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1:07 PM on 09.23.2009

Dante's Lust is disgusting for all the wrong reasons.

As you all must have seen by now EA has been successful in exploiting a classic epic poem and sex in an attempt to garner attention. The Lust level was recently showed off at TGS and it's flat out disgusting, disturbing even, but not in the way EA intended it to be.

Maybe they thought that giant ovulating breasts screamed sex appeal, creepy, disarming, or even 'lust'. Well they don't, frankly. These breasts highlight the sexual segregation and flat out misogyny that is rampant in the industry.

These people need to understand that it takes two to lust, and I don't mean two breasts either.

Where are all the penises?

The only male enemy in lust [thus revealed] is wearing a loin cloth. note: Naked woman in the background.

I'm really sick of the narrow vision in this industry, particularity in Triple A titles. There is no excuse for this sort of thing anymore. As I said it takes two to lust and they're turning hell into male fantasy.

"But Perri! There are babies coming out of her nipples!"

So again they're reducing women to breasts and baby makers. It's just the most puerile example of chauvinist pig-headedness I've ever witnessed. I'm not a feminist and this has actually offended me. I'm sick of the way this industry treats women, and I hate that it is so accepted.

Bayonetta is a different issue. While I found the character to be horrifying at first I think that the developer is actually treating it in a satirical fashion [Platinum has been all about the over the top self-aware satire this generation, btw...] and I know there are exceptions but this is just infuriating.

Now, I don't know much else about Lust, they could have penises around every corner in which case this would nullify my opinion and make this blog obsolete but I really despise the developer for thinking that this is edgy, that this is cool. The female figure has been so perverted and has been treated as a commodity for far too long in any medium for this to have any sort of edge or even relevance and that in itself is a travesty.

This game is a completely wasted effort that not only [and obviously] is a complete insult to it's 'source material' but is also, now, a complete insult to me and presumably women. This game seems to be trying to move 'shock value' forward, trying to push the boundaries as to what will be accepted, what is allowed. Blowing up female assets that have been prevalently featured in any given media since it's existence is NOT how you do this. When will male nudity become accepted? When will this playing field be leveled? When will this industry grow up and treat things artistically and maturely?

To their credit, and for this I am thankful, EA has managed to confirm to me, that I can be offended and disgusted in things- and here I was thinking I was some all monotonous stoic.

ugh.   read

8:43 AM on 09.22.2009

Five sentence reviews of five dollar games

So, I've been using this blog for the last little while rather sporadically and predominantly to complain. Let's get back to Games shall we?

Perhaps the best thing about this current generation is the price of previous generation games, so let me try to help you save some money.

I present to you five sentence reviews of four five dollar games. [I was trying to get five five dollar games but turns out I only had 4.]


The game employs some Interesting motion mechanics used for communicating with the enemy, but the sensitivity of the controller makes the simplest of navigation a matter of over and under compensating. The cumbersome controls aren't the only problem here though, the level design and general pacing/progression is poorly done, often leading to cheap death and countless resarts. The story might have been acceptable, if compared to the slosh of most other FPS stories, but it's poor presentation and atrocious voice acting screams budget/rush job. The whole sword fighting v gunplay gameplay is disappointingly divided, but when sword fighting actually does happen it can be rewarding but often time is frustrating; plagued by some poor input recognition and repetitive fights. The game runs off a modified version of the Unreal 2 engine and it does look generally good [with the exception of the animation], with some nice detail and lighting effects, however inconsistent they are.


This game is essentially Sin & Punishment off rails from changing perspectives. The mesh of melee and SHMUP gameplay works perfectly and the marriage of the two is often satisfying, allowing for some really fluid combat. The upgrade system, while typical, offers just enough to reinforce the players confidence in taking on any of the various obstacles/enemies the game throws at them. The aforementioned variety is really the most attractive part of the game as players will go from beating on thugs to avoiding bullethell all in the span of 30 seconds. The game really is the perfect co-op experience and is even more satisfying when playing alongside a friend, a must own.


