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pliskin avatar 3:11 PM on 12.04.2008  (server time)
Late Intro Blog

Okay, someone on one of my older blogs said I should make an intro blog. I thought, well since my reviews are so late can't my intro be late?

I'll start off with why I started reviewing games. The reason I started reviewing games was because of G4, Gameinformer, Xbox magazine,etc. I didn't like how it seemed like they review games based on popularity. For example every review I saw for Halo 3 was a ten I don't think any game deserves a ten, because doesn't ten mean perfect? I wanted to review games so I could say what was actually bad about it and good about it. All of the reviewers I mentioned lie most of the time about whats good in games and give it a ten if it's popular. When I review games I say what I like about them but I say if it's bad or not.

Now, I guess I'll tell you how I got into gaming. I was introduced to games when I was like 4 but back then I was horrible at games. Although, I still played them thinking that I was awesome at them. Ever since my first Sega I have loved video games but didn't start fully understanding what I was doing until my Ps2. I still play my Ps2 but I'm getting a Ps3 for Christmas so thats probably when I'll stop playing Ps2.

That is my late intro blog. I'm sorry I haven't posted a review in so long but I didn't think school would get in the way but it does. I will now only post reviews on Friday and soon I will list the games I have and let you decide on what I review. I was going to make a paragraph of games I like but thats in my about me sidebar.

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