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12:55 AM on 09.19.2011

Protoknuckles Backlog: The Setup, Part Two

Intro: Well, Here is my list of home console games I have yet to finish. Iíve always considered home consoles to be my primary focus on gaming, even though in recent years due to time and place constraints Iíve played handhelds more often. I guess I prefer them because I know (for the most part) that games will run on them, and I wonít have to upgrade my system like on PCs. I also didnít get a PC until after about seven or eight years of playing home consoles and arcades, so that may factor in as well. Anyway, from here on out, there is definitely going to be spoiler material when I describe where I am in a game, so if you are sensitive to such things, you should avoid reading this. After this will come my handheld games.

Xbox 360:


Assassinís Creed Brotherhood
Info: I love the Assassin Creed series, but whenever I play this game, I somehow end up in the multiplayer. Itís a mystery!
Progress: Havenít even opened my guilds yet.

Blue Dragon
Info: I got this when JRPGs were rare on the Xbox... although I guess they still are. Beautiful graphics and super interesting gameplay, slowed down by the fact that I had no idea where I was supposed to go.
Progress: Second Disc.

Brutal Legend
Info: An interesting game, with plenty to do, and an interesting setting.
Progress: Just turned into a demon for the first time.

Bullet Witch
Info: I like these third person action shooters a lot. They can be nonsensical at times, but fun challenges. Iíve heard this one is particularly difficult eventually.
Progress: I canít remember. May just restart game.

Info: Another game I had to support due to itís fantastically unique concepts. I really like the design so far.
Progress: Second or third day.

Command & Conquer 3
Info: The command and conquer series is dear to my heart. I stopped playing this however, after my Xbox froze at the end of an hour long battle. Grrrrrrr......
Progress: Canít recall

Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath
Info: Of course that didnít stop me from picking this up when I saw it cheap.
Progress: None

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
Info: My favorite memory of the Red Alert games was in the first one. I exploited the fact that you can always build just a little bit farther than your current base by building pillboxes into my enemies camp. I then returned to the map in a later mission, and had a completely useless line of defense. I donít remember anything special about this one, but I love the cheesy FMVs.
Progress: Forgot. Probably going to restart.

Dead Rising
Info: This game is a lot of fun, and has some awesome game design, but parts of it can be way too frustrating. Like not being able to beat Otis to death with his radio.
Progress: Just started meeting up with psychos in the movie theater.

Dead Space
Info: A great survival horror game. Itís weird, I usually donít like scary movies, but I buy a lot of horror games...
Progress: Just rode the shuttle for the first time, I think...

Deadly Premonition
Info: I bought this game based on Jim Sterlingís review, and was even able to get it signed at PAX 2010. I love this game, because itís design is so disconnected. Some parts are so deep, well designed and intricate, while others seem so simplistic and rushed.
Progress: If I remember right, Iím investigating a crime scene near a tree and an outhouse.

Devil May Cry 4
Info: I love action games, and although I didnít really like Devil May Cry 2, I like the Devil May Cry games. Dante is a very interesting character, and the gameplay is usually very tight.
Progress: Probably somewhere around the second or third mission.

Dragon Age: Origins
Info: I love the Mass Effect series, as Iíve said previously, and Iím no stranger to the fantasy genre, so I figured Iíd try this one out. I prefer Mass Effect so far, because of the setting, and because I prefer Commander Shepherd as a character, but this is pretty fun. I actually lent this game to someone who is across the country right now, so Iíll either have to reclaim it, or buy a used copy.
Progress: Fighting in a Dwarven death arena.

Enchanted Arms
Info: It didnít get great reviews, but my love of RPGs compelled me to pick this up. My lack of time to actually play games defeated the purpose of owning it however...
Progress: Havenít even battled yet.

Fable 2
Info: The Fable series has always been a little controversial, but I tend to like itís gameplay.
Progress: Near the end I think. I completed the quest where I got captured.

Fallout 3
Info: I love the Fallout series, and I loved Oblivion, so this game was an obvious buy for me. The problem I have with this game, is that every time I play, I just wander around and do things, instead of progressing the plot.
Progress: The Enclave tried to take over the water purifier.

Grand Theft Auto 4
Info: Same as with Fallout, I can never seem to actually do missions in this game.
Progress: I canít actually remember... I know my cousin has his taxi company, and is in trouble though.

Halo 3: ODST
Info: I love the Halo series, it has such a cool narrative. This game is an interesting twist though. The enemies are a lot harder when you arenít an armored super human. Also, some of the best voice acting ever.
Progress: Think Iím on the second personís missions.

Halo Wars
Info: Again, bought due to my love of Halo story, combined with my need to send troops to kill things.I am a little disappointed it only has one campaign, but in the long run, I guess thatíll actually help me.
Progress: No idea, Iíll have to update this when I play it again.

Infinite Undiscovery
Info: Bought during a Best Buy clearance sale for super cheap. I like JRPGs.
Progress: None

LA Noir
Info: One of the most interesting games Iíve played in a LONG time. Although itís made me realize just how gullible and naive I am. I canít even tell when video game characters are lying to me some times...
Progress: Iím on the Black Dahlia murder case.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Legend
Info: Asides from the amazing co-op downloadable game, Iíve never really gotten far in a Lara Croft game, but I like action titles, so every so often I pick one up to see if Iíll like it.
Progress: Iím in front of a building with a lot of people who donít like me, but like guns. Thatís all I remember.

