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pixelpunx's blog

8:42 PM on 02.28.2010

STFUAJPGM #9: Brutality

STFUAJPGM is a miniature mixtape and magazine with a focus on the freely distributed music within the chip music community. Each episode explores a specific theme or story by use of text, videos, pixel art, and of course; m...   read

4:19 PM on 02.19.2010

Why Taco Bell Quesadilla Wrappers Aren't Real Consoles

When you try to put a disc in them, they don't even play games. If they did the graphics would suck. In fact, they literally only come out of the wrapper with crud all over them. I want a refund, Nintendo! Make it more cheesy, crunchy, melty, and game play-ey, please!   read

5:14 PM on 01.11.2010

STFUAJPGM #8 Companion

STFUAJPGM #8 is now available for your listening and reading pleasure. This episode focuses on collaborative efforts between chip musicians and artists. Here's a peak at some of the included art, illustrated by Destructoid's own Zen Albatross: Hope you all enjoy it! Listen Here.   read

12:53 AM on 01.06.2010

Brad Nicholson

That's all I'm sayin'.   read

11:57 PM on 12.11.2009

Love/Hate: An Open Letter to Modern Warfare 2

Dear Modern Warfare 2- I just wanted to take a minute to relate some feelings I've been experiencing during our short time knowing each other. I don't want to come off as being super critical of you, but feel like some thi...   read

5:45 PM on 11.18.2009

Hey Portland! Chiptune Show tonight!

Video games, chip music, and beers! Will be awesome! Read more at Ground Kontrol's website.   read

2:59 PM on 11.02.2009

STFUAJPGM #7: Alternate Worlds

This episode features chiptune versions of popular songs by super rad musicians. And if the music isn't enough... this episode includes and amazing drawing by Norock! Come check it out!   read

5:03 PM on 10.31.2009

Happy Halloween, Dtoid! [NVGR]

Can't wait to see all of your costumes over the next few days!   read

9:33 PM on 10.05.2009

STFUAJPGM # 6: Why I Love Chiptune

It's that time again. A new episode of STFUAJPGM is available. It includes some really great tunes, as well as winning entries from our first contest. Come check it out! In entirely unrelated news: Keyboard Cat released his greatest hits album, and it is awesome.   read

2:46 PM on 09.11.2009

STFUAJPGM # 5: Space

Hey there, Here's a new episode of STFUAJPGM for you to enjoy. It's about space, and is curated by Joe Allen from The Gamewave Podcast. You can check it out here. We also having a contest to give away some free chiptune CDs. You can check out the details here. Hope you enjoy!   read

8:39 PM on 08.29.2009

STFUAJPGM contest involves free chiptune CDs.

Good news! STFUAJPGM is giving away a few copies of 2 Player Productions' Blip Festival '08 Live CD set. The double disc, 32 track album documents some of the world's best chip musicians' live performances from last year's ...   read

9:33 PM on 08.24.2009

Why I Love Destructoid.

I've been dreaming of you from a distance. I sit in the coffee shop, and watch you make delectable frothy toppings on all of my peppermint mochas... but why can't I talk to you? I secretly admire you, because of your stunning...   read

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