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psybunny's blog

12:17 PM on 09.18.2007

Played the CRYSIS demo!!

yup sure did an it cracked me out until waaaay to late......buttcrack ass early is how late.first impressions are.....connectivity sucks goats fer a nickel..many folks couldn't figure out that half the servers were fukin up,and the other half were just fine.however this seemed to pose a huuuuuge problem for some.anyway the game mode i played and cant remember the name of off hand was like Battlefield 2 meets UT2k4 assault mode.the characters dont quite mesh up with the terrain as they some times do in janky enough but kinda dry,i felt like maybe the death match would be a lil more fun.also i noticed the destructible environs that they have talked up for fucking ever are not present in multi.....sad shit to looked like far cry on mushrooms :really cool visuals at really crucial points where i really don't need trippy visuals.ok negative shit aside the fun was there the weapons load outs were very cool in selection and customizing options.upgraded vehicles and weapons can be obtained the more killing and taking command points that you get to.graphically speaking the map beautifully done and quite over all it is a beta and im not gonna hold it against them that you cant get into 1/2 the servers an when ya do its a lil rough in there.i have inbvested much hope in this game and wish them the best of luck fixing what seems to me very minor problems for the multi player aspect of CRYSIS,yet it came across that they have spent waaaay more time on the singleplayer than multi, which is fine by my 8 month old is gnawing on my leg now and i must conclude this here shebang.ill write more later if i can.   read

10:51 AM on 09.16.2007

Sad Day Race Fans....Colin McRea Passes On

please visit the website for info.....tragic is all i can will be missed.   read

1:35 PM on 09.10.2007

Enemy Territory:Quake Wars Demo...played it,my comp said ouchy an my head said Meh..

just got done dling and giving the demo a test drive and you had better be packing a mule of a comp to run this specs aren't bad and with a 8800gts under the hood with 2 gigs of ddr2,i shouldn't have much in the way of lag or slide show effects happening.yet thats just what i got.horribly slow frame rates even at the lowest settings...looks alot like quake 4 to me.just a little i had some glimmer of hope for this release to not entirely suck,buti know of few people that have the sys specs to push this beast.let alone the flow to invest in a rehash of a tired series.   read

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