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retro gaming geek in boston.

Nearly 30 years old, married, through school with both a bachlor's and master's, gainfully employed, and now with a lovely, infant daughter, I consider myself an avid gamer, but perhaps not in the way other "h4rdc0r3 g4m3rs" would typify it. Gaming is not my sole "hobby" or form of entertainment (I consider myself fairly well-read and I love all sorts of movies - from artsy intellectual fare to cheesy, zombie-slasher mayhem), but there is something timeless to my love of creative problem-solving, pick-up and play mechanics, and in many cases compelling story experiences that games over the years can offer.

In particular, I love playing old video games (PC or console), not merely for nostalgia (since I often seek out games I have never played back in the day) but for timeless qualities like story (for adventures and RPGs) or gameplay and mechanics. In particular, I love to play games where their technical limitations (whether art, sound, storage, control or processing power of the system) are exceeded or rendered irrelevant by fantastic design and gameplay. Likewise, I love new games with old school sensibilities, and the occasional "current gen" game that just happen to provide fresh, extremely polished, or just plain new experiences.

Beyond a heady perspective of my gaming, I really simply adore putting in an old cartridge, playing for 30 min to a hour, being 9 years old again, and getting back to the rest of adult life.

That being said, I do own both a Wii and an XBox 360 and play fairly frequently, albeit with baby around, the majority of my time with these consoles have been with Netflix. Additionally, I do quite a bit of my gaming on my DS Lite [not inclined to upgrade until perhaps the 3DS, since I use the GBA slot often], my iPhone, and my Macbook Pro (which has been getting a lot of play due to Steam for Mac [it me up for L4D/L4D2... username: pixelheresy]).

Have been playing [last updated 11/22/10]:

- Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 [Steam for Mac]
Pick this up on Halloween during a Steam sale [was considering it for 360 for a while, but just got a new Macbook]. Since I was going on an extended business trip in early November, with lots of hotel room and waiting in the airport, this was a much-needed time sink. Finished everything in single player, now replaying in the online co-op modes.

- New Super Mario Bros. Wii [Wii]
Still trying to get all coins, rather than playing straight through.

- Disgaea DS [NDS]
Bought this years ago, but really getting into it now.

- Ketsui Death Label [NDS]
Been chipping away at this here and there for months, trying to unlock all modes.

- Planetfall [zCode with Spatterlight for Mac]
Yes, I am playing a text adventure from 1983. I do like interactive fiction [both old and new].

- Misc. iPhone Games [iPhone]
Particularly, Robot Unicorn Attack, Pix'n Rush, and Super Laser as of late.

- Black Market [Web]
An indie Elite/Wing Command Privateer-type exploration/trading/space combat game. Very nice. [http://www.bigblockgames.com/]

- Super Crate Box [PC]
Another great indie [play it on my netbook, since there is no Mac port yet]. http://www.supercratebox.com/

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