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8:42 PM on 02.28.2010

STFUAJPGM #9: Brutality

STFUAJPGM is a miniature mixtape and magazine with a focus on the freely distributed music within the chip music community. Each episode explores a specific theme or story by use of text, videos, pixel art, and of course; music.

Episode #9 focuses on metal influenced chip music, which might sound strange. Nonetheless, non-believers in true chip metal will be converted after taking a glance at the new episode.   read

4:19 PM on 02.19.2010

Why Taco Bell Quesadilla Wrappers Aren't Real Consoles

When you try to put a disc in them, they don't even play games. If they did the graphics would suck.

In fact, they literally only come out of the wrapper with crud all over them.

I want a refund, Nintendo! Make it more cheesy, crunchy, melty, and game play-ey, please!   read

5:14 PM on 01.11.2010

STFUAJPGM #8 Companion

STFUAJPGM #8 is now available for your listening and reading pleasure. This episode focuses on collaborative efforts between chip musicians and artists. Here's a peak at some of the included art, illustrated by Destructoid's own Zen Albatross:

Hope you all enjoy it!

Listen Here.   read

12:53 AM on 01.06.2010

Brad Nicholson

That's all I'm sayin'.   read

11:57 PM on 12.11.2009

Love/Hate: An Open Letter to Modern Warfare 2

Dear Modern Warfare 2-

I just wanted to take a minute to relate some feelings I've been experiencing during our short time knowing each other. I don't want to come off as being super critical of you, but feel like some things should be said in order to keep our relationship a healthy and honest. I don't want to scare you away entirely, but just want you to understand the things I've been going through during our short engagement.

First off- I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful. I've never known another game that comes close to portraying the things that you have shown me. Your maps are thoughtfully created, your environments and textures are awe inspiring, and your overall appearance is breath taking. I see the way you try to make me happy. How you undertake an endless effort to keep me entertained. I appreciate your sound design: the explosions and gunshots that blast through my speakers are like gentle whispers that creep through my ear canals and ultimately find their way to the core of my being. Your endless consideration for detail is both astonishing and admirable. Who would have know that a game like you could show me what its like to be brave...

But sometimes I wonder if the things you have to offer are simply too much for a simple guy like me.

When we're together, I sometimes find myself thinking of the past. Thinking of times when things were simple. Times where the world around me wasn't quite so chaotic and blow-y up-y. Like when I was hanging out with Bit.Trip Beat. Things were just so easy going... and fun. I guess what I'm trying to say is that things used to feel so much less complicated than they are now, and I'm not sure if I can commit myself to you entirely.

I do realize the cultural impact you have had, and just how many people are dying to be at your side. But I wonder whether or not we are the right fit for one another... you're just too controversial. It's like everything around you just falls apart. Or gets blown up by a nuclear weapon.

I think we need to take a break. Maybe things are moving a little to fast, or maybe I'm just not ready for all of the complication you bring to my life. You're kind of like sensory overload put into disc form.

If it's OK with you, I think we should just be friends. Maybe we could hang out on weekends? Or get a drink later next week?

I'm sorry to break it to you over the internet. I tried calling, but your cell was busy whenever I tried. You should text me, or hit me up on Facebook when you have a chance to get back to me. Actually just get at me on Twitter (@Gaymer4lyfe420).

Anyways, hope you're doing good. Say 'hey' to Uncharted 2 for me... but please don't tell her that I'm annoyed with her, too. Thanks :P


Pixelpunx   read

5:45 PM on 11.18.2009

Hey Portland! Chiptune Show tonight!

Video games, chip music, and beers! Will be awesome! Read more at Ground Kontrol's website.   read

2:59 PM on 11.02.2009

STFUAJPGM #7: Alternate Worlds

This episode features chiptune versions of popular songs by super rad musicians. And if the music isn't enough... this episode includes and amazing drawing by Norock!

Come check it out!   read

5:03 PM on 10.31.2009

Happy Halloween, Dtoid! [NVGR]

Can't wait to see all of your costumes over the next few days!   read

9:33 PM on 10.05.2009

STFUAJPGM # 6: Why I Love Chiptune

It's that time again. A new episode of STFUAJPGM is available. It includes some really great tunes, as well as winning entries from our first contest.

Come check it out!

In entirely unrelated news:

Keyboard Cat released his greatest hits album, and it is awesome.   read

2:46 PM on 09.11.2009

STFUAJPGM # 5: Space

Hey there,

Here's a new episode of STFUAJPGM for you to enjoy. It's about space, and is curated by Joe Allen from The Gamewave Podcast.

You can check it out here.

We also having a contest to give away some free chiptune CDs. You can check out the details here.

Hope you enjoy!   read

8:39 PM on 08.29.2009

STFUAJPGM contest involves free chiptune CDs.

Good news! STFUAJPGM is giving away a few copies of 2 Player Productions' Blip Festival '08 Live CD set. The double disc, 32 track album documents some of the world's best chip musicians' live performances from last year's Blip Festival, and should be considered a must have if you're a fan of chiptune music.

So, how do you get your hands on a free copy? By answering a simple question:

Why do you love chiptune music?

If you send us your response in roughly 200 words, you could be a winner.

Not a writer? Send a picture. Maybe a photograph, or better yet: some pixel art.

1st Prize: A copy of the Blipfest '08 double CD, A copy of the Blipfest '06 DVD, and an additional chiptune CD.

2nd Prize: A copy of the Blipfest '08 double CD, and an additional chiptune CD.

3rd Prize: A copy of the Blipfest '08 double CD.

In addition to the above prizes, the winning entries will be included in a future episode of STFUAJPGM.

You can send your entry to stfuajpgm >at< stfuajpgm >dot< com . Just be sure to include the phrase I LOVE CHIPTUNE BECAUSE... in the subject of your email.

Contest ends September 15th, 2009.

I hope to hear from all the creative writers in the Dtoid community.   read

9:33 PM on 08.24.2009

Why I Love Destructoid.

I've been dreaming of you from a distance. I sit in the coffee shop, and watch you make delectable frothy toppings on all of my peppermint mochas... but why can't I talk to you? I secretly admire you, because of your stunning abs.

I've heard your penis jokes, and seen your robot helmet. I know you so well, but doubt you have the slightest knowledge of how those things affect yours truly. I just want to touch you, but don't know how your metallic exterior would feel against my skin.

I love you, Destructoid. I just want to be with you. Will you marry me?   read

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