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"That's my quarter, I'm next."

Tonight (already if you have a PS3, DAMN YOU), Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will shine all of its glory upon the gaming universe. In Xbox360land, 3 AM (EST) is when the ball's gonna drop. I'll be staying up late alongside with Buster, Charlie and a couple of other community people. We won't get too many games in because of the witching hour, but enough to crave our hadouken hunger.

In the midst of waiting, I'll be dedicating time towards the HD Remix skin for Pinball Fx and staring at my Akuma gamerpic for hours at a time. I've been on Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting for XBLA on and off today as well. It's HD Remix Eve - celebrate, bitches!

(Please add or message me on Xbox Live, I'm cleaning up my friend's list tonight to make room for any hardcore Street Fightin' robots.)

Darwin's Theory of Evolution in diagram form:

Also, Wilbo.

We all knew this was coming. PAX has come, destroyed faces and left Seattle. A few of you to thank... *ahem*

(WARNING: "<3", "I'll see you soon" and "good to meet you" will be used frequently from here on out)

Original PAXers first:
- Droobies (we made it to #2, no free Bawls this year but plently of neon green testes, always good times with you)
- King3vbo (words cannot express how much I love stroking your goatee and playing Naked UNO on Xbox L... - shit, now everyone knows)
- Toneman (you are one of the most hardcore Dtoid people around, and you're Canadian - an enigma in itself, I better see you next year)
- Mid3vol (good to see you especially when we only see each other every so often)
- Dexter (I can't wait to hear your epic singing again, hope Libby had fun)
- Dyson (good to actually spend time with you, epic pho, San Fran fanboy talk, Team Awesome in full effect)
- Dale North (always good to chat with you, the hardest working man in bloggetry land)
- Colette (always good to see you, hope you got to enjoy PAX as much as the community did, <3 you rong time, Corette Benett!!)
- Topher (you owe me super cereal one-on-one time, no Slurpee for you)
- Tiff (<3<3<3 - she's not really leaving - you emo people, you)