Lost Planet
Info: Since I like giant mechs, and hate bugs, this seemed like a no-brainer for me.
Progress: Canít remember

N3: Ninety Nine Nights
Info: My friend and I picked up Samurai Warriors 2 on a whim, and loved the crazy, cooperative nation destroying it offered. Since then weíve played Dynasty Warriors and Sengoku Basara and loved them, but I just canít get into this one.
Progress: Trying to kill frog people.

Info: Received as a gift, because my friend figured Iíd enjoy sending goblins to attack townsfolk. He was right.
Progress: Canít remember...

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Info: I loved the modern Prince of Persia games, but held off on getting this one, because I loved the game before it, and was disappointed that it wasnít getting a continuation. But, when Ubisoft had a crazy deal for it online, I had to try it.
Progress: Unsure...

Project Sylpheed
Info: I picked this one up on a whim, since I love crazy space shooters, and I can tolerate the cutscenes, since I watch anime. The gameplay is a lot of fun, but the missions take way too long.
Progress: Donít recollect.

Info: You can karate kick a helicopter. This is another game where, whenever I play I just run around doing things instead of the main story. My gamer instinct is always to avoid story progress to get the most out of my games. I will have to start suppressing it to start shrinking this backlog though.
Progress: More than halfway through I think.

Quantum Theory
Info: This was a birthday gift, so I donít know too much about it. Seems like a cool gears-esque sci fi shooter. And throwing that girl whoís with me into enemies is hilarious fun. I was hoping for a co-op campaign though.
Progress: Looked through all the menus for a co-op campaign.

Red Dead Redemption
Info: I bought this because I thought that the multiplayer was going to be more robust, but the gameplay was solid enough to stand on itís own.
Progress: Just past the burning barn.

Sonic Unleashed
Info: During the great console war of the 16 bit age, I stood with Sonic. I loved Mario games, and played them often, but when lines were drawn I knew where I stood. Sonic has been in some terrible games the past couple of years, but I actually liked this game. Both styles of play even. Until it asked me to go play through stages to find those horrible sun and moon coins. And I hate Chip.
Progress: Hunting down collectibles to further the story for some reason.

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions
Info: This may be my favorite Spiderman game. No other game has gotten his sarcasm and flippancy down as well as this one.
Progress: Just beat the Juggernaut.

Tales of Vesperia
Info: Ever since Tales of Symphonia, Iíve had to get my hands on any Tales game I could. These games have some of the best action ever seen in RPGs. I also like that they can be played cooperatively.
Progress: Not sure, but pretty far. I may just restart because Iíve forgotten most of the story.

Tom Clancyís Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2
Info: I bought these because they seemed like interesting take on the FPS genre. More tactical and less run and gun.
Progress: A few missions into the first game.

Tron Evolution
Info: I loved the Tron movies, and this looked like a decent game. I was hoping the multiplayer would have been a little more robust though.
Progress: A few missions in.


Info: A very interesting puzzle game. Time travel adds a whole other dimension to the gameplay...literally.
Progress: Iíve finished the game technically, but I want to get the secret/true ending. I donít feel like Iíve actually beaten it yet.

Hard Corps: Uprising
Info: Bought during an XBLA sale. Probably going to wait to beat this cooperatively.
Progress: None

Monkey Island 2: SE
Info: I love comedic adventure games, and the Monkey Island series are some of the best.
Progress: Elaineís costume party.

Section 8: Prejudice
Info: I played this first at PAX, and was really impressed with it. Once I bought it however, I was disenchanted by the lack of agency I had in multiplayer. I just didnít feel like I was contributing much to matches. That being said, it still is a really cool game.
Progress: Second or third chapter.

Splosion Man
Info: I actually bought this after playing Comic Jumper. Before then, I didnít really respect Twisted Pixel, since I hadnít seen what they were truly capable of. The demo for Splosion Man didnít sell me on it, and The Maw wasnít my kind of game. Comic Jumper convinced me to give this game a second chance.
Progress: A number of worlds in, Iíll have to check to be sure.

Super Meat Boy
Info: A great classic-style game. I used to play N+ all of the time, and this is an amazing extension of that gameplay concept.
Progress: Very far. Perhaps the final world.

Triggerheart Excelica
Info: I love shooters, and this one had some interesting ideas. I actually forgot I hadnít beaten this, until I looked through my collection to compile this list.
Progress: Beaten with one character.



3D Dot Game Heroes
Info: Recieved as a birthday gift. Iíve heard it is an interesting take on the Legend of Zelda gameplay, and I look forward to playing it.
Progress: None

Afro Samurai
Info: Bought super cheap ages ago. I liked the gameplay, and the anime itís based off of, but things always got in the way of playing it.
Progress: One or two missions in.

Armored Core: For Answer
Info: I love robot games, once again. The Armored Core series is great for itís customization, but also suffers from it, since it starts you off with so much you can customize, that it can be overwhelming.
Progress: A few missions in.

Bionic Commando
Info: Iíve heard poor reviews of this game, but the gameplay sounded unique enough I wanted to try it. Too bad I never did.
Progress: None

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WW2
Info: I keep buying plane games, hoping one will ignite the love I have for Ace Combat games, but none has so far.
Progress: One or two missions in.

