stay current as a gamer, ...   read

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