There is so much to say about this game, whether that's good or not is really subjective. I'd recommend this game just for the script alone, with characters regularly spouting some of the most inane dialogue I've ever come across, "I am the son of seven mothers", or "Slaves for fashion dislike bulges" for example. The gameplay is pretty standard SHMUP fare with some challenging bullet patterns to dodge, the real gimmick here though is that there are a wide variety of characters who all have different attack types including a standard and super shot. The amount of characters may appeal to some but upon playing you'll find that they are there purely for the sake of quantity as the gameplay is hardly balanced enough to accommodate all of them. Seriously, despite its mediocrity, the translation is worth the five bucks alone.


I originally thought this game was bad because it was too slow so I stopped playing it disappointed in Treasure. I put it back in a few months later and I think I was remembering the wrong game because it's not slow, still not great though. It doesn't do a whole lot new but having the options to equip your ship with new weapons makes the experience feel a little more personal. Besides saying, this is a SHMUP made by TREASURE there really is nothing else interesting about this game, other then that it is sub par. The graphics are nice enough but don't pay more than 5 dollars for this.

So in conclusion, you get what you pay for, more or less. The Red Star is possibly the saddest story of last generation as it truly is one of the best games to have come out and it saw absolutely no cash. Buy that one, avoid the others unless you need a cheap little time waster that is marginally entertaining.   read

8:47 AM on 09.14.2009

My second return post in a year. I have been in ISP HELL


So, I posted a while back that I was being held, against my will, in an internet free zone - my house. I just wanted to throw up a brief update: It's back. I'm online again, comes with a catch though; I'm still in the stone age.

After 3 months of a seemingly unsolvable dial-up issue I tried looking for better, faster service. I've exhausted those options, it just isn't available in my area. So over this 3 month period I was instructed by Bell that my modem was broken, so I bought a new one, then they told me that I needed to get more RAM [makes no sense, but I did need to upgrade, so I did]. After getting a gig of Ram and a new Modem installed I reformatted and called again because the new hardware didn't fix my problem. They said my modem was broken AGAIN. I hadn't even used it yet...

So I ask them, "Are you sure it couldn't be anything else? This is a brand new device?"
"These things happen with electronics all the time, this error message means you bought a faulty modem..."

I hang up, frustrated, knowing that this was not true.

Later that night I get a text from my brother: "Internet works".

It's Broken, I'm free.

Turns out that after 3 MONTHS it ended up being a faulty phone line down the street...He had plugged our modem into our other line and it just worked, thus proving that Bell is clueless, and that they couldn't care less about their customer. But I already knew this.

Just thought I'd share that, the conclusion to this internetless summer, with you all. Take this as a cautionary tale, don't let it happen to you, stay away from Bell- PLEASE!

I think I need to draw something...

So yes, I'm back again, hopefully going to be blogging semi-regularly, or whenever I think of something worth our time. Maybe a certain animation...

I'm not making any promises this time though! It's good to be back.   read

9:58 AM on 07.30.2009

The Silicon Knights Logo explained. Short Failblog.

So, I know nobody probably cares about this at all but it's something that has been bothering me since I first saw the SK logo. WHAT IS THAT THING!?

An incarnation of the logo that probably isn't as old as it should be...

So lets just ignore the current reputation of Dennis Dyack and Co. For a minute and focus on their baffling logo. I always understood that they were 'knights of silicon', honourable and distinguished warriors of virtual worlds created by the power of silicon technology, sure it's pretty cute. The older image here really focuses on the silicon- it is obvious that the cube there is made of computer chips.


What if I told you that it wasn't a cube at all. Take a look at the newer logo, its easier to imagine.

Ya, thats a simplified, more contemporary looking logo. When I saw it I was still as curious as ever so I started thinking, is is a computer tower? Is it a real tower? It has a striking resemblance to the building SK calls home.

But, today was a special day. I find myself working beside a former employee and asked him a familiar question. He said that nobody knows what that thing is, and that they were always surprised when he told them...


It is a Silicon shield, a shield made of silicon. A sci-fi shield made of silicon...They are knights equipped with medieval swords and silicon shields. What the hell are they fighting?