Demonís Souls
Info: One of the first games I bought for the PS3, but somehow havenít played.
Progress: Barely past the prologue/introduction. Spent a long time making ugly characters though.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
Info: I picked up Disgaea for the PSP, and have been hooked on the series ever since. Iím not sure if I will be as infatuated with it on a home console, since itís an almost perfect portable game, but weíll see.
Progress: None

Final Fantasy 13
Info: Bought on sale because itís Final Fantasy, and my gaming DNA made me. I just had it in my hands with a receipt before I knew it.
Progress: Deep enough in the game to be confused by everything, not deep enough to control whoís in my party yet. So between 1 and 100 hours in I guess.

Info: Well, when I get a new system, I tend to buy a lot of games for it, especially if the systemís been out for awhile, and there are cheap games available for it. In this case, I bought this game along with another whose name escapes me for super cheap at Walmart. Instead of Mass Effect 2, which was being sold a couple of days before itís actual release date. I rationalized it as such: Iíll get 2 games instead of 1, on a system I need games for. The problem was I had forgotten I love Mass Effect so much. So, numerous months later, Iíve beaten Mass Effect 2 and all itís DLC, and havenít played this once. Shows how smart I am huh? Anyway, I picked this up because it kinda looked like Pokemon/Jade Cocoon.
Progress: None

God of War Collection
Info: I came really close to beating the first God of War on the PS2, but got stuck in a jumping/timing/spike puzzle in a labyrinth. Since Iíd never played the second at all, I figured Iíd get this collection, and play two birds with one controller....or something like that.
Progress: About halfway through the first game.

Info: Bought a couple of weeks before it was announced that I could get this for free since Sony gave away my credit card... A very interesting game, although the moral choices are the most drastic Iíve ever seen.
Progress: A few missions after I found out about that lightning orb, and meet my nemesis.

Little Big Planet
Info: Bought more for the user generated content even though I knew Iíd never have time to play much of it. Sometimes I think I buy things just to support ideas in the industry.
Progress: Dia De Los Muertos world.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Info: Iíve tried to play this game once or twice before, but it is so hard and unforgiving. I figure though, if I can beat Godhand, I can beat this.
Progress: Iím on a zeppelin.

No More Heroes: Heroesí Paradise
Info: Iíve actually played and beat this game on the Wii, but decided to get it again, because it was one of my favorite Wii games.
Progress: Beat the first boss.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Info: Received as a birthday gift. I loved the previous Ratchet and Clank game, but Iíve only played a few in the series, but every one Iíve played, Iíve enjoyed.
Progress: None.

Red Faction Guerrilla
Info: I remember the first Red Faction game fondly, though I never picked up the second. The one problem with this game, is that I often just go around blowing stuff up instead of doing missions.
Progress: Around the end of the first area.

Resonance of Fate
Info: This is one of the best console RPGs Iíve ever played. To me, this is the true progeny of the Final Fantasy games, and not 13. The only problem I have with this game is that I often donít have the time to sit and enjoy an RPG. Doesnít stop me from buying them though.
Progress: Canít remember, but I think Iím fighting mannequins...

Info: Another sandbox game where I just run around instead of doing missions. This one is a lot of fun, and I like the unique setting.
Progress: Just cleared out a church...or was it a hanger?

Silent Hill: Homecoming
Info: There are certain game series I keep trying (Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Splinter Cell, and Silent Hill for example) that I keep buying games from, then never beating. I eventually started beating Splinter Cell games, and I just beat Resident Evil 5 with my friend, so there is hope, though. I guess I figure that once a game has a lot of sequels, there must be some worthwhile gameplay in the series, and I should try it.
Progress: Still in the opening creepy hospital area.

Sonic The Hedgehog
Info: Since I am a huge Sonic fan, I have to beat this game as a matter of principle. How sober Iíll be when playing Silver however, that I canít say.
Progress: Future Knuckles just warned me that the future will be awful.

Star Wars Force Unleashed
Info: Iím not actually sure why I didnít buy this sooner, since I am a huge Star Wars fan. I think itís because I prefer the starships to Jedi.
Progress: A couple of missions in. I think Iím on a Star Destroyer, or I just left one.

Info: Bought this right after I beat Wet. Wasnít able to pull me in like Wet did, but I still want to beat it.
Progress: Canít remember. will probably restart.

Tom Clancyís Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 and 2
Info: I bought these games after my friend showed me the co-op anti-terrorist mode. It was a lot of fun, so I decided to pick them up when I saw them cheap.
Progress: Inside the casino in the first game.

Uncharted 2
Info: I love the Uncharted series, but something always gets in my way when I try to finish this game. I accidentally erased an old almost finished save of mine, and had to start over.
Progress: Just found the temple with the map to shangri-la, I think.

Valkyria Chronicles
Info: This may be my favorite PS3 game, and is definitely my favorite exclusive. I like the different approach on war and the amazing art style. This is another game where i have to have a lot of time to be able to commit to play it though.
Progress: I think they just had their swimsuit episode.