- Samit (you made it, you know how much I enjoy your mom's curry recipe, I know how much you hate the Yankees right now, I know too much - about you)
- EternalDarkWing (Korey wasn't around much, goddam chievo whore thought there were gamerscore points to be claimed at PAX)
- Hollie (we've talked for a while on Dtoid and we finally meet, please come visit me soon and I promise you all the clotted cream and hot scones your heart desires)
- Riser Glen (you made it as well - it personally wouldn't have been PAX without you)
- Fooliz (fake British people are pretty cool, I guess <3<3<3 - I wanted to go to Vegas, I swear)
- Keener (always good catching up with you, I better see more of you soon)
- Guitaratomik (so glad you made it to PAX, always love hangin' with you)
- Blehman (best roomie - I will try to make it out to Texas, dude)
- Amber (good to see you again, have fun in Mexico with Sackboy)
- Rio (we got to hang again, yay - I <3 your mom)
- Suffocat (good time? - keep shakin' that change, boy)
- Wardrox (you're cool - not 'not cool', nice to meet you in the flesh)
- Tazar (you almost kissed me and you should be in prison for that - but I love you, so yea...)
- Asian Joe (you will be visiting NY soon if you like it or not, your DDR work is astounding)
- Itemforty (my favorite honorary Asian on the planet, always plenty of laughing and rice eating when you're around)
- Hoygeit (I hope to see you again soon, that means before the next PAX)
- Bigpopa (you act like we just saw each other yesterday, always good times - give Left4Dead a chance, you bastid)
- Ceark (my Korean Dtoid brother, you were a great replacement for Charlie - we'll hang in LA soon, man - rich man cigs FTW)
- Macca (fucking love you, dude - move here already)
- Coonskin (your drunkeness confuses me and I love you for that)
- Necros (you seriously thought I hated you, I hope you die in a fire in your sleep - fuck, it didn't work - <3 you, dirty hippie)
- LostCrichton (probably the definitive Dtoider right here, awesome hangin' with you, Pacific Dick fo lyfe!)
- CutieHoney (you are the multi-Asianest person ever, see you in TF2)
- -D- (too bad we never kicked it earlier, you crack me the fuck up)
- Butmac (Butner is the shiznit, folks - come to Barcade, faggala)
- Kryptinite (a pleasure to meet you, please give Necros the beating he deserves next time)
- Counting Conflict (you are awesome)
- DJ Duffy (<3, I didn't let you buy me a drink, lol)
- Liz (you are pretty damn cool, keep Dorian in check)
- Nintendoll (you rock, I won't be scared of you at NARPs now)
- Superflossy (we finally get to chat and drink, your account won't be banned after all, AZN<3)
- Powerglove (good to see you represent NY at PAX, you are damn classy when you play them Rock Band drums)
- Naia / Zero Atma (good to see you guys again)
- Hitogoroshi (nice to meet you, dude)
- Tactix (sucks I had no idea who you were, good times)
- ScottyG (nice Ms. Pac Man score, man - wish I was in the Canadias more)
- Ghost (great to meet you, definitely some epic conversations with you)
- Husky (I finally got to mansecks you in the ear, I cracked up pretty good when you got into that dude's car - you're such a dick)
- DVD / Aaron (yo, we finally meet - a pleasure hangin with you)
- nademagnet (stop changin yo damn avatar, stick to big hats)
- Stella (hope to talk to you more next time we meet, be good to my little Topher)
- Pinksage (I think I forgot to call you, I saw you for like 5 minutes)
- Chad (everyone hogged you from me :( - you are ridiculously funny, hope to see you soon in LA)
- CTZ (I love you to death, you are such a mailbox head - but I still love you)
- Nick Chester (we meet once again, Editor-Fancy-Guy - I didn't get to see any amazing Rock Band or karaoke performances, you owe me for next time)
- Dan Paladin (a pleasure seeing you again, congratulations on the success of your vidya game!)
- Qais, Conrad, ImpossiblePlant, Aerox, Nihontiger, DigitalD, Crocbox, McSnow, Knives, Taumpytears, Poopshooter, kapkomi and whoever else I forgot to mention, too many goddam people, love you all.

- Niero (look at what you did, how happy you're making all of these fools - thank you, again - congratulations on an amazing and successful panel at PAX - hope to see you soon, meng <3<3<3<3<3)

A few pieces of photographic evidence:

Fruit Fucker says, "Come to PAX 09, bitches!"

DJ Duffy, Samit and Liz

Dyson attempting to play Ms. Pac Man.

PAX Failcast, Husky attention whoring

Naia, Powerglove, Dragonforce-shirt-lady-lookin-dude and Zero Atma on Guitar Hero World Tour.

Niero group bearhug session on the last night.

Madninja a little too happy about meeting a covert Umbrella agent.

DDR Battle: Nintendoll vs Asian Joe

Dale North (in the back with the video stick) & The One-Ups (who dedicated the Chrono Trigger theme to "Colette and Chad from Destructoid")

Dtoid's very own Pacific Dick: King3vbo, Toneman, LostCrichton, CutieHoney

Manlove with BigPopa and Coonskin

Riser Glen reflects and thinks, "Bale... needs more Bale."

Madninja, me, GuitarAtomik and EternalDarkWing on Guitar Hero World Tour a la Modest Mouse.

Hey, it's Chad!

This man of a man who they call Dale North.

Is it possible that I like Dan Paladin more than his game?

I was happy to see King, as you can see.

Austrailians apparently lick people. Fooliz, me (what I'm doing, I have no clue) and Riser

Macca, me and Hoygeit (open your eyes, you damn Asian!) think we're cool with cigars in our mouths

Superflossy and Rio are awesome.

Toneman did not find a kitty with a bowtie in Seattle. Therefore, he is frowny face and I feel his pain.

Heath Ledger reincarnated into Necros' body, Riser looks away in disgust

I better see all of you in Seattle or at PAX East next year. No excuses.

