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Drea Avellan is the name, but online I go by Pinksage. I'm a graphic designer with a passion in games, comics, music, sneakers and the web. I often talk about these topics on my blog.

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9:38 AM on 09.25.2007

In the history of New York City, there can only be one game that can shut down 5th avenue - welcome to the HALO 3 Launch in Time Square. Between 44th and 5th, hundreds of gamers, fans and curious folks stopped by to check out the big event. After all, this is HALO 3 we are talking about.

There was a line wrapping around the corner full of gamers from all backgrounds, cities, sexes, ages and even an unborn child. While fans where in line, they were rewarded by getting some swag from the team as well as a chance to play with some celebrities (Chingy, The King, Jet Players) inside. However, not all fans are created equal. Some fans which where in line since 6PM the day before, were rewarded with a bag full of goodies- including, posters, T-shirts and inflatable chairs.

I waited for the ‘zero’ Halo hour with friends. Dirty Diva, Andrew (Gaia Industries) & Co. (Steven!), Morgon (MGC) and WonderMonkey (Pregamelobby). What could we possibly have done? Collected some swag, chatted and really wanted a place to sit. After standing for 8 hours – who wouldn’t?

At around 11:45pm, suspense built up as the crowd was gathered near the sidewalk and HALO 3 music was playing – some admit, got goose bumps. “It’s time”, Major Nelson said, as 5th avenue was shutdown for mongoose to come around and show off their tricks. As they made their last rounds, a huge Hummer rolled down the avenue towards us. The bigger surprise, however, was for the first two people in the line. They were taken inside and given the first two copies of the game, by the man himself- Master Chief. As if that was not cool enough, they shared the stage with Ludacris as they got their games.

“3,2,1…WOOOO” It was heard as 12am came upon on us. Gamers were ushered to the store to get their HALO 3 copies. To some HALO 3 is just a game, but obviously to some, as the ones we have met at the Launch who waited more the 24 hours… it’s just a tad bit more. Game on- and see you online…Noob!.

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