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pk fire
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Professor pk: Finish your games, stupid.

An anxious Dtoider gets out of his mom’s car and takes his first steps towards his promising academic career at DIC. (Destructoid’s Institute for Cumming). Along the way to his first class, he walks by what ...


Super Smash Bros. 3DS Community Tournament

With the 3DS version of Super Smash Brothers dropping in two weeks, I figured it would be good to get an early start in creating a hub for people interested in playing other Dtoiders semi-competitively. I say semi, beca...


10 reasons to fall in love with pk.

A few things about me. <3 1. I've got pretty blue eyes. You heard it here first, folks. Not only was I gifted with the face of a twelve year old angel, but I also harbor the genetically ideal eye color. I've flashed thes...


A Few PAX East Indie Highlights

Although I was only there for one day, I believe I can safely say that the Indie section once again was the most interesting area of the gathering. It's great to see both new and returning developers bring their ideas and gam...


Musicians Wanted!! Round One!

Musicians Wanted is a new series that hopes to capture the talent of the musical members of Destructoid. Every other week a new challenge will be brought forth, and your job is to put the theme/idea to music! No previous sk...


Why am I so stoked for Secret of Grindea?

This game caught my eye a few days after Project Greenlight came to surface, and I find myself constantly checking the Dev Blog everyday like a little school girl stalking her first crush. As I take a step back and examine my...


About pk fireone of us since 11:27 AM on 11.17.2011

Maybe someday I'll make something of myself.

Today isn't looking so good, though.

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