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pk fire avatar 3:37 PM on 10.07.2013  (server time)
Musicians Wanted!! Round One!

Musicians Wanted is a new series that hopes to capture the talent of the musical members of Destructoid. Every other week a new challenge will be brought forth, and your job is to put the theme/idea to music! No previous skill is required, and we hope that anyone who's interested participates!

Whew, it's been an exhausting week for me at college, but I've gotten enough interest in this project to kick it off! It'll be really awesome to see how this turns out, and without further adieu, let's see this week's theme!!!

High-Seas Pirate Ship Battle!!

..Alright, so maybe I wasn't totally original with this theme, but I figured it would be a good start to have something that everyone is at least familiar with. We're looking to recreate the mood and feeling of these dangerous high-sea battles, so make sure to try to add a dramatic flair to your creation! (Or don't, you can do whatever you want!) So, I guess let's lay down some tentative rules.

1. All work most be original, except for small samples if desired.
2. Please Make a SoundCloud account so that you can upload your piece and send it my way once completed. I think that this will be the best way for everyone to send their music to me, as in the next recap I can post the link with your name.
3. If you would like include a short written statement about your piece, just PM me along with the link to your song and I will put it in the recap post. Please, under 4 sentences.
4. Have fun!! The point of this series is to do something creative with others!

1. Not sure where to start for software? See the list below and see what tickles your fancy.
- Famitracker (Free: For those who wish to create chip-tunes)
- Live (30 Free trial: Popular choice for professional DJs)
- FLStudio (30 Free trails: Easy to use, and comes with plenty of sounds)

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