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8:41 PM on 06.13.2007

Must have homebrew for the DS

A small list of some of my favorite Nintendo DS homebrew apps and games. I'm always looking for more so feel free to post your favs in the comments. Most of these can be found on Dev Scene a great homebrew website with a plethora of homebrew across many handhelds and consoles.


A simple war driving tool that lets you scan for local wifi connections, and with a auto-refresh feature it makes it even easier to hone in on the fastest unsecured network. This is a great tool for the on the go wifi gamer.

Beup Live

Msn for the ds, easy to setup and easy to use.


At the moment DSLinux provides only very basic features. You can use DSLinux as a file manager, edit and save text files, play simple text-based games, play mp3 files and surf the web.

Explosive Gas

Think bomberman clone with online wifi play, stat tracking and teamplay.


A clone of the harmonix game Amplitude, a great rhythm game for the PS2 is now for your Nintendo ds. Features include adding your own music and making your own layouts also there are unlockables for highscores.


Feeling nostalgic? Give the Scumm VM a go, it runs nearly all of Lucasarts SCUMM games up to and including Sam & Max Hit the Road. With touch screen controls and a GUI for game selection and setting changes.


MoonShell is a media player that can play/display the following:

* .dpg video files
* .wav, .ogg, .mp3, .mod and many more audio files
* .gif, .png, .jpg, .bmp and many more image files
* .txt text files

Word Wrap

Word Wrap is the equivalent to the junior jumble in the back of the newspaper, its very addicting and has 3 different modes (2 time attack and a endless) with 3 levels of difficulty. Sporting some great touchscreen controls it beats the ol' pen and paper method.


A tracker for the ds, features include:
* Composing with the stylus using an on-screen keyboard
* Selecting, copying and pasting with the stylus
* Loading and saving XM modules (no effects yet)
* Loading WAV samples (any sampling rate, 8 or 16 bit)
* Recording samples with the DS's built-in microphone!
* Editing samples (cut, fade, reverse, ...)
* MIDI integration via DSMIDIWiFi
* Sample editor including cut, fade, reverse, etc.
* 16 hardware channels
* Standby mode when the DS is closed
* Support for several CF/SD-Adapters

Lemmings DS

A port of the classic lemmings, also with a windows based level editor.

It shouldn't be hard to track down any of these homebrew programs, google is your best friend!   read

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