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The Good Ol' Days

I logged into my dtoid account for the first time in a long while today. I perused my old asinine blog posts and came across this and realized how much I miss dicking around with you guys on FNFs. FUNDRY 4 LYFE.


My best friend died on Friday.

I'm thinking about wrapping her up in a towel. Make her sweat a little, think that'll bring her back to life? Or maybe I should send her away and get a refurbished friend 2 - 3 weeks later... RIGHT BEFORE THE NEW HALO 3 MAP PACKS FUCK YOU MICROSOFT AND YOUR CHEAP AND EASILY WARPED HARDWARE Any tips for the towel trick? I want at least a day of pwning the new maps until she gives out again.


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

image of rig removed for anti fail And it is still 11:34 PM here, so I CAN STILL WIN! ಥ_ಥ I was really planning to do more with this, but I am a lazy piece of pizza. And you have a better setup than me, hands down. also, <3



from the back: A Desperate Enemy. A Desperate War. Introducing the Halo 3 Limited Edition, in a unique metal case - the perfect addition to your collection. In this third installment to the epic Halo trilogy, the war i...



That fucker just got me down to a level 24 in team slayer. and now he's getting raped in team snipes. what a nub. and on top of that he ate all of my food. thank you CTZ. THANKS FOR FARTING ON MY CHAIR YO THANKS FOR PILLAGING MY PANTRY YO THANKS FOR DERANKING ME IN TEAM SNIPES YO "I KEEP GETTING ON SHITTY TEAMS!!11!~" excuses, excuses... :(


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