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Drea Avellan is the name, but online I go by Pinksage. I'm a graphic designer with a passion in games, comics, music, sneakers and the web. I often talk about these topics on my blog.

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1:47 PM on 06.18.2009

Some might say gamers are an entirely differently species who require a special diet Ė Gamer Grub agrees.Gamer Grub snacks are specially designed to improve the performance of gamers. Packed with vitamins and many other chemicals we can hardly spell or pronounce, Gamer Grub offers a delicious snack, which will also help gamers to power up.To raise the awareness of their product, Gamer Grubís booth at E3 gave out free sample for the drained by-passers to refuel.

The snacks come in different flavors such as Pizza, PB&J, Wasabi and Chocolate, which were all very tasty.If you are in dire need to step up your game, Gamer Grub is available at Fryís and ThinkGeek.com. Remember -- eat well and prosper.

5:26 AM on 11.24.2008

On the final of level o Mercenaries 2, Iím suppose nuke a bunker and go insideÖonly it seems I have gone a little over board on the whole nukking thing. I might have nuked all of my digital world. There is no boss, no spoon, no ending! I cannot haz, apparently.

In these parts we take Halloween very seriously. Every year, we plan to come up with the best gaming themed costume -- originality is always rewarded! Then, Oct 20th rolls around and some of us still have nothing but these "plans". This year, per usual, was no different for any of us.

My roommate, DirtyDiva, was asked to create a costume by our friend Eric. It was Oct. 25th and he asked for Isaac Clark from Deadspace. Easy right? It was obviously a challenge, but she was glad to tackle it and make it work. Lots of cardboard, paint, pins, fabric, staples, pushpins, glow sticks and four late nights later, the outfit was complete.

You can see for yourself and fest your eyes on the awesomeness that is costume is! Sadly, she found out about the Joystiq contest too late to enter it, but at least she can have the bragging rights. I was Yvette from Clue, not epic. not cool. But at least I kept everyone clean at the party...HOUSEKEEPIN'!

Iím going to be completely honest here: I am not a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) fan. Peter Jackson was not able to romance me with his cinematography or the length of his films ó size does not always matter! Iíve played LOTR The Battle for Middle-Earth and was a bit overwhelmed by all the functions and consequently not enticed to pick it back up. When I learned of LOTR: Conquest, memories of frustration and confusion came to mind and was not too interested. Thankfully, after giving it a try at PAX this past Summer and again last week and I was quite pleased.

For those not familiar with the game, LOTR: Conquest it is an upcoming game developed by Pandemic Studios picking up at the end of the Lord of the Ring movies. Now you can continue your epic battle in the campaign mode or if you are feeling a bit rogue, the evil campaign offers a story picking up on a failed Frodo scenario. Both campaigns offer maps and missions with tons of enemies to slay in what I felt was a ďsmartĒ hack and slash in a open world setting. There are four classes you can pick, which are divided into two melee and two ranged. They all offer different types of attacks and combos, so play around to find who fits you! However, keep in mind that a certain class might better deal with a mission than others , so change it up if you are feeling stuck. Insider Tip: The classes Pandemic Recommends will be the first classes displayed in the class selector.

There will be instances in the game where you will be offered to control a hero so you can mix it up. Why not? Conquest has an extensive cast of Heroes, Wargs, Ents, Oliphaunts, Cave-trolls, the Balrog, Nazgul, and ballistae. As in anything made in Hollywood, we have an all-star cast of heroes such as Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, or Gimli. With great heroes come great maps to kill them in. Death or victory might find you in Mt. Doom, Helms Deep, Moria, Pelennor Fields, Isengard or The Shire! These are just a few of the locations in the game I remember. How? Victory found me in them, of course! The point is to re-spawn a lotÖright?

Controls? So easy a cavemen can do it! The pick up and play aspect is very inviting and will allow anyone to start playing instantly. For the more tactical folks, there are tons of combos and types of attacks for each class and hero for those in need to show-off to your Miley Cyrus poster. If you donít want to look bad, difficulty settings are Casual, heroic and legendary. But be warned, itís not stupid easy. You are given 5 lives in where you can respawn and continue. Ones they run out, you will have to start the mission from the beginning. Getting around seemed easy enough from task to task and the giant yellow arrows will guide the way around, so you wonít feel lost, little one. You can gain your epic mount and ride a Warg when tired of walking. Yes, you can attack while mounted. Drive-by, anyone?

Whatís better than drive-byís on a Warg? To do it online. Conquest has tons of online capabilities for us to ďjump inĒ to ó Sorry if I leave out the PSN folks ;]. Co-op is a huge part of games now and itís a no brainer this was included, as well as for the DS version which includes a 4-player co-op via wi-fi. Online modes include Capture the Ring, Conquest (capturing control points), Deathmatch, and Hero Deathmatch in 16 player matches. These modes are all very standard to online gaming, but are a lot of fun. On modes like capture the ring and conquest, lots of team work is needed to succeed, so donít try to be the hero. You never know when a mage is lurking in the corners. PC details are on the works as well as a demo and other goodies for Xbox LIVE such as maps, heroes and game modes.

LOTR: Conquest was a fun hack and slash to pick up when I need to release some frustration. There is not a whole lot of customization and what you start with is what you get. Missions are what you would expect from any of these type of games and are all about destroying the enemy. This is not a story driven game, so donít expect to get sucked in by a story line. However, easy and fun game play might be what keeps you playing for a while. I just donít expect the divorce rate to rise due to spouses playing the game excessively. I see myself doing tons of co-op with Jon and enjoying the use of fire arrows with my archer. The hardcore fans might find this to be a watered down version of their beloved SWBF series, but keep in mind, itís not the same game. Embrace change.

For the hardcore fans, Iíve collected questions from the community and made an Q & A post so donít forget to check that out! http://beetstro.com/games/lord-of-the-rings-conquest-q-a

I found a COG TAG... hmm on 12seconds.tv

If you want to see what the code is go to the site and find out for yourself:

Site on Cog TAG: http://gearsofwar.xbox.com/lastday

Code: 216410-HHUIN-EL

There cannot be a Zune announcement without me saying something about it. This here is no different. It's quite simple really, Zune. Gears. Gears related content. must have. Then again, this comes from the person that pre-ordered the lancer off amazon, has all the figures, posters, art books and a cog tag as my necklace. So you don't have to take my word for it.

If you care...These new babies are 120GB, will feature a laser-etched Crimson Omen, along with some special Gears of War packaging. Plus, they are loaded up with more than 240 pieces of Gears of War and Gears of War 2 media, such as the original game soundtrack, behind-the-scenes videos, game trailers, concept art galleries, and more.

November 7th. CHEA!