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pliskin avatar 12:03 PM on 12.05.2008  (server time)
Blast from the past reviews: Killzone

Ah, Killzone so many memories so many horrible memories(I actually enjoyed it even though it's bad). I just hope none of you had to experience it. I remember when it was suppose to be the Halo killer. To bad it wasn't (just so you know I don't like Halo). Killzone is actually kind of fun though.

What can I say about the story, nothing actually because I don't know it. I beat the game and I don't know the story, now thats bad. The story is actually very good if you look it up but the writers for the game just didn't know how to present it. All I know from playing the game is that the Helghast want to kill the humans for some reason. Please post and tell me why they are crazy because I don't want to play it over to find out.

I don't get it why are they even making a Killzone sequel? I mean it looks good but still what if the gameplay is the same? After the first half of the game the Helghast had shouted “reloading!” and “they have me pinned down!” about a hundred times. What kind of army is this? They tell you everything thats happening to them. One time I walked into a room and out of nowhere a Helghast soldier yelled “supressing fire,” first of all I wasn't shooting, second of all he would have killed me if he didn't say anything.

The gameplay isn't that bad but it's not good either. I'm not going to lie, at the first part of the game I had a lot of fun. The shooting is kind of good in my opinion. Then the game sends out enemies that are like superman. They take about two clips from the machine gun. It's not like they kill you faster it's just you don't have enough ammo to kill more than ten of them. Also, the A.I on your teammates is horrible. They stand in front of the enemies getting shot at but they don't shoot back. Killzone's graphics aren't good but they aren't that bad(well not that bad). The ragdoll physics are horrible but I didn't mind it because they are so funny. Like one time I killed this guy and he started doing thriller on the ground.

You shouldn't buy this game, renting it is still an option. It's not that good but you might enjoy it for a little while(I know I did). You should just wait for Killzone 2.

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