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pezking6983's blog

5:54 PM on 05.20.2009

A Warning about Terminator Salvation

I am saving everyone here the money. DO NOT BUY TERMINATOR SALVATION!

If you must rent it, then get it for one or two days. I rented it this morning at 10:30, played till about 12:30. Just picked it up again at 5PM and beat it 5 minutes ago. That is a whopping 3 hours of game play on the hardest setting.

On top of that the game is the obvious rushed movie tie in game. The game is a terrible GOW clone with inaccurate shooting. It only has 4 types of enemies and is the same scenario setup each level, copy and pasted into a new level. I have dubbed it the worst shooter played this year by far and I've played some shit games this year.


4:06 PM on 10.30.2008

My View on Mother 3 Translation

In regards to buying/pirating the game...

This will be short I promise.

I'm not going to lie and be on the bandwagon of people saying they don't pirate things. I know damn right as you post, you are leeching like no tomorrow. I do pirate things such as movies and software, but don't pirate many games since I play primarily on an Xbox. Even though I know it's possible to download games on it, I choose not to.

Now I feel that if everyone or even half the people that wanted to play Mother 3 with the fan translation bought an import copy for legalization purposes, Nintendo would be making more money for something that the fans localized. They should make the money from Japan and if they chose to ignore the fans here, they should not make any from us. I would much rather support the game by buying a soundtrack, or art book rather than the game that Nintendo refused to give us because games like Wii Music are so goddamn "important".

So all in all, I pirated it and I don't care. I stole from Nintendo. Pshhh.

The game is great so far...   read

2:25 AM on 04.01.2008

Mister Chief April Fool's Spotted Here First

I see what they did there.

P.S. this is my first c-blog.   read

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