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pk fire
6:43 PM on 07.29.2012

Hello everyone who reads this.

I guess I'd like to try to write about something that video games have done for me on a personal level. Even though this might not be the most polished wall of text, I hope you understand where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to deliver. If not, fuck off I guess.

I was just reading one post about video games and their "negative" social impact on humans, and thought that it would be nice to deliver some evidence that video games as a whole at not bad. Take for instance, the relationship that my brother and I have now because of them.

Way back when (sometime around 1999), I was nine years old and my brother was seven. We had a really old television and a Nintendo Entertainment System that barely worked. Back then, I could never get my brother to play any game with me besides Dr. Mario because it was the only game that he could beat me at. He was appalled at the thought of losing, and acted like a brat if we played anything else. I loved video games and would still play it even if I lost. I didn't care. At nine years old, I would've played anything, even if I always lost. I'm not really sure what the point of that paragraph was, but it felt good to write.

Anyway, over the years as technology changed and we grew up, we could always come back to video games. It was something that we could always talk about and discuss together. Even if I don't live at home anymore, we always stay in touch and when I come home, he always has some cool new indie game to show me or let me borrow. Our tastes are somewhat different, but we can both wholly appreciate a video game for what it's worth. Whether it's discussing the art style or sound/music woven into a game, we are now both more fully aware of what it takes to truly make a work of art. Video games have a become a subject that we are both fully in tuned to, and often have great discussions speaking of them. This as a whole, has let our relationship blossom into something awesome.

For better or for worse, video games are here to stay. This post might sound dumb to someone who does not appreciate video games for what they are, but fuck em'. What's important is that video game can have a part in cultivating long lasting relationships. I know there are many other stories out there like mine, and I would love to hear them.

I guess that wasn't so bad for my first post. There were a lot of other things that I wanted to say, but I feel comfortable with this for now. I'll mostly likely revisit the subject later, but eh, we'll see where the wind takes me. I kind of wish I put a picture in the post, but I'm nervous about how to implement them. A feat for another day I suppose!

Also, go play River City Ransom with you sibling if you can! Fun timezzzzzz for sure.

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