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princevaliant's blog

12:45 PM on 06.07.2011

E3: Play Desktop Dungeons E3 Demo FREE at home for next 3 days only

Desktop Dungeons E3 only demo

First time blog - I just had to give a shout out to a temporary (next 3 days only) demo of the release version of one of my favorite games, Desktop Dungeons. I don't like roguelike games, but this one transcends the genre with super fast gameplay and simple yet deep mechanics. And goat slaughtering - kill them all!

If you've never played before there are tutorials built in to the demo. Basically: click on anything that is not you until you kill EVERYTHING or get killed yourself!

Enjoy it while you can, because after the 3 days are up this E3 only demo will be gone and the only demo will be of the older version! Of course I've got about 100 hours into the old alpha demo, but this is a preview of the retail version coming out this summer.   read

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