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Nah, I'm good.
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Jesus Christ, I want to throw up so badly right now.

Persona 4: Golden, is absolutely one of the most emotionally powerful games I have ever played. With it's colorful cast of characters and upbeat attitude, my psyche was not prepared for the emotional scarring that will haunt my head for years to come...DUN DUN DUN!!!

THE BAD ENDING! (Note: I was not aware that there were even multiple endings.)

I cannot even begin to describe how this ending made me feel. After 52 hours of crime fighting and making close virtual friends with the kids from Inaba, one of the darkest scenes in gaming history was about to take a monkey wrench to my stomach. After countless cut scenes that brought everyone on the team closer together, one mistake I had made was about to send everything I had worked for down the shitter. I am writing this mere minutes after this awful torrent of grief has stricken me, so I'm sorry if I'm a little shaken up.

Anyway, In a climactic scene near the end of the game, you are allowed to make a few choices that alter the ending you will receive. Sound pretty standard right? Heh heh, WROOOONG!

At a moment of tension that is delivered in a disgusting amount, you are prompted to answer a series of questions correctly in a particular fashion if you hope to move on in a the murder mystery that surrounds your town. Not knowing this and playing the game without looking anything up beforehand, everything seemed to proceed normally after I had made a fatal mistake; My ass was not prepared for the emotionally whooping it was about to be served. Without spoiling anything too much, the characters get together again, only with a darker context that hangs in the air. Three in game months pass by and everyone just looks and feels so fucking sad. It's awful, it really is. It's like getting a new puppy; You feel so excited to have this new friend in your life, and you cherish every moment you spend together. A few days after you've been together, you call it in for supper as usual, but a drunken garbage man comes barreling down the sidewalk at 45mph in his massive truck and completely destroys your dog. I imagine that this event would leave similar feelings as did the Persona 4 "Bad" ending. Fuck, I need to puke.
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This game caught my eye a few days after Project Greenlight came to surface, and I find myself constantly checking the Dev Blog everyday like a little school girl stalking her first crush. As I take a step back and examine my state of being, and few clear cut reasons have surfaced themselves as to why I'm head over heels for this game and would like to share a little bit of the magic with all of you. God damn, am I stoked!

Reason 1: It reminds me of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures so much!

Man, this game brings up so many memories. When I was younger, and few of my friends and I would all get our GBAs and stupid cables to gather round and play this gem. I have very fond memories of fighting over rupees and purposely throwing each other in holes just to kill each other. Yeah, those were the days. I guess I'm hoping that SoG re-instills that sense of charm in it's multiplayer. I'd much rather play with a small group of close friends, rather than internet pedophiles. Also, graphically they games look very similar which brings us to our next reason..

Reason 2: Sprites > 3D Graphics.

I don't give a shit about the God-like modeling engines of today that could replicate the veins on my penis with pinpoint accuracy if they wanted to.. I sincerely think that the charm of pixlated graphics cannot be replicated with any other art form. Now don't get me wrong, I can appreciate 3D graphics and understand their place, I'm just saying that those little squares of color mean a lot to me.

Reason 3: It has fishing!

Alright, so this one may be a little off. But honestly, who didn't enjoy fishing in Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon? Something as mundane as fishing in real life can be a lot of fun when sped up in virtual reality, with many added bits of variety and color! Collecting all the different kinds of fish is a kind of "side quest" that I can really get into. Gimme dat fish hat.

Reason 4: It really sparks my imagination.

I guess over the years, I've come to look at things more in terms of what they really are, as opposed to what they could be. Upon seeing this game's art style and unique charm, my mind instantly thought of all the different scenarios I could find myself in in this world. SoG seems like a blend of what I really sought after for a long time in a game, and hopefully it delivers.

There are some more reasons that I could think of, but I'm already tired of writing this. Hopefully, I've sparked your interest at least a little bit. You can find the Dev Blog here. Have a swell day.
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pk fire
5:04 PM on 08.08.2012

Hello again. I'm using my time this week to speak about another personal uhh.. "positive" that video games have done for me as a whole. Today, instead of sensitive brotherly love issues, I'll be struggling to convey the idea that video games have actually helped me gotten to where I am today. Let's begin ya little wankers.

