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Andrew Benton avatar 9:19 PM on 01.20.2010  (server time)
A Very Special 360 Friday Night Fights- Dtoid in Games

As many of you already know Chad "Rainbows and Dolphins" Concelmo is making a small appearance in a I-Phone game pretty soon. In honor of this, we are going to be doing a special night of Dtoid related fun with some very special appearances from some familiar faces.

At 8PM EST, we will be playing Bomberman Live which features a Bomberman costume in the form of the infamous Robot mascot. Remember in order to play this, you must have the Bomberman Bomb-Up Pack 2 in order to play as Mr. Destructoid.

At 10PM EST, we will be playing a game featuring not only the Dtoid mascot but the staff, past and present, as well. The 2nd game on our playlist will be Agent Moo's Maximum Overdeath from our very own Agent Moo. You can find this XBL Indie Game in the links below.

So, who is with me?
Bomb Up Pack 2

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