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Pax thoughts and dear destructoid

Pax 2010 and other news Well the economy hit the fan and that has definitely slowed the development way down, It didnít stop Me from going to pax this year though And I would have to say I had a great Time. Some of the hi...


Got an Ipad? then get this case

I do believe this is a tech and gaming site, so let me introduce you to the crucial Ipad case. This is better than most I have seen and I will try and send one to the editors for their own review. But if you like what you see please feel free to follow the email address.


Importan PAX registration info

I had to put this here instead of the forums so people who didn't Know there is a way around the registration is closed could still register for Pax. It is very simple actually. Instead of going to the official Pax site go to the penny arcade site and go to PAX registration from there.


The future: (every action has a reaction) The month is almost over and I have seen some great articles about what is going to happen next in the game industry. Seeing recent positive events occur over a short period of time ...



Infinity ward is always full of surprises, No Russian definitely shocked us all with its dark and bloody subject matter but letís turn away from that and focus on one of the less controversial and greater innovations that...


Music from Shadow Fox

The sound dialect has been working hard on some cool and memorable tracks for my game and I'm happy to share a few with you. These are some of the tunes you will here in hub spots and important conversations or scenes.


About prolifikstudioone of us since 11:19 PM on 06.06.2009

The prolifik studios Dev blog. showing off our latest games and holding your hand along the way. my name is David Chima and I am the Artist and creative lead of all current projects that we are making. my lead programmer is Kevin Wittenberg. we also partner with sound dialect. What we hope to achieve is creating fun games with massive amounts of content and replay ability.
easy controls and game play that appeals to new comers and hardcore we are currently working on shadow fox.


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