Yakuza 3
Info: This may be my favorite sandbox style game. I love the characters, and the super-serious, but sometimes absurd and silly mood the game has. I was a little upset that Sega didnít port it over from Japan properly though.
Progress: Iím in Tokyo looking for the person who looks like my dad, or something like that. A helicopter blew up the floor of the skyscraper I was in.



de Blob
Info: An interesting game with a great art style and unique gameplay. Didnít hold my interest the last time I played it though.
Progress: One or two missions in.

Disneyís Epic Mickey
Info: I am a huge fan of Disney World, so I had to get this. I wish it was more like itís concept art, but oh well.
Progress: Just went through the boat ride with crocodiles.

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Info: I loved Donkey Kong Country, although I didnít like the sequels as much. This game is an accurate, if impossibly hard, extension of the series. I was waiting to play this game co-op, but none of my friends are interested.
Progress: Beat the first world.

Info: Again, I keep buying plane games because they wonít make me a new console Ace Combat game. Iím actually worried about the new one theyíre making...
Progress: I canít recall. May restart this one.

Info: Iíve heard amazing things about this game, but so far it seems like a simple platformer to me.
Progress: A few levels in.

Metroid: Other M
Info: I really, really,really, really wanted to like this. Iím still hoping I can a find a way to.
Progress: Just got sent to go check on something by the Federation people. Super vague, I know, but thatís all I remember.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Info: I bought this game because the art style is beautiful, and I wanted that awesome wallscroll it came with, even though I have no room on my wall.
Progress: Probably an hour or so in.

Nights: Journey of Dreams
Info: I never played the original game, so Iím excited to try this one.
Progress: None

Info: Iíve heard that this was a must play game, and what Iíve played is very fun so far.
Progress: Just ran into the bird mafia.

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers
Info: I bought this game along with the 360 version because I was looking for some mindless co-op zombie killing. The 360 one delivered, but this one doesnít have co-op campaign. I should still beat it though.
Progress: Tried every way to play co-op we could, then turned it off.

Red Steel 1 and 2
Info: When the Wii came out, my friend and I both bought Red Steel and the Legend of Zelda. He was more excited for Zelda, and I was more excited for Red Steel. I was wrong. I also tried Red Steel 2, but didnít feel that the Wii motion plus added enough to the game. It actually made me worried about the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, but that game controlled fine at PAX.
Progress: Iíll have to restart Red Steel, since itís been years since I played, and Iím a few missions into Red Steel 2.
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
Info: I bought this when I saw it on sale, because I never finished the gamecube one, even though I really liked it. I figure that the new gameplay and controls may add something.
Progress: None

Sakura Wars
Info: Bought because I love strategy/tactics games, and this one seemed very interesting.
Progress: Just took over LIPS, or STAR, or some other crazy acronym.

Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
Info: Bought since the Ace Combat people made it, and I loved this movie. Iím still not sold on the control scheme though.
Progress: One or two missions in.

Sonic & The Secret Rings
Info: Bought because of a good Destructoid review. One of the few Iíve disagreed with.
Progress: Deep enough in the game to know I hate the controls.

Soul Calibur Legends
Info: Bought because I love the Soul Calibur games, despite the poor reviews. I should have listened. I hope I can make it though this one.
Progress: Canít recall.

Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
Info: These games are fantastic. The only reason I havenít beaten them yet is because sometimes you donít want to have to take Super Smash Bros out of your Wii, and find itís case.
Progress: Last boss of 1, a few worlds in on 2.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Info: Bought because I loved Tales of Symphonia, though Iím not sure about the new gameplay. I bought this during work on Figment, which may be the busiest time of my life ever, so I never even touched it.
Progress: None

Zak & Wiki
Info: Bought due to my insatiable lust for adventure games, and the fact that it may be one of the coolest applications of the Wiimote ever.
Progress: Zak is frozen, and only I can save him. Wait... I think I beat that level though... Ahh well, itís the last one I remember.


Beyond Oasis
Info: Bought because I thought it was Landstalker somehow. Looks like a cool Zelda clone though.
Progress: I think I have one of the elements.

Info: Bought because I played this game on the Sega Channel as a kid, and needed to prove to myself that it was real and I wasnít crazy.
Progress: Canít recall.

Sin and Punishment
Info: Bought because I love Star Fox games. Iím not sure I love this game too though.
Progress: I have no idea. The story makes no sense.

Super Mario RPG
Info: One of the best RPGs ever made, and I want to beat it again.
Progress: Canít recall. May restart just so I can play through the whole thing again.

Super Metroid
Info: My first Metroid was Metroid Fusion, which I loved. From their Iíve played every Metroid game I could. Iíve heard this is the best one, but I think Zero Mission may still be my favorite.
Progress: Canít recall.   read

2:07 PM on 09.13.2011

Protoknuckles Backlog: The Setup, Part One

During Pax this year, while I was hanging out at the Destructoid Sunday afterparty, I was telling someone that I mostly lurked on Destructoid, and rarely posted. They suggested I become more involved in the forums or community blogs. Since I already had an idea to document my attempt at working through my backlog of games through a Facebook account, I decided to create a C-Blog for it as well. If all goes as planned, once a week, I will update this with how Iím doing on my backlog, and what I think about the games.

