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Backwards Compatible Episode 27 records 2nite!

^ A TRUE BADASS! James you got catching up to do! Hey internetz its been 2 weeks since the last podcast and truly we missed doing it, but this week we are back for some podcasting fun! I would like to thank for JusticeDude for doing the show with us 2 weeks ago and the show couldn't be posted, sorry about that. :) Again we will ask you for your questions so ask away . :)


No show this week :(.

Due to technical issues there will be no show this week. We will use the questions for this weeks shows for the next podcast coming up. If you want to go to videogames live and live close to the Cincinnati area then email Ron Workman at [email protected]


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Current member of the Backwards Compatible podcast along with Pendelton21, Garison, nukka jdav, and KratosX. We discuss all things gaming including new releases, news and listener questions. You can subscribe to the podcast here ( https://www.backwards-compatible.com/?cat=13)!

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