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I'm Nick. Most of the time online, I go by Phantomile, a reference to my favorite game from my childhood.
A reference that no one will get, but I don't care.

I'm 21, I'm from Connecticut, and I currently play games on PS2, DS, PSP, and Wii.

My favorite childhood classic is Ninja Gaiden II (NES). It was one of the first games I ever played and continues to give me a huge nostalgia rush every time I play it.

Twitter: Sevenisyellow

Youtube: Zero10999

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Metroid: Other M
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Here's a picture that Manic Maverick drew for me which is amazing:

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Have you ever had a dream so weird, that it just had to have been inspired by a video game?
How boring might our dreams be if we weren't gamers? Do you ever think about how different your mind might be if you'd never picked up a controller?

Well, enough of that important-sounding stuff. Let's talk about me.
I've always been a little odd when it comes to dreaming; I love dreaming, lots of people do. But, unlike most people, I also enjoy having nightmares. Nightmares give me a sensation of fear and excitement like even the best horror films and survival-horror games can't come close to. And I'm a BIG survival-horror fan.

Last night, as you might surmise by the title of this blog, I had an intensely awesome nightmare. I wrote it down when I woke up because it was cool, but it wasn't until a little while ago that I realized (or, rather, had it pointed out to me by sonofbaconsandwich) that it was quite similar to Oddworld. I have video game-inspired dreams all of the time, but I found this one weird because I hadn't played (or really thought about) Oddworld in YEARS.

The dream started with me in my house, watching TV. That's strange enough as it is, since I'm living at school right now, and don't even have cable in my house. But, that's not important.
I was watching the news, and they had a piece on a brand new type of meat, that they claimed was the most delicious thing we had never discovered. Despite not being a big meat-lover, I had to admit I was intrigued.
So, what was it? Human? Mudokon? No. It was polar bear meat. Or so they advertised. Why? I have no idea. But, according to my dream, polar beat meat is the most delicious on the planet, and had suddenly become widely available.
Now, here comes the important part. They were recruiting people to taste-test various polar bear meat products, and put up a number to call and join. I, being extremely hungry in my dream, decided to phone them up and try this stuff out. The buffalo wings made of polar bear meat sounded especially delicious.

Soon after calling, I was knocked unconscious by an unknown presence. When I woke up (still within the dream, of course), I was in a very large white room with various meat-processing machines and lots of people lying (some awake, some not) on what resembled operating tables. Most of them were strapped to these tables; some of them with their eyes sewn shut, and some with their lips sewn together. Those with open mouths were being force-fed this strange meat, which more closely resembled dog food than any of the delicious things that the news had advertised.
Somehow, I was one of the few who was still standing. I wasn't strapped to a table, and I could see. However, when I went to move my mouth in an attempt to shout for help, I realized that my mouth was indeed sewn shut.

I wandered around the room, examining all of the other taste-testing volunteers and their various forms of torture (one of them was actually being fed the meat through holes that were cut where his eyes used to be), all while trying to remove the stitches from my mouth. I don't remember that being particularly painful, though it was the most uncomfortable sensation I have ever experienced; dream or not.
Eventually, I got my mouth open and found someone else who wasn't tied down. I proposed that we try to escape together, and he agreed. There didn't seem to be any guards; just the men in surgeons' uniforms who were feeding the ones on the tables. But as I turned to escape, I was frozen, and soon realized that my body had been run through with a long blade. I turned around to see the man who had agreed to help me holding the sword, with the most disturbing smile on his face.
I fell to the ground, and managed to stay conscious just long enough to see the doctors surround me and lift my body onto a stretcher, beginning to carry me into the room with the giant meat-processing machine....

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