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I'm 19. I'm working hard to become an aspiring and highly influential game developer. Of course, who becomes one these days? *sigh*. I've been coming to Destructoid for a while, even before this account, but decided there were incentives..including forums (which I haven't posted in) and contests (which I never will win in lol [you can see my optimism shine, can't you?]). Feel free to chat me up I guess, I'm highly opinionated though, for fair warning, but then again, I only share when asked to share.

I'm not sure what you think, but I think that HE thinks that he is the shit. NG is one bad ass game, but I have never seen a more arrogant person in the VG industry. Especially what he said about NG Sigma (considering the "subordinate" that did it was sitting next to him when he said it). I don't know about you, but NG 2 doesn't look much of an improvement to the game, other than visuals, and more moves. Saying Sigma isn't next is like implying that NG 2 is only Current Gen 1.5.


6:04 PM on 04.07.2008

GLOBAL WARMING IS AN ISSUE! Just because I'm 18 doesn't mean I should suffer from ageism and be considered insolent and ignorant in what I'm talking about. Now that I got that out.

Though I'm only 18, I have studied meteorology and the Earth's climate for years. Mainly for competitions...yes...competitions... It's obvious, even without prior experience, to understand that the world is not in a healthy state. Even top scientists at NASA recently posted findings saying that we are truly f***ed...ok maybe not THAT dire. Yeah yeah, I know you are saying "This is freakin' James Hansen we are talking about, hes retarded." I don't think so in my opinion. Yeah he has said the government has been the largest form of scientific century. I believe him. I think some guy out there secretly has the cure for AIDS or some other fatal illness that brings in the money to doctors, hospitals and health care, but also takes the money from tax payers to control them...anyways back to topic...before I go eat (since I haven't all day =/)

Why don't people look at the facts? Just because "what you don't know will never hurt you" doesn't mean global warming wont.

This is my rig. As you can see, its pretty nasty. I wasn't sure if you wanted to see my monitors also. Both are dying though. The one on the left has a tube that is burning out, and the one on the right has this refresh rate "wobble". So, I use both of them, so when I need to see things that have color, I use the right monitor, while if I need to view anything large, I use the left one. Honestly it sucks, but what ever. (Oh and the contest instructions said to put a "Note" about my is basically it [the ramble that is]).

It has a brand new Power Supply (650W) because my video card killed it (nVidia 7900 GS..or something like that). It has 512 ram, and 2.4 ghz (AMD Athlon). Initially, this sucker cost about 400 to build, but died on me several times (3 times), and I constantly run out of space on my 80gig hard drive. Not to mention half the USB's won't work, even after I reset the jumpers. (I think they got burned out because I only have a CPU, PSU, and GPU other system fans..well..I did, till those broke too.

It would be awesome if I can win mainly because I'm majoring in Computer Science and Computer Graphics Technology, but I don't have the money to get one capable of rendering a decent "home made" program that I've been working

And well, I don't know what else to ramble or "note" about my luck for those who are also participating in the contest. So, let the crappiest one win??
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