At any rate, Lord Dyack seems pleased...

and now you know.   read

9:02 AM on 07.27.2009

Explained Absence. This is getting rediculous [NVGR]

Soo... A few weeks ago..Well maybe closer to a month ago now I came back in a big way. I got a new banner, explained some art stuff, made 2 post within a week of each other, Indie Nation! - I was psyched to be out of school and back into gaming, looking forward to sharing with all of you.

BUT, things don't always go as planned.

As some of you may have known I am the last dial up user on the face of the earth. That said my modem got fried about 5 weeks back and since then I've been actively pursuing a high speed alternative - which has never been available to me.

This is going to be a long rant/rambling so, if you aren't interested in tech support/sales horror stories turn back now.

Lets start with Bell. This company should just call it quits now- sure this guy may have invented the telephone but they have slandered his name and should be embarrassed of their service. That said, my father is not really a 'tech' guy </understatement> and he couldn't care less about 'service' so long as he can make a phone call.

So I call up Bell, my long time dial up provider and tell them that my internet is no longer working. After running through some diagnostics they come to the conclusion that my modem is not functioning properly and the solve the problem I will need a new one.

Eff that.

Less than a year ago I paid 40 bucks for the current technological artifact that kept me downloading at 22kps, so why would I spend any more to stay out of date? I needed to thoroughly explore my options here so I didn't go for the 'brand new' 56k. Instead I inquired about what faster services Bell could offer me. I call annually and ask about high speed services but they never had anything for me- until now! Portable Internet! I know it isn't great- hell, using anything 'portable' as your permanent solution is never a good thing but like I said I had no other options. So I go for it and after a few phone calls/weeks I finally received it in the mail. I received this modem because my address was approved, the service was available in my area, but lo- I got no reception at all. So, I call and they flat out tell me that it won't work, after waiting and calling so many times I was pretty frustrated and just asked for a return kit - more on that later.

After this failed attempt, being worked up and let down, I was pointed to Rogers- don't know why this never occurred to me... Anyway, I give them a call and ask what is available. I'm told that they have high speed available to me- so I ask specifically "So will I need to get the wireless modem?" And they quickly correct me, "No sir, I'm showing here that DSL is available in your area, so it wouldn't be a wireless connection."


It was like getting set up on a blind date- you don't know what to expect but you have really low expectations and just want to get it over with- and then you find out that your friend set you up with God, and he has bestowed upon you his greatest gift, the internet. [so my metaphor got lost...]

Anyways, I was elated- I know it isn't the fastest in the world but its like being in 2002 when for the past 8 years you've been in 95. I was thrilled, and they began processing the account and my address and would call me back.

So I never got that call, I was anxious though, so I called back and was told something that will haunt me until the day that I die.

"Oh, Rogers has stopped providing DSL services as of six months ago."


I was just sold something that the company wasn't selling anymore. WAT.

So I asked about my options and they suggested- ya- portable internet. I went along with it. They told me it was available in my area and that I would need to pick up the modem at a Rogers store. I do it. No reception. I call and report the same thing I had to Bell a little over a week ago, I got three responses. "Oh, well I'm showing here that your address doesn't qualify for our portable internet." I get transferred, "You are definitely within range." Transferred back, "Well it says here that this connection requires a special 'Outdoor modem'. "


So they told me to go back to the Rogers store and exchange the modem I got with the outdoor one.

Around this time I get a bill from Bell. Guess whats on there? Yes. A 30 dollar portable internet charge. ugh. So I take care of that pretty easily but still hadn't received my return kit so I ask again and they tell me there was no record of the request and that they would send one right away. Alrighty.

So I'm at the Rogers store and I tell the guy what happened to which he responds, "I don't have outdoor modems, we've never carried outdoor modems."


So he calls up Rogers and tells them whats up then offers to solve the problem with me on the phone. So we go through the motions and the woman says she needs to cancel my current portable account in order to get me another one. Sure- whatever. So this all takes about 30 minutes and then her system crashes. Luckily the delay is only an extra ten minutes. So allegedly she sent an 'outdoor modem' to me.