I love video games. I love talking about video games, playing video games, learning about video games, reading about video games, comparing video games, teaching people about video games, etc. I also enjoy bargain hunting, as this is kind of a meta-game for video games, and quite frankly, the only way for me to reasonably afford my habit. This leads to me buying a lot of video games that donít get beaten. This summer was particularly bad, because of the Steam Summer Camp hitting when I actually had money, combined with the GOG sales, and the fact that working 2 jobs left very little gaming time. So, now my backlog has reached critical mass, and something must be done. Below are all the PC games that I have that I have not yet beaten a short write-up about them, and my progress in them so far. Lists from my other consoles will be forthcoming. Games can be removed from the backlog by 3 ways:
1. I finish the story or main campaign of the game
2. I deem the game too terrible to finish
3. I deem the game too difficult to finish
Now, for Options 2 and 3, I will give the game 2 tries. If on 2 separate days, I decide that the game is awful or impossible for me to continue, it will fall off my backlog. Otherwise, it stays on until beaten. I am able to look at FAQs or use other online sources for strategies and puzzle solutions, but I will not use cheat codes, level skipping, or other such techniques.


Telltale Adventure Bundle:

Jack Keane
Info: Not really sure what to expect from this game, other than it is a point and click adventure. I usually like those.
Progress: None
Kings Quest Collection
Info: I remember these games back when I was a kid, but I never really got into them. I imagine they are going to be old-school difficult and obtuse, so I may be using faqs on these.
Progress: None
Puzzle Agent
Info: I REALLY like the professor Layton series, so this game, along with Sam and Max season 2 (which I beat), is why I bought this bundle. I didnít finish it yet, because I started it on my old laptop, and donít want to start up a new game.
Progress: About half way through?
Whispered Word
Info: After beating Sam & Max, I started up this game...then my desktop got a virus, and I lost my progress. I was only past the introduction, but itís still a deterrent....
Progress: Have to start over


Beneath a Steel Sky
Info: I got this one for free back when GOG was fairly new. I wasnít about to pass up a free game, especially an old-school adventure.
Progress: None
Dark reign
Info: Bought this during a GOG daily gems sale. Looked like an interesting Starcraft style RTS.
Progress: None
Info: Another free old school adventure from GOG. Thanks guys! I actually did thank one of the team members at their PAX booth in person, and talked with him about upcoming games Iíd like to see.
Progress: None
Earth 2150 trilogy
Info: Another RTS bought during a GOG gems sale. This one had a really interesting story, and I like the idea of creating my own vehicles.
Progress: None
Info: Decided to buy something other than RTS games during a GOG sale. Also, looked like an interesting Elder Scrolls style game.
Progress: None
Fallout Tactics
Info: I love the Fallout universe, and wanted to buy a Fallout game during the Interplay sale. Since I already owned Fallout 1 and 2, Tactics it was. Also, I tend to like tactics style turn based strategy games.
Progress: None
Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich
Info: I really liked the first Freedom Force game, though I remember very little of it, so when this was on sale, I picked it up. I actually tried to reinstall the first game, but it was incompatible with my computer. This is why I like services like GOG or Steam, but prefer consoles to both.
Progress: Started it up, to make sure it worked.
Freespace 1 and 2
Info: Since I love space sims, Iíve been told these are a must play. Picked them up during the Interplay sale. I hope it works with my old, awesome joystick: the Gravis Exterminator Duel Control. Actually.... I hope my computer can even recognize that thing...
Progress: None
Giants Citizen Kabuto
Info: Iíve heard that this was supposed to be an excellent game, and vaguely remember it was supposed to come out on the N64 back in the day. I had no idea it was supposed to be a comedy, until I started reading about it. Bought during Interplay sale.
Progress: Played through the first few missions.
Ground Control
Info: Another GOG gems RTS. I canít seem to not buy them, can I? Either way, this one had a different UI to it that intrigued me, and a focus on aerial combat that I think I may enjoy.
Progress: None
In Cold Blood
Info: I actually forgot which game this was and had to check... Anyway, this is a spy thriller, and I had just beaten Alpha Protocol and was in the right frame of mind for spy games. Bought during a GOG gems sale.
Progress: None
Incredible Machine Mega Pack
Info: I spent hours upon hours on the incredible toon machine when I was younger. Perhaps the adult version will prove just as entertaining?
Progress: None
Longest Journey
Info: Iíve been told this has one of the best stories ever put in an adventure game, so when it went on sale, I didnít really have a choice (actually I did...)
Progress: None
Lure of the Temptress
Info: Once more, GOG tempted me with a free old school adventure game. For a long time, the only GOG games I had were free adventure games actually.
Progress: None
MDK 1 and 2
Info: Another game I remember from my childhood, but I never owned it, and another example of a game that I didnít know had humor in it. Bought during the Interplay sale.
Progress: First mission completed.
Info: The first game I bought on GOG, and the only one I paid full price for.
Progress: Played through the first area after the tutorial.
Info: One of the hidden gems of my childhood, this game heavily influenced my love of vertical shooters. As a kid, it was almost too much to consider that I could modify my character between levels. Bought during a GOG gems sale.
Progress: Played through the first level while reminiscing heavily.
Info: My friend had actually lent me this game a long time ago, but I didnít get a chance to play it. When I saw it was during the Interplay sale on GOG I bought it, and had my friend do the same. Unfortunately, it didnít run on his computer...
Progress: None
Septerra Core
Info: Seemed like an interesting take on JRPG games. Bought during a GOG gems sale. It was actually pretty funny, they played some clips during the Halo voice actors panel at PAX. I had no idea there was overlap.
Progress: None
Shattered Steel
Info: Bought during the Interplay sale. Iím actually not too sure what this game is about, but I like giant robots, and I want to be in the cockpit of one pretty much all of the time, so....
Progress: None
Info: I remember my dad played this when I was young, and I tried it once or twice, but never got far. Bought during the Interplay sale.
Progress: None
Teen Agent
Info: You may find this hard to believe, but this was a free adventure game from GOG. Sort of looks like a Monkey Island game.
Progress: None
Tex Murphy 1 and 2
Info: Look, if GOG is offering to give me a game for free, Iím going to take it. Does that make me a bad person?
Progress: None
The Witcher
Info: Bought for half price during the launch of the Witcher. I have heard that it was an amazing RPG with a really interesting story.
Progress: Started doing missions in the first area after the tutorial.


