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The Fun Havers Club: What Ever Happened to Altered Beast?

Yesterday we brought you What Ever Happened to Balloon Fight and today, here's What Ever Happened to Altered Beast? The Fun Havers Club was created by Perry Jackson and Cary C. Frank. You can read a detailed analyis on What Really Happened to Altered Beast here on our Tumblr and follow us on Twitter


Moments in Gaming: Alan Wake and Metal.

Later this week, I'll be preparing a video for my top 20 games of the year (that I played/finished/almost finished), but I wanted to start by talking about some of my favorite moments of gaming from 2010. It was a super go...


Biggest news of 2010: D.I.Y. edition.

I never got the chance to play WarioWare D.I.Y. but it looked awesome. From the building your own mini-games, the chances at creativity were immense. A British magazine NGamer recently made a game that summarizes the biggest news from Mel Gibson's outbursts to the Chilean Miners. Enjoy!


The best part about the Uncharted 3 Trailer.

At the VGAs, they showed off the very first trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and holy shit, it looked awesome. But there was one thing to note about this trailer I felt, one thing that made me think this is the game where shit. goes. down. SULLY'S SHIRT IS RED! November 1st, 2011 can't come soon enough.



I'm still trying to get use to this whole blogging thing, I tried to show my friend's game off but got a little reamed out about it, which to your defense, makes sense. I'm trying to embed the youtube link so everyone can see it on the blog post but It didn't work? I don't understand, like that's what I was trying to do. Sorry everyone.


Why Single-Player will never die.

An EA Games President recently said that the single-player game is over (http://www.destructoid.com/ea-single-player-games-are-finished--189185.phtml), which I think is totally wrong. Sure, most of the money nowadays can be m...


About prryjcksnone of us since 11:22 PM on 10.25.2010

I'm Perry Jackson and i'm trying to break into video-game writing somehow. I figure i'll post stuff and I hope everybody likes it. I appreciate all your creative criticisms.

I can't really think of a top 5 games list, but it would include SMB3, FFVII, Viewtiful Joe, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Street Fighter IV (subject to change).

I hope you all think i'm cool enough to hang out with you!

twitter: prryjcksn

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