I didn't get the outdoor modem and I waited over 2 weeks. So I call and they say they have no record of that transaction, so they send me another one. 2 weeks later I get it and I'm getting mixed reception but I'm optimistic. Ultimately though the thing never was consistent enough to get me an IP address and thus I've wasted my time, and about 350 bucks in modems that I had not been reimbursed for yet. So we play with the device for a few days, try it on the roof and what not...A second modem arrives...Hm. So now I dont really know what to do, and I'm still deciding. All I know is that I'm going to be stuck with dial up so I should at least get that working.

I go out and get a new modem and around the same time receive two return kits from Bell [after something like 4 weeks and 3 calls]. I plug the new modem in and - NOTHING HAPPENS. Its still broken. So I call Bell and tell them that THEY told me to get a new modem and that THEY cost me over a month of my life testing various products and spending hours upon hours on the phone. So I demanded to be reimbursed for the phone and my last months bill of dial up- since I hadn't used it and they charged me anyway. Couldn't do anything about the modem but I got my months payment back.

I call tech support about the service and we go through a whole bunch of tests which yield no useful results. I'm on the phone with a woman from India who I can barely hear for a good 40 minutes. Eventually she wants to run msconfig - and that crashes my computer. Somewhere within the 10 minute boot sequence she gets disconnected...

Luckily she calls me back but msconfig crashes my machine again and she tells me I have a problem with my RAM and that I should get more. I'll admit the machine is in rough shape. So I finally upgrade to 1.5GB RAM and still haven't had any luck.

So thats about where I'm at Dtoid. Sorry I haven't been around, I'm at my girlfriends right now and she's

I know nobody is going to read all that but I needed to get it off of my chest.   read

2:43 PM on 07.22.2009

Flip's Twisted World - The Wii game you probably never heard of, but need to see.

So I know I haven't been here much lately- more on that later! [in short- I've had no internet for a month]. Anyways, a friend of mine passed let me know about a game being developed pretty close to my home town and I think it actually looks great.


Frozen North is an independent Developer located in Waterloo Ontario, who I've never heard of before. They recently announced their game, 'Flip's Twisted World' and have secured a publisher in Majesco. The title might make the game sound like Shovelware but it definitely has a Mario Galaxy vibe. There really isn't much more to say but I thought I'd let you guys know about this potentially awesome game from this small developer.   read

12:04 PM on 05.26.2009

SNES Art Installation [origin of my banner]

Most students filled their studio with paint and canvas, I just lugged my imac up every friday.Also, Ghetto setup.

So, this year was my last at University. As part of my Honours degree I applied to a special course in which a few students were granted residency at a local gallery - pretty awesome, and a lot of fun. Students are free to create what they want in this course (based on their applications from the previous year) and this is where I created my art games but that isn't what this post is about.

At the beginning of the year instructors wanted us producing art right away (last year's group was not so productive I guess) and so they gave us three options to cover for the first three weeks; Text, Event, and...Well I can't remember... at all. Anyway, this SNES installation was what I called an event.

It's super simple in it's concept. A personal recreation of a pivotal event in my life - beating Super Mario World.

Yep, this is where my Banner comes from. Photo by Dario Ayala, another student in the class.

So basically the story goes like this. Before I was 10 years old, I can't remember exactly when, I got an SNES and Super Mario World for my Birthday. I must have begged my parents for one after playing at a friends because before that I had no knowledge of Videogames or Nintendo or anything like that. Super Mario World was the first game I beat and to kid under ten who had never played Videogames that is a pretty oustanding moment. Emotionally I was sort of torn. I was so proud of my achievement, I was so happy that I saved the Princess, but I was sad that it was over and, more importantly I was terrified to turn the thing off.

The way I saw it was that after months of playing the game my adventure had finally come to an end, I had resued the princess, the evil bowser had been slain and then I got to the 'THE END' screen

This is where it leaves you. I thought it was SO AWESOME that the sprites I had been controlling were now blown up and detailed and addressing me! I thought that I would never see it again because the journey had been so long. I didn't understand, or care, that the game was a program, that I could do this again next time I turned it on, it was far too real to me at the time and I left that TV on for 3 days as a reminder, as a precaution.

This is where the installation comes in. As you may have read on my side profile thingy I've come to really appreciate retro games and this moment being so potent to me seemed like the perfect way to start my development of Videogame based art, a reflective piece.