Aliens Breed 2: assault
Info: I picked this up for free during the Steam Summer Camp promotion. Thatís right, just as youíre safe from hearing about the Interplay sale, Iím going to be talking about the Steam Summer Camp. Other than that, Iím not really sure about what this game is. Just that I got it for free by playing other games.
Progress: None
And Yet it Moves
Info: Got this with one of the humble indie bundles. Iíve bought all of them, and will continue to forever, so long as donating the money to Childís Play is an option. I believe that the developers deserve money, but when given the option to donate to Childís Play, or send the money somewhere else, I always choose Childís Play. Seemed like an interesting physics puzzle game.
Progress: None
Info: Got this with the first humble indie bundle I think. Played a little bit of it, and it had very interesting controls. I have no idea what type of game this is though, or if itís even a beatable game.
Progress: Played around with the controls a little.
Atom Zombie Smasher
Info: Bought during the Steam Summer Camp. I couldnít get the achievement from it though...
Progress: 3 or 4 months in, and itís starting to get very difficult.
Back to the Future
Info: The first game I bought on the Steam Summer Camp. Once again, I have a soft spot for adventure games, and I bought the bluray trilogy just a few days before. I tried the demo, and it felt a little slow, but perhaps that was because it was the introduction?
Progress: Played for about an hour, then a virus hit my computer. Have to start over.
The Ball
Info: Bought during a Steam daily deal. Seemed like an interesting first person game.
Progress: None
Beyond Good & Evil
Info: I own the original on the Gamecube, but never actually finished it. When it was on sale, I figured Iíd try it out in high definition.
Progress: None
Cid The Dummy
Info: Bought during one of the first Steam daily deals. Looked like it might be interesting, and I canít pass up a deal.
Progress: None.
Info: Got from the newest humble indie bundle. Looks like an interesting puzzle game.
Progress: None[/b]
[b]Crayon Physics Deluxe
Info: Another humble indie bundle game. I played the demo of this, and it actually felt like it was a little too easy, sort of like Scribblenauts was. Although I guess difficulty was never the point of Scribblenauts.
Progress: None
Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Single Player
Info: Purchased during the Steam Summer Camp. My friend had it on Steam, and recommended it to me.
Progress: None
Defense Grid: The Awakening
Info: Purchased for the Steam Summer Camp achievements, which I got. Was a really fun Tower defense game too.
Progress: Played through a few single matches.
Deus Ex and Invisible War
Info: Bought during a Steam sale....Not sure if it was a daily sale or their summer camp...Anyway, after listening to all of the hype for the new game, I wanted to go back and play the first two.
Progress: Played through the tutorial.
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time
Info: It was like a dollar during the Steam Summer Camp. I bought this for the achievement, but I didnít have time to try it out.
Progress: None
Doom 3 + Expansion
Info: I played the demo for this, and all I can remember is that it was one of the darkest games Iíve ever played. Iíve heard there is a mod that tapes a flashlight to your gun. I may download that.
Progress: None
Info: I am a sucker for dwarfs in DND and fantasy games, so a game based around them is a no-brainer for me. Bought during Steam Summer Camp. Achievement gotten.
Progress: Played through demo.
Empire Total War
Info: Iíve heard a lot of good about this series, and wanted to try Total War Shogun 2, but when this was on the Steam Summer Camp, I figured Iíd try this one first.
Progress: None.
Fear 1 and 2+ Expansion
Info: I didnít really like the demo, because the controls felt a little floaty, but that was on the Xbox, and maybe the PC will be different? This was a Steam Daily Deal.
Progress: None
Far Cry 1 and 2
Info: Iíve heard this was supposed to be a fantastic series with really interesting choices., so I bought it as a Steam Daily Deal So far, my choices have been to get out of the water and get shot by a camp of enemies, or to play a different game.
Progress: Right in front of a camp of enemies who want me dead, swimming in the water near the beginning of the first game.
Front Mission Evolved
Info: I played Front Mission 4 on the PS2 and really liked it. Again, I am a sucker for mechs. Purchased as a Steam Daily Deal, not sure if my computer can run it.
Progress: None
Frozen Synapse
Info: Bought as a Steam Daily Deal, it sounded like a really interesting take on strategy games. Iíve heard that the single player is downright punishing. so Iíll have to see if I can struggle through it.
Progress: None
Info: Another humble indie bundle game. This one looked like an interesting sidescroller with unique controls.
Progress: Played through the first few levels on another computer, have to start over.
Gothic 1, 2, and 3
Info: Bought during a Steam Sale. Looked like a cool Elder Scrolls style game.
Progress: None
Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, 3, Vice City and San Andreas
Info: Played some of these a long time ago. I usually just ended up going on sprees, since the missions tended to be too hard. Another Steam Summer Sale purchase.
Progress: None
Guardians of Graxia
Info: Another game bought for the Steam Summer Camp achievement, but never played, so I didnít get it. I like card based games, and this one looked pretty good.
Progress: None
Guild Wars
Info: I played this way back in the day, but I never had the expansions. I canít wait for Guild Wars 2, so for now, I guess Iíll reintroduce myself to the lore through Guild Wars. Bought during Steam Summer Camp.
Progress: I donít remember....I wonder if my old characters still exist...
Half Life Blue Shift and Opposing Force
Info: I played the original Half Life, but never the add-ons. I actually had the disc for this one, purchased ages ago.
Progress: None
Hamiltonís Great Adventure
Info: Bought for the Steam Summer Camp achievement....which I got. Doesnít really seem like my type of game, but Iíll try it out.
Progress: Up to the level I had to beat for the achievement. Not quite 25%?
Info: Received from the humble indie bundle. Looks like an interesting physics game. According to the store page it has a single player story, although from the name and premise, youíd figure it was multiplayer only.
Progress: None
Heroes of Might and Magic 5 + Expansions
Info: I like strategy games, but I never really got into Might and Magic. When Steam had its Summer Camp, I figured it was time to try it.