Make Music New York celebrates the first day of summer by organizing thousands of musicians who play free shows all over New York City. The Tank, a non-profit organization where independent artists and performers congregate, hosted one of these shows in downtown Manhattan. It was literally on Church Street, the hot sun was softening the blacktop and baking the intimate number of fans that came out. But with Bit Shifter and Anamanaguchi set to play, people were waiting for the chiptunes love.

As Bit Shifter busted out his Game Boys, the numbers started to increase as fans were waiting and locals looked on at the tiny stage. (By the way, enjoying live music in the middle of the street is fucking cool.) Mr. Shifter played a few songs including "Reformat The Planet":

Bit Shifter was amazing, as usual, but the set was definitely too short. The crowd continued to grow as Anamanaguchi came on. When I last saw these guys, the technical problems were horrendous. To see them with decent sound and a couple of new songs, I was very pleased with the results. Check it:

The word is that they have two new EP's slated for a fall release. Finally, goddam.

The Royal Chains (the only non-chiptunes artist of the day) did their thing and there was still a good amount of time until the street would be opened to traffic. Nullsleep conveniently had his gear (for a chiptunes show later that night), setup and proceeded to melt faces off unexpectedly and everyone was joyous. He introduced a couple of songs I've never heard. It was the tasty cherry on top of a great afternoon.

Show your chiptunes love.

I've been raving about King of Games for a while now here on Dtoid. Now there's more reason to praise these shirt gods. They've announced new shirts and reprints of some fan favorites. Step into my office...

Kid Icarus! Need I say more?



Reprints of previously sold out shirts, including some of my personal favorites


(Game & Watch)

(Donkey Kong)

These suckas go fast. Grab 'em while you can.


King of Games

Kid Icarus shirts

Photo Photo Photo

Hideo Kojima doesn't come to the U.S. very often. So when this faptastic man of a man strolls into your town, you should definitely extend a warm welcome. In addition to signing for his fans, Uniqlo's limited edition MGS4 shirts would be unleashed for hundreds of patient gamers that baked in the hot summer sun today. All of the mediums and larges vanished and people began to realize that there would be no shirts for them. The employees of the store had mistakingly put out the event shirts out for normal display and the general public bought most of the product before the fans could get the sizes they wanted. But despite the mishap (on Uniqlo and not my homies at New York-Tokyo, who did a great job of organizing everything), it was time to meet the Hideo that is Kojima. The sweaty and faithful masses were in high spirits, periodically bursting into chant sessions.

(thanks to Superflossy for this one)

One signature per person we were told and I was very excited. Earlier that day, I had decided to stop by Videogames New York, who amazingly has employees that follow and dig Dtoid, to scoop up a copy of Metal Gear. My man had to dig through the back to find the remaining handful of cartridges left. He told me he went through all of the display copies because of the signing event. It was good to feel the game in my hands again after all of these years since my parents gave away my old video games. Forgiveness, friends. Forgiveness...

(thanks to my new friend Yoshi who snapped some shots for me)

"GTA... GTA?" Kojima asked about the GTA4 shirt I had on. I assume he played it. How else would he know the Burger Shot logo? Hmmmmm....

No limited shirts. But hey, this will do. Have fun with your MGS4, kids. Oh Chad Warden, won't you buy me a Playstation Triple?

I'm PSTriple-less. But I'm still excited for MGS4, I've always been a huge Kojima fan. Uniqlo is also feeling Hideo-San, they are the new clothing store imported from Japan to New York City. Hip tees with top-notch international designer folk providing the prints, the main staple of this place. They recently caught the attention of the gamer community by putting out a line of shirts with the help of Sega. (God, don't you love that Sonic shirt?)

And now to further wow everyone's heads off, New York-Tokyo is stepping in to throw together a special Hideo Kojima signing session where a handful of new limited shirts will go for sale. He will also be signing sleeves for MGS4, in case you miss out on the Virgin Megastore signing.

Check out the fap material:

Click here for the official link with more info. They're also giving away really tight MGS4 posters!

I plan to wait alongside some fellow Dtoiders that have already confirmed that they want a piece. Come join us, Kojimatards...