I set the old school TV up on the ground and the night before the critique brought my brother up to the studio and we played through the game in under 3 hours. I was amazed at how much we remembered at how fun it was to relive that with him. We would laugh for no good reason, a bad jump, a memory of a level or enemy. I wanted to fill the room with that same energy from the mid-90s and I think I was successful in doing that. Once we reached the end we dropped the controllers, shut the light and left the gallery.

When I got home I decided to add another level of my childhood gaming experiences to the work, music. The music played from a closet in my studio very faintly. I downloaded a midi of Super Mario World's title music and edited it's tempo and instruments to come up with this lullaby sounding rendition,

HEY LISTEN! [also, hit Download for Free near the bottom of the page.]

What this represented was a strange phenomenon that I'm sure isn't unique to me. I didn't stop playing games when I went to sleep. I would constantly dream of gameplay. A typical scenario would have been dreaming the ending to a game, I did this with Super Metroid. When I woke up to find my brother playing the game I'd ask. "What are you doing we beat that already." [as if returning to a beaten game was against the rules...] to which he would respond with confusion...I'd figure it out and we'd have a laugh. But I thought you would all enjoy the score to the gameplay in my dreams.

It was a really great experience and I would be lying if I said that I didn't get emotional during the production more than a few times. It really has been one of my most meaningful, personal works to date and one that had an unexpected affect on me.   read

1:11 PM on 05.23.2009

Perri is Back, new format.

Good excuse for me to use this image again.

Hey everybody,

Thought I'd give the return/new format it's own post, just to get back into the swing of things.

I've redone my banner, sidebar information has been updated [read it!] and I've got a few announcements.

I've got a couple of things in the works including some on-going series' I want to do:

1. "Almost Videogame related" [or AVGR]

This series would document things I notice in the real world that reminded me or flat out reference videogames. I've got a couple things for the first few, hopefully the world will provide me with the rest.

2. "What if?"

With this series I'll be examining hypothetical videogame mash-ups. For example, What if Chrono Trigger was done in the Windwaker art style. Most of these will probably be art related, with drawings!

uh...Thought I had more, that'll do though! So, look forward to these...Or don't? That's what I'll be doing! along with typical blog stuff. Oh- don't expect these to be happening on a regular basis, I'm anything but consistent.

Something else I thought I'd share. I'm Graduating - as my side bar will also reveal. I'm pretty excited to get out of school and into the 'real world'. By the way the 'real world' is the same as university, with less distraction(read: assignments) I'm still going to keep learning, it'd be hard not too. More importantly I can finally catch up on a ton of games I bought but haven't been able to play. I'll give a brief update:

1. Bought Deadly Creatures on release; just beat it: Surprisingly satisfying gameplay, intriguing storytelling, ended before it got too repetitive.

2. Bought MadWorld I've only played it for about two hours, combat feels soo so good. Funny, haven't gotten anywhere.

3. WarioLand: Shake It. Pretty good, needs to be harder- half way through.

4. WiiWare: Bit.Trip.Beat, Incredible game, only on level 2. Bought Mega Man 9 when it came out, nowhere near beating that yet.

5. Virtual Console: Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Mystical Ninja, Mega Man, Kirby's Dream Course, Link to the Past, and...some more. I haven't beaten any VC games yet, ugh.

6. Got Bootcamp up and running on my iMac, Tons of stuff there: A couple hours into Bioshock, got Orange Box when it was on sale and beat Portal, no time to describe how amazing that game is. Still have to get to Half-Life 2 +episodes and Braid!

7. PS2/GC gems I missed and got on the cheap. I love this generation because it makes all the last generation games so much cheaper! I picked up Shadow of the Colosseus, 11th battle. Castle of Shikigami 2, Silpheed, Killer 7, Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill 2.

9. Some retro games I bought but haven't beaten: Mega Man X, X2, Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (ya right.), Adventure Island (ya right again), Aladdin, Lion King, Kirby 64, a few NES games that are too broken to beat.

10. DS Games: Moon, Castlevania PoR, Pokemon Diamond,

Bored yet? Also- this is not me, Thanks Google!

