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Drea Avellan is the name, but online I go by Pinksage. I'm a graphic designer with a passion in games, comics, music, sneakers and the web. I often talk about these topics on my blog.

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In the world of today, there are games and there are hyped games. But some games are in no need of hype because fans carry the hype within them. This is the case with Halo 3, the latest and final installment of the Halo Series. Fans have waited for this game for years, some would say “for too long!” Now that it’s only a few days away, people have grown even more impatient then before. Pontiac and Bungie have teamed up to give about 200+ gamers the opportunity to be one of first to play and see Halo 3 after it went Gold. This event was held at an IMAX in two cities: NYC and San Francisco .

When I arrived at 3:00 pm , I wasn’t sure what to expect. The event officially started at 9:00pm making me six hours early. But just as you would expect with anything Halo, the line was around the block already. At 4:00pm we were given our badges and some swag which included posters, shirts and stickers. Everyone was then told to come back to the line at 8:00pm . What to do with all that time? Well, I had dinner and chatted up with Dirty Diva and later on we met up with WonderMonkey from pregamelobby.com who made us laugh, a lot.

At 8 o’clock we headed to the line and chatted with some fans. Some fans however, didn’t have time to just chat. Screaming and chanting could be heard from the front of the line. Some already grew impatient. Me? Well, I was sharing music with Dan, a Halo fan which happened to have a Zune as well.

People Chanted and cheered just from the mere sight of Master Chief on the big screen. The head of Marketing for Pontiac talked to the crowd about the event and left the gaming to the experts. Two fellows from Bungie demonstrated the game and some features we haven’t seen before. First, they demonstrated a little bit of Campaign mode which had people saying “Owned!” when ever someone fell victim to the plasmas. Afterwards, Bungie showed us Forge; a level-editor where you can pick up, drop and relocate just about anything! Last but not least, was the video feature in which you’re able to record all your matches, send them to your friends, or take screenshots and video clips and send them to Bungie.net for sharing.

After the demo, people were called down to finally play the game. One lucky or unlucky (depending on how good he was) gamer got to play on the big IMAX screen. After the multi-player session, the players where allowed to go outside the theater where more TV’s where set up with Halo 3 to play.

A glorious day it was for all the HALO fans. They got to meet other fans, See the game in action, and some even got to win a Limited Edition HALO 3 Xbox 360. But what is better then all of this? Bragging rights, after a 6-hour wait in a line, they very much deserved it.

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