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they are my favorite anime ahaha.
Now let me tell you the story about me I got my name professional weeaboo because my
freind I met on the internet Onsakamaru17 I think it might of been gaia but I talk to him on msn XD
he called me that and I was like LOL what is that WTF. ahha it was so funny
A little thing about me I really like to watch anime (online in dubs) not any of the sick hentai haha.
When Im older I want to be a english teacher and teach about spelling and grammer Im really good at i was told.
My dad is a lawyer ahah so we get to travel my favorite time is when I went to anime evoultion in vancouver ahah I live in vancouver.
I wish to go to Nippon when Im older and study japanese and go to college there.
I am in the anime club at my high school

i didnt make that pic but its the one I use for the club ahaha :D
I really like to cosplay and do the carmel dance and kitty faces :3
Anyway I really like final fantasy and the fma games and Jrpgs on my ps2
till then Ill post later on my naruto broken bond review : ] have a good night ~ desu*

*desu is from a anime rozen maiden haha XD

Ahaha Here is my favorite L4D pictures hope you enjoy


there is the the team loving franny XD

you gonna get taken home <3

hahaha if they were in middle school just like me! the special zombies that is >_>

Ahahah thats so funny the witch is so moe