So that is my epic backlog, most of which has accumulated during the last school year. Making a list actually horrifies/excites me a lot more than just thinking about it. There are also a number games I still want to buy! Like Kirby Super Star Ultra, Professor Layton, Punch Out!! (I can wait on that one though), I dunno, enough lists...

If anybody wants to suggest an order I should play these in, that'd be pretty cool.

So- I'm back, again. This is the second, return post I've done- not a good sign.

welcome to Perritoid,
art, games, awesome.   read

3:19 PM on 02.02.2009

10 Things about Perri you never knew you never knew.

I love Destructoid. This is the coolest, simplest meme ever. I don't know who started this but, your awesome.

These are in no specific order, just as they came to my head.

1. When I was little I used to tell people that I was going to work for Disney.

Ya, those people must have thought I was pretty cute. Cartoons fill me with a sort of awe and inspiration, always have. I think it's because of the potential they hold. I always thought I was going to be a world famous animator. Still hoping!

2. I've only ever been with One woman/girl and wouldn't have it any other way.

I have the slash in there because I met my girlfriend in highschool, we were both 16. It turns out she was having trouble meeting a 'nice guy' and confided in a friend of mine at her school. We talked on the phone shortly after and to escape the embarrassment of my home ('you're talking to a girl!') I went outside on my dad's cell (young!) and talked to her for two hours, despite the rain. We're 21 now. Love you Ro.

3. I applied to the Chemistry program at my University.

I am horrible at math. It's a sort of legendary amount of misunderstanding. I'm just not a logical sort of person. That said, I love science and applied to the Chem department at Brock [notable allumni, Dennis Dyack...] I didn't get in, thankfully. But I was at a point in my life where I was not so confident about using my art as a way to support myself and family in the future. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and art teacher. Ugh. I'm boring. To be fair though I've abandoned that too, which leads me to my next point...

4. I want to make games for a living.

I've been an art student for almost four years now and I keep coming back to games. I've done some graphic and design work in different independent projects sometimes through my old job at a university run graphic design house, and also at my current job where I'm lead artist for an upcoming iphone game. A friend and I have since begun designing a game and hope to become some sort of note-worthy indie developer. Fingers crossed.

5. I'm almost immediately embarrassed of all art work I produce.

I look back on work and just do not like it. I find myself thinking that I can do much better, that it's irrelevant and contrived. Ugh. It's frustrating. That is probably why I haven't posted anything to dtoid, despite being on youTube for the purpose of a job application. This may also explain my pessimistic prologue to the RFGO animation.

6. Pascuz46 is my FOIL and one of my closest friends. PARADOX.

Pasucz46 is a new community member, he posted a similar point in his list. We have completely different tastes in...Well frankly everything. Most music, most games. Despite our differences though we always end up having a great time together, especially when games are involved.

7. My strange obsession with Pokemon has been rekindled.

I picked up Pokemon Diamond a year ago (or was it two?) Anyways, I LOVE THIS GAME. It is flawed, sure, but for some reason, maybe it's the simplistic way it presents it's narrative, maybe it's nostalgia, or the simple mechanic that I'm raising these animals but I cannot stop playing it. I'm heading towards 80 hours, haven't beat it yet and legitimately am proud of the pokemon in my party who have been there since the beginning. That said, I get incredibly disappointed when the youngins underperform. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

8. I was unhealthily obsessed with Spider-Man in High School

I've always been a spider-fan, drawing him my entire life. Watching the cartoons and reading comics. When the cartoon went off air It sort of went away, when the movie came out though these suppressed feelings returned, in a big way. I was Peter Parker for Halloween 3 years in a row, I made my own mask and shirt (spandex) That were actually awesome. My gr.10 science teacher actually called me Peter, which I also signed on my tests... Maybe that's why I applied to Chemistry... Ya, It sort of alarmed my Girl friend after a year or so it stopped being cute apparently...

8.5 I Love Cosplay

Since I told you all I made a spider-man costume I should note that I've also been Link (because I am so original) and Falco (because my friend is original) for Halloween. It's pretty fun recreating those costumes! Probably going to do it every year.