Fuck, I don't know where to start..
Alright, I guess I should get my point across first. Video games have helped shaped me in a positive manner as a person, and I feel that their influence on the mind is wholly under appreciated. For better or for worse, the game Resident Evil 4 had a helping hand in me deciding on my college major.

I'm not making that up, as stupid as it sounds.

As an 18 year old who was already interested in science, The Las Plagas parasite in Resident Evil 4 really turned me on to the worlds of microbiology and virology. I literally just laughed out loud as I wrote that sentence because if I ever tried to explain that concept to anyone face to face, I would sound like a complete fuck. Oh well.

Anyway as I was saying, The pathogenic nature of the fabled viruses and pathogens in video games had really distorted my vision as to what being a scientist really was like, and how pathogenic organisms as a whole really behaved. Of course, even at 18 I was not a complete idiot, but when you're that age and need to pick a major for college, it's as if you're trying to desperately find a great interest in anything at all that's relevant to you. As I said, I had an interest in science beforehand, and thought "well why not?". Thus, my undergraduate career with a concentration in molecular biology began.

Three years later and I'm still on the same track that Resident Evil (as well as other games) had a hand in paving for me. In between now and then, I've also picked up microbiology as a dual major, and have even had some internships that have really helped me along. The thing that's awesome is that I still find all the same stuff as interesting as it ever was, even with the Hollywoodesk fiction taken out. Although I have not done too much pathogenic work as of late, I hope to pursue that track with graduate studies if I can wrestle with the financial strain that comes with college.

That paragraph felt really egotistical. Gross. But honestly, I'm really trying to bring forth that video games have tons of positive impacts on society! Lots of my friends that are in engineering admit that at least some of their aspirations came from video games. Video games are always awesome if you just want to fuck off for a few hours as well. It would be nice if media outlets would present our kind of culture in a brighter light than what is currently portrayed. The relationships and ideas that have come from video games are truly under appreciated.

Talk talk talk. Blech, I'm done for now. It feels really good to be putting these thoughts in a structured format though, so I thank the destructiod community for letting me post my bullshit. Bye!

P.S. I'm going biking now, but if my images don't post, I would appreciate it if someone could help me correct the problem! I suck at internetz.
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pk fire
6:43 PM on 07.29.2012

Hello everyone who reads this.

I guess I'd like to try to write about something that video games have done for me on a personal level. Even though this might not be the most polished wall of text, I hope you understand where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to deliver. If not, fuck off I guess.

I was just reading one post about video games and their "negative" social impact on humans, and thought that it would be nice to deliver some evidence that video games as a whole at not bad. Take for instance, the relationship that my brother and I have now because of them.

Way back when (sometime around 1999), I was nine years old and my brother was seven. We had a really old television and a Nintendo Entertainment System that barely worked. Back then, I could never get my brother to play any game with me besides Dr. Mario because it was the only game that he could beat me at. He was appalled at the thought of losing, and acted like a brat if we played anything else. I loved video games and would still play it even if I lost. I didn't care. At nine years old, I would've played anything, even if I always lost. I'm not really sure what the point of that paragraph was, but it felt good to write.

Anyway, over the years as technology changed and we grew up, we could always come back to video games. It was something that we could always talk about and discuss together. Even if I don't live at home anymore, we always stay in touch and when I come home, he always has some cool new indie game to show me or let me borrow. Our tastes are somewhat different, but we can both wholly appreciate a video game for what it's worth. Whether it's discussing the art style or sound/music woven into a game, we are now both more fully aware of what it takes to truly make a work of art. Video games have a become a subject that we are both fully in tuned to, and often have great discussions speaking of them. This as a whole, has let our relationship blossom into something awesome.

For better or for worse, video games are here to stay. This post might sound dumb to someone who does not appreciate video games for what they are, but fuck em'. What's important is that video game can have a part in cultivating long lasting relationships. I know there are many other stories out there like mine, and I would love to hear them.

I guess that wasn't so bad for my first post. There were a lot of other things that I wanted to say, but I feel comfortable with this for now. I'll mostly likely revisit the subject later, but eh, we'll see where the wind takes me. I kind of wish I put a picture in the post, but I'm nervous about how to implement them. A feat for another day I suppose!

Also, go play River City Ransom with you sibling if you can! Fun timezzzzzz for sure.