Progress: None
Hitman 1, 2 and Blood Money
Info: Iíve tried one of the Hitman games before on the Wii, and kept getting caught. I figured since all of them were on sale during the Steam Summer Camp for a ridiculous price, maybe I could find one that had a first level I could beat?
Progress: None
Hydrophobia: Prophecy
Info: Iíd read disparaging reviews when it first came out, but Iíve heard that patches have fixed it, and I needed another Steam Summer Camp achievement.
Progress: Maybe somewhere around 10-25%?
Info: When this was a Steam Daily Deal, I convinced all of my friends to buy it since I loved shmups, and couldnít wait to try the multiplayer. Then I looked closer and saw that it was offline multiplayer....
Progress: None
Just Cause 1 and 2
Info: I donít know much about this series, but it looks interesting. Bought during a Steam Daily Deal.
Progress: None.
Kings bounty: Armored Princess, Crossworlds and the Legend
Info: The Kings bounty series looked like a cheap and alternative RPG series, so I picked it up during the Steam Summer Camp.
Progress: None
Info: Got this during the first humble indie bundle. To be honest, Iím not sure what to make of this game. I think it has a story though...
Progress: None
Info: Iíve heard a lot of good about this game, and I love adventures so Iím optimistic. However, every time I start it up, I get interrupted. I think my latest file was lost during a recent crash...
Progress: Possibly none, possibly around 5 screens in?
Mass Effect 1 and 2
Info: Technically Iíve beaten these games on the 360, but Iíve heard that the PC version was amazing, so when Steam had both on sale for around 15 during the Steam Summer Camp, I rebought them. This is one of my favorite series on the modern console generation, along with assassinís creed and mirrorís edge (hopefully we get more of those)
Progress: Just became a Spectre in number 1.
Napoleon total war
Info: I think this came with Empire Total War....or was it the other way around? Not sure if I can run this game.
Progress: None
Neverwinter Nights 2
Info: I loved Neverwinter Nights, and still play DND occasionally. When this went on sale during that awesome Steam Summer Camp, I remembered all the good things I heard about this game and picked it up.
Progress: None
Info: I think I bought this one to get a Steam Summer Camp achievement... either way itís a lot of fun
Progress: Somewhere in the second world.
Painkiller Overdose, Black, Redemption, Resurrection, and Overture
Info: I bought all of the Painkillers as a pack during a Daily Deal. Iíve never tried the series and heard they were interesting.
Progress: None
Info: Think I bought this during the Steam Summer Camp. It looked like an interesting RTS, and I do tend to like them. Another game that may or may not run on my computer.
Progress: None
Info: I think this was a Daily Deal... anyway, a great little off-beat game.
Progress: About a month and a half in, trying my second dungeon.
Revenge of the Titans
Info: If I remember right, this was a humble indie bundle game. An interesting tower defense title.
Progress: I played through a number of missions, but that was before my virus...
Info: By now you can guess that I bought this for the Steam Summer Camp achievement. Seemed like a fun puzzle title.
Progress: Just the achievement level.
Info: My friend swears by this title, so when it dropped in price, I picked it up.
Progress: None
Sam and Max 3
Info: I never played the original, but I love this series. Played through season 1 and 2, and I own the tv show and book.
Progress: Iím on the city that dares not sleep. I was about 45 minutes in before the virus.
Samarost 2 (and 1)
Info: From the first humble indie bundle. Iíve heard that the first title is a free flash-based browser game, so I have to play that one first.
Progress: None
Info: Seemed like a really interesting hybrid first person tower defense. I may have to play this cooperatively though.
Progress: None.
Serious Sam 1 and 2
Info: I was a huge fan of Duke Nukem back in the day, and Iíve heard that this is similar.
Progress: I think I just beat a level in a pyramid?
Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds:Survivor
Info: This was from the Frozenbyte Humble Bundle. I played it for awhile, and Iím not sure if itís my type of game.
Progress: About 45 minutes to an hour.
Info: Picked this up on sale in one form or another. If I remember right, Destructoid recommended this one.
Progress: None
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
Info: Looks like another mech game. I think this was from one of the humble indie bundles...
Progress: None
Supreme Commander 2
Info: Another RTS bought on the cheap from Steam.
Progress: None
Thief Deadly Shadows
Info: An old school throw back I bought as a Daily Deal. I usually enjoy stealth-based gameplay.
Progress: None
Time Gentlemen, Please!
Info: Destructoid let me know about Ben there, Dan that being available for free, and that was a lot of fun.
Progress: None
Info: I loved Diablo 2 back in the day, and heard I have to try this one.
Progress: None
Info: Got this during the Frozenbyte Humble Bundle. Reminds me of the Lost Vikings.
Progress: None
[b]Universe at War: Earth Assault
Info: Another RTS I figured Iíd try. Steam and GOG make it really easy to buy cheap games...You always end up saying, ďEh, why not?Ē
Progress: None
Info: Seemed like an interesting and unique game. Figured Iíd try it when it was the Daily Deal.
Progress: Finished a couple of hacking missions.
Info: I love classic gaming, and 8 bit graphics. Aside from that, Iíve heard this game was excellent.
Progress: Played through the demo, and loved it, but havenít gotten a chance to play the actual game.
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 1 and 2 + Expansions
Info: Iíve never gotten into Warhammer 40K, which is good, because Iím not sure my paycheck could handle it. Iíve always been interested in trying it out though, and this looked like a good introduction.
Progress: Finished a few missions, for the Emperor.
Whoís That Flying
Info: I love shmups, and this one sounded interesting to me. Another super cheap Daily Deal.
Progress: Played through the first mission.
The Wonderful End of the World
Info: Bought for the Steam Summer Camp achievement, and never achieved. Seemed like an interesting, Katamari-style game.
Progress: None
World of Goo
Info: I actually played this a long time ago, when it was a student project called tower of goo. Really interesting game I picked up in the Humble Indie Bundle.
Progress: I either have to start again, or the game is on my laptop, and Iím a few worlds from the end.
X 1, 2, 3 and expansions
Info: Interesting looking space games I picked up on the cheap.
Progress: None

Ok, that's the first part. As you can see I canít help myself around good deals, and interesting game ideas. The next part is to document my console games, and them Iím going to keep track of my progress here, and maybe on facebook and twitter. This list is actually likely to grow as well, since GOG has been having some amazing sales lately, and Steam always has their Daily Deals.   read

1:00 AM on 08.25.2010

My Quest for an arm cannon

First a little background. My friend and I were at the Protomen concert at the Knitting Factory in New York city, and it was amazing. Probably the best concert I've ever been to. Anyway, while we were on the line to get in we found someone with something amazing:

This person modified a Transformers toy into a pretty badass buster cannon. The coolest part was that it made firing noises and lit up! After seeing this, my friend looked at me and said "We're making arm cannons." I figured he was full of crap since he usually is, but he was dead serious, so I called dibs on red, since Protoman is my jam. So my friend started looking around for some inspiration, saw craineum's blog about his son's halloween costume, and we started planning it out.

Fast forward to today, where we went to a bunch of stores to get materials and start building our arm cannons.

We wanted to do something a little simpler than craineum, since neither of us know much about electronics or soldering, and we didn't have much in the way of tools. Because of this we decided to use candy and chip containers from BJ's as our foundation, with paper to color them, tap lights as the light up core, and reflective stickers as detail work.

Here is our work partway through our builds:

We hot glued wooden dowels as handles, and I have a cut up ruler in mine to provide glue points to connect the two parts of my cannon. My friend used a chip container for his cannon, while I used a bubble gum container, so his is bigger.

Here's my friend showing off the more complete arm cannons:

The next part was to cover them in paper and apply the detail work. This was probably the hardest part for us, but it eventually worked. Here are our arm cannons:

They could have come out better, but good or bad, we have arm cannons, and I love them. If you want to see them, we'll be bringing them to Pax.

If we can put our differences aside...   read

2:04 PM on 10.31.2009

Thanks D-Toid! (Ashley, specifically)

I just had to post a thank you note. The Shy Guy idea ( really saved me. I am a private teacher for a company that teaches kids how to create games through game maker in order to teach them that math, english, science and all of the things you learn in school can be useful and fun. So, my friend mentioned that he was going to come in as Mario today:

so I was going to come dressed as Sonic. I used to have a Sonic cap, and was going to wear blue jeans and a Sonic T-Shirt. After ripping apart my house I can't find my hat. I was going to wear my Scribblenauts hat, but I didn't have anything else for my costume. That's when I was saved:

I couldn't find my red hoodie, and since I had work until 10 last night, I couldn't find any red hoodies. But it all worked out. I spun my Sonic hoodie inside out and had a perfect costume. Anybody else use one of Ashley's suggestions?

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