9. My cat, Luna, just threw up on the couch.

I cleaned it up, crisis averted. Yes- she shares a name with Chad's Dog, but unlike his pet, shes named after Sailor Moon's cat.

10. I became a member of Dtoid years ago so I could comment on Summa's obnoxious reporting.

Ya, Kotaku actually sent me here via a link and I was intrigued by the graphics and entertaining writing. It was the early days of Dtoid and the community was young, I didn't join because I thought 'These people are AWESOME' I joined because Summa was pissing me off and I needed a voice. In my first post I said something to the effect of; He ruined joystiq for me but I won't let him do it again...blah blah blah. guess what; I won.

Sorry I'm late to the meme- AGAIN. Wish I had more pictures!   read

11:17 AM on 01.30.2009

Fragile OST available for download!

I know that there are a lot of people out there anticipating 'Fragile' well here is your chance to taste it before it comes to NA. If it ever does...Strong first week of sales in Japan though!

Anyways, part of the Majesty of all the Trailers they've given us is the incredible Music. I absolutely love the Theme, Hikari By Aoi Teshima, really sets the mood. The OST doesn't include this theme but it is not light on atmosphere. Some really nice stuff, should get you even more excited about this beautiful game [especially if recent gameplay vids put you off a bit.]

Here is the OST.

AND Teshima's Theme from the Trailers.

Have to mention that these links were provided by youTuber, NeoG0han. Yep- Neo Gohan.

Thanks! I've been looking for a long time!

and Enjoy!   read

1:59 PM on 01.25.2009

Help me make the best of my laptop.

I know. Forums are down though so I come here.

I've got a 6yr old Sony vaio laptop. Probably the worst purchase of my life. It was quite good for a year but has degraded into little more than a heavy space heater. The thing runs incredibly hot, I'm pretty sure that it's actually crippled itself because of it's P4 brain. Anyways, I've all but given up on it, I use it solely for typing up papers when nothing else is available. I've got a lot of software on it that I don't need and think I'm going to reformat.

Here's my question;

Can I do more with it?

It has a pretty nice screen which would be cool to use for...well anything else, don't know how to do it.

I was considering modding it to help it run cooler...Like a steel mesh case, but I've never done anything like that before.

What do you guys do when your computers die?   read

4:40 PM on 01.07.2009

Developers Cry out: 'Save me from Minigames.' BUY DEADLY CREATURES!

Hey Dtoid. I know my telling you what to do with your money is sort of pig headed of me and I apologize. I just wanted to get my point across.


Via Gonintendo I was made aware of an Interview on MTV's Multiplayer blog concerning developers over at THQ who are making 'Deadly Creatures'. The game looks pretty unique, and actually good, in my opinion.

This is sort of a theatrical trailer, its a little lame but it sort of encompass all that I think makes the game look promising.

The unique perspective.

How often do you see the world through the eyes of an arachnid. The environments are varied and detailed. More effort put in here than in the average Wii game, it's true. The sense of scale is an interesting change as is the lack of human enemies, which brings me to my next point...


Interesting Narrative presentation.

If you didn't notice Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thorton are providing voices for the only human characters in the game. They seem to have something to hid- presumably a body- and we are drip fed simple narrative points as eavesdroppers. This technique should bode well for suspense. It's something unique and I'm always looking forward to new experiences.

Buggy Gameplay.

That IS a horrible pun, yes. As far as I've heard the game runs well. Moving on, combat looks methodical, this isn't God of War, there will be no hack n' slashing going on here. It seems to depend on beating bugs in until they're weak enough for a final QTE, which may get annoying I'll admit. What is welcome though is the fact that we won't be controlling one but two different arachnids. The Scorpion is the 'tank' character while the Tarantula offers stealth game play. I'm looking forward to the mixture, hopefully they can pace it out right.


If you haven't read the brief interview I'll fill you in. Essentially the sales of this game decide the fate of this developer. If the game sells, they will continue to feed us these sorts of unique experiences, if not, they are again relegated to Mini-Games.

I'm just trying to do as much as I can to save these artists from having to create something they hate- I know how it is, its a horrible thing to be forced to. I won't lie though, this is also a bit selfish of me as I really really want to see more from these guys, and less mini-games on my